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How to Lessen Noise Pollution in the Work Area while sitting on Ergonomic Chairs

26 April 2021

Have you experienced working at a place where you could hear your neighbors talking at each other aloud? Have you heard the dogs barking or cats chasing the mice early in the morning while you talk to your clients? If the answer is yes, then I think you are experiencing nuisances that are difficult to eliminate because most of us these days are working from home. Most of us do not know that you are already experiencing noise pollution which creates havoc to your health. It can affect not just our ears but the whole body; like it creates a domino effect.

In today’s article, we will talk about:

-          what noise pollution is really about

-          the health hazards of noise pollution

-          How to stay focused amidst the noise while working on an Ergonomic chair

The Noise Pollution:

Other Terms:

sound pollution

environmental noise

It is the creation of noise from certain sources such as human voice, animal sounds, clattering of objects, honking of vehicles, etc. They cause harm in some degrees. While some are tolerable like when you hear your kids talk about the latest game from Roblox, some ascend to being intolerable just like when all the dogs in the neighborhood bark in front of your lawn for no reason.

So, what’s the reason for the propagation of sound pollution?

It is due to the poor urban planning. In most countries, there are communities where houses are built without the proper distance making each structure less sound proof. In an apartment system where walls touch the other, the noise from different houses would be really heard. Alongside the poor urban planning is the rise of residential and industrial buildings where daily operations create much noise.

Aside from the animal noise and the sound of human voices, some sources of noise could also be from:

machines (especially when you live along an industrial area)

loud music

transportation – from the siren to the cars with broken engines

Imagine working on with a project with all these noises hovering around. It really creates a sense of chaos because we don’t always have high tolerance to noises especially when they start becoming nuisances or they start to cause pollution. Both the place you work in becomes toxic and may not help you bring the best out of your outputs in that case. Noise pollution does not just create nuisances but also leads to worse health conditions. In a current data made by European Environment Agency, last March 20 2020, it was cited that noise pollution contributes to a roughly estimated 48,000 cases of ishaemic heart disease and an estimate of 22 million people suffer from chronic high annoyance. 6.5 million suffer from chronic sleep disturbance. Lastly, according to the agency, there are also 12 thousand premature deaths because of environmental noise. Have you noticed the elderly or some people who have the low tolerance to noise? Most of them are jumpy or they easily get agitated when there’s too much noise building up around. It might be a red flag or a possible cause of a heart attack. Hence, this shows that too much noise is not just affecting the mood of a person but also affects his whole body.

According to World Health Organization, noise pollution is the second largest environmental pollution which is second to air pollution.

So, what’s the implication?

As the world population increases, the possibility of noise pollution getting worse is getting bigger. Almost every day, new machines and devices are invented and the demand for it increases; some may acquire more than 1 gadget or device. Imagine if there were 10,000 clients and each client would buy 3 devices (devices that emits too much noise) that’s 30,000 devices and imagine noise it might emit. Then we got much pollution and the number of the people suffering from chronic sleep disturbance, heart disease, and chronic disease might totally increase.

Health Hazards of Noise Pollution

Three types of Hearing Impairment:

Tinnitus- the persistent high-pitched ringing sound in the ears

abnormal loudness perception

Paracusis-distorted hearing

Due to the impact of the noise pollution, the inner ears are severely damaged.

Cardiovascular Disease:

Even in a short period of exposure to noise pollution, it could still raise blood pressure and blood viscosity. This was according to a 2018 review. Eventually, if a person might be develop a long-term exposure to noise pollution then there is a chance of him having cardiovascular disease.

In the same review, it was found out that noise pollution also has a grave impact to the children as it may cause them a noise-induced hearing loss. It is evident that most children especially the gamers are exposed to more than 2-hour games with devices that have more than 85dz with this measurement, it is already potentially hazardous because the 85dz is roughly equivalent to the noise created by a heavy truck on the road.

This may cause the following impairment in \

-cognitive performance ( as you notice most kids find it difficult to comprehend some contexts these days)

-communication and speech development


How to stay focused amidst the noise while working on an Ergonomic chair

On the last part of the article today, let’s discuss further on how we could focus on working even the noise in our surrounding bombards us. First, let’s discuss the right product that is ergonomic and can alleviate the head ache created by noise around you.

Ergonomic Office Chair with Padded Headrest and Doudle Padded Seat Cushion 9107

Imagine suffering from migraine that was triggered by the noise of towing trucks and the amplifier of your neighbor. The first thing that you’d like to do is to rest your head. Hence, this ergonomic chair is the right one for you.

It is built with:

breathable PU leather

noiseless rollers ( imagine rocking back and forth without making noise on your personal space)

thick padded headrest

So with this kind of product that you may choose, you would be able to lessen the noise which might also trigger you. Aside from this, you may also:

soundproof your house- adding insulation around the house could lessen the noise because the sound will just bounce back and would be lessened

create a quiet time- turn off the devices that create much noise then try doing activities such as puzzles and crosswords as you meditate on these

repair old machineries- broken machines creates much noises hence fixing them would make these machineries run smoothly

Final Thoughts:

As the demand for quicker results or outputs at work and at home increases, exposure to noise pollution is getting prevalent too hence we must learn to find ways to protect ourselves and other people against the health hazards of noise pollution.