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Ergonomic Computer Time with Flexispot Ergo Chairs

16 July 2021

Ergonomically-Organized Work Station

Achieving an ergonomically-organized work station might be a challenge for you. However, having an injury-free workstation is more difficult because, in actuality, you might be putting some devices in the wrong spot that might put you at risk. It is clear that in most office set-up, people are unaware that they put their devices on the wrong angle. They put too many things in their work area, and even the position of other equipment is not right. All these things cause ergonomic problems in the long run. The first sign that your workstation is not ergonomically protected is when you start experiencing body pain or ergonomic pain that affects your posture and work performance. In that case, you need to make sure that your workstation is in order, your devices are in the right position, and you can observe the right posture when sitting in front of your computer. 

So, with that let us talk about the second part of the article. This would focus on the ways to achieve an ergonomically protected work area. 

Achieving an Ergonomically-Protected Work Area:

An ergonomically protected work area has indications that it is injury-free and provides you utmost comfort when working. So, to achieve these things, you must:

  • Make sure that your work surface is free of clutter

When you notice that your work surface is clean and there should be no extra pieces of paper on the desk, your writing tools are under a desk or inside an office organizer, all your files are in a separate desk organizer, and your devices such as the laptop or computer mouse are the only things lying in the middle of your work area then you have an ergonomically-protected workstation. With this, you may ensure that while you work at your computer, you would be clear from clutters that might be the cause of injury or accidents on your workstation. 

  • Observe proper posture - from hand position to your sitting position

When you work at your computer, you must observe proper posture. Let us start with your hand position when using the keyboard. The proper hand position should be: your fingers should freely glide when typing on the keys so you could avoid too much pressure when your fingers move around the keys. It should also be in a neutral position means your wrist should not be forced when typing. 

Your computer mouse and keyboard trays should also be with the proper configure. When you work at the computer, the movement of your mouse should be swift and should be sliding on the mousepad. The position of your wrist should be neutral too to avoid pressure on your wrist. 

These positions could help you achieve proper posture as well. These are best done with a standing desk. A recommendable product for that is the Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco and Pro) because this stand-up desk from Flexispot could also follow your body contours. Thus, achieving the proper body posture could be easier and the right position or angles of your devices as well. What's also good about practicing the proper positions of your laptop and mouse with the Seiffen Standing desk is this product has improved stability; its weight capacity is 275lbs which is suitable for the devices that you use in the office. 

Your sitting position has also an effect when you are working at your computer. This is because the design and the quality of your the chair could affect your movements and your posture. One of the main reasons you acquire certain body pain is the way you sit on it and the type of chair that you have. Is it something ergonomic or not? If no is the answer, then you must switch to something ergonomic. This is because when you have an ergonomic chair, you would be able to save yourself from the possible sprain or injury. After all, an ergo chair could complement your posture plus it could help you prevent slouching or stooping very closely to the laptop monitor which could harm not just your eyesight but also your neck and shoulders. 

  • Make sure that you can make the proper angle and distances when you sit in front of the computer

This is another takeaway when you sit at the computer. To achieve quality work time at the computer, you need to have pieces of equipment that have the proper distances from each other. Let's say the standing desk and the ergo chair. If you would have them as your office equipment each should be at a distance of 90 degrees. This would give you enough space to move and would help you do the proper posture when working. These are best observed and executed with Flexispot prime products such as the Modish Standing Desk (a standing desk that is very durable and has the contours that could complement the movements of your shoulders and neck) or the Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B which has lumbar support and could help you maintain a good posture as you observe the proper distance from the standing desk to your ergo chair. 

These things mentioned above are some of the effective ways to achieve an ergonomically protected work area. It may not be that easy to do them that effectively at first because you might not be practicing it at home or you are not used to that kind of sitting position with great determination, you could be able to surpass these things at work and you may be able to protect yourself against ergonomic problems that might arise when you don't use the right ergonomic products such as the ergo chair and standing desks from Flexispot. 

Final Thoughts

These days, almost all the transactions done in the office are digital. With just a few clicks and the help of our applications, you may be able to furnish a report or a presentation that would be needed in the meeting. Thus, you have to make sure that you would be able to come up with a unique and well-presented report or project. On the other hand, some circumstances might challenge you as a dynamic team player such as ergonomic problems. The good news is you could surpass all these things with the help of the most sought-after brand in the market. A brand that uses both sophistication and functionality and that is Flexispot- the provider of the best ergonomic solutions.