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How to Maintain Proper Reading Posture Using the Drafting Table

11 May 2021

"Ouch! My finger's stuck, I think I can't move it."

This is sometimes the reaction of a person who has a Trigger finger. This is a medical condition that happens when one of your fingers is stuck or bent with a snap- like the trigger of the gun when being pulled and released.

This condition is called stenosing tenosynovitis. This takes place when there's an inflammation that narrows the area of the sheath of the tendons that surround the affected finger. If your finger is severely affected, your fingers cannot be moved and would remain in a bent position. 

What if your work involves repetitive gripping action? If that's the case, then you might be at a bigger risk of developing this illness. The jobs of cartoonists or writers to be exact. They are some of the workers whose fingers and carpal tunnel are severely affected by certain hazards. Hence, in today's discussion, we will talk about the:

I. Symptoms of Trigger Finger:

● You might experience clicking and snapping when you try bending your fingers or when you attempt to bend them. This could get worse though if you don't move it at all so no matter how painful it would seem to be, do not let it stuck in that position. 

● You might experience stiffness in the finger especially in the morning:

● You might also experience a nodule or soreness at the bump or base of the finger or thumb. 

● There is a popping sound when you try moving your finger.

● The fingers lock as you try straightening them up.

All these symptoms vary most of the time. Some people also experience late symptoms or gradual pain which starts from mild to severe. However, we must know that the pain may extend not just to the thumb but to other thumbs too. Now, how can one know that he must immediately consult the doctor? When one experiences inflammation and hotness around the area, he should set an appointment with the doctor. This is because there is a possible infection around the area of his finger. 

In the second part of this discussion, we will talk about the causes of this condition. 

As mentioned earlier, people whose work involves continuous gripping and repetitive movement are the ones who acquire this condition. Just like the blue-collar workers, cartoonists and writers are prone to this condition because they tend to overuse their hands and fingers. So, now let's talk about the:

II.Causes of Trigger Finger:

● Trigger finger could also take place when:

● Tendons (tough bands of tissue that connect the muscle and finger bones) get inflamed.

● Tendons get swollen especially when there is a long-term irritation of the tendon sheath that leads to scarring and thickening that affects the tendon's motion.

III.Risk Factors of Trigger Finger:

In the next part now of our activity, we will know what are the potential causes of a trigger finger. They are:

● Age: People aged 40 to 60. If you noticed, they are the ones who experience extreme pain around the fingers after many years of working on extraneous jobs. 

● Gender: it's more prevalent in women than in men. 

● Existing health conditions: Diabetes and gout are the health conditions that could trigger the trigger finger.

● Surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Those who underwent the surgery usually experience this kind of pain months after the operation. 

● Job: As mentioned above, those workers who always move their hands and fingers are the ones prone to this kind of condition. 

I have been mentioning writers and cartoonists. It's because these are the common jobs that also involve sitting on a chair for a long time and facing the table for hours. Hence, in this case, they are the ones who need a product that is built using an ergonomics technology that is from Flexispot. However, before we talk about it fully, let us know first, how to lessen the pain caused by the trigger finger. Below are the following things to consider: 

III. Treatments for Trigger Finger:

Most of these treatments are done by yourself while you work at the table. Plus, you must take note of the severity of your condition if it already needs consultation with a doctor. So the following treatments are:

● Rest: try to put your thumbs on rest. This would help relax the muscles but if you could not avoid writing or drawing, you must use padded gloves.

● The Use of Stress Balls: These tools could help alleviate the pain and pressure on the nerves. By using it, the blood starts to circulate evenly around the hands and fingers, relaxing the nerves and making it easier to move the fingers. 

● Stretching Exercises: There are numerous exercises for hands and fingers available online. These exercises increase the range of motions and ease stiffness. 

● Should one ignore the symptoms and risk factors of this condition may cause a possible complication. Hence, one must be mindful of the following:

IV.Complications of Trigger Finger Surgery:

● infection

● stiffness or pain

● scarring or tenderness

● nerve damage

● having the tendon in the wrong position

● pain and swelling in the hands

Every surgery has side effects. In this case, Trigger finger surgery has the numerous side effects mentioned above. Thus, doctors often prescribe pain killers when this happens to avoid further complications. Some patients undergo physical therapy even before the surgery to help loosen the stiffness of the fingers. Once they undergo the surgery, some wear splints for weeks but some simply take anti-inflammatory drugs. Nonetheless, these side effects are inevitable and people's tolerance to these vary too. 

In this last part of the topic, we will talk about the:

V.The Benefits of Using Flexispot's Height Adjustable Drafting Table to Avoid the Trigger Finger

Flexispot's Height Adjustable Drafting Table is one of the company's best standing desks that could cater to the needs of workers who always use their hands at work. It is a sit-stand desk that has extended platforms. So, in case you'd love to put tools for your hand exercise such as the stress ball, you don't need to worry about where to put them. An artist or a writer does not need to stoop too much when doing their stories or masterpiece that may cause pressure on the hands too. With its flexible tabletop, one can easily work on his project. Indeed, this is an innovation that is for a reasonable price.