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How to Make your Living Room Elegant-looking with an Accent Chair

20 April 2021

“Elegance is the beauty that never fades”

                                                                                                                                                                -Audrey Hepburn


It surely is timeless to be elegant. It is something that never gets old but just gets gold. As they say, elegance comes with confidence, refinement in words, proper etiquette, and the choice of words.

In today’s article we will discuss the meaning of elegance, its importance, the ways we could achieve it even at home, and how could Accent Chair of Flexispot help us decorate our rooms with sophistication and style. So, let’s start the discussion.


What is Elegance?

Elegance is the tasteful richness of design and ornamentation; refined grace of dignified propriety as mentioned in Merriam-Webbster dictionary.

It is seen on how a person speaks.

An example is a woman or a man observes proper decorum or behavior in a certain place. When you go to a coffee shop, what do you notice with the people inside? Do you notice them how they speak, talk to others, and move inside the establishment? Yes, they speak with smoothness. They show calmness and cheerful energy. You would notice how often they say thank you, you are welcome, you look great today, and other greetings that show courtesy.

It is also seen on how a person carries himself.

Let’s have this scenario:

There are two women at a bank. The first woman is a 25-year old model, the other is a 60-year old woman. The model wears a signature-dress and carries a leather bag while the old woman is wearing a simple red dress, and high heels. When they both reached the counter, the model snapped at the bank teller and loudly demands to speak to the bank manager. On the other counter, the old lady warmly smiles at the bank teller as she apologizes with delay. The old woman politely says “That’s fine, dear. Please take your time.” In this scenario, the polite old woman was the sophisticated one because he shows grace and patience even if the bank teller is the cause of delay during the transaction. She showed that elegance is not always seen in signature clothes or expensive watch but how you project yourself through refinement and grace.

It is reflected on how you speak- it should be with eloquence and clarity

You don’t have to be a resident of the Buckingham palace to be eloquent. By just

practicing the following things may help you build a skill that could help you look more refined. The following things are:


-          Never Use Cursed Words:


Cursing makes you leave a bad impression to others. Yes, it’s normal for humans to say slangs and cursed words at times but if you would constantly do this, others might view you as immature and wouldn’t take you seriously and will dismiss you as someone credible.


Expand your Vocabulary:


Adding up idioms, expressions, and verb phrases can help you become more eloquent. Through the following activities:


     - Read a lot of books

     - Listen to highly-informative Podcasts  

     - Interact with people who also love making their vocabulary range wide


Elegance can be reflected on your choices.


Elegance can also be seen in the choices you make- from the clothes that you wear to the furniture that you have at home-. These things will reflect elegance. Hence, we’ll discuss now how to achieve it through the colors, design, and products that you would choose.


The Choice of Colors:


Dark is to Light; light is to Dark


When choosing colors, for example, the color of the clothes that you are going to

Wear, you need to make sure that the combination would not exceed to 2 colors.

wherein the first one is dark while the other one is light or vice versa. This is

using 3 or more colors unless those colors are for patterns of a top such as blazer.

this should be paired with a plain-colored pants or skirt.


Same goes with the things in your house. The colors of the wall; should you paint work area with white, it’s okay to put furniture with that are cool in the eyes. For example is the Scalloped Accent Chair from Flexispot. This chair has the old rose hue/pink color which is cool in the eyes. Its design is really chic as well. You’d definitely use it to make your area, Instagramable..



The Choice of Design for your home:


      Crown Molding


           These days, modern minimalism is the trend. If you noticed most interior designers aim for crown molding which makes a room look complete and





             Another, are the pillows to put on your couch. Elegance could also be seen

              with these cushions. An elegant living room could be complete with pillows

             that have simple but catchy designs. At times, it’s better to choose pillows

             that are 22-inch in size. This would create plush elegant appearance on your

             living room.


          Window Treatment


              Natural silk, linen and cotton are the best materials for window

              treatment because without any of these, the house would look less



         Hardwood Floors Instead of Carpets


         Carpets has a soft surface and are easy to maintain. Plus, they can give the warm vibes that anyone can become at home. However,  its effect is not the same with gleaming hardwood floors. Plus, hardwood

          floors are a good investment in the long run. What if you chose to resell the house, hardwood floors are sturdy and can last for a long time.  




          Aside from the hardwood floors that you may choose from, you could  also choose the best furniture items that are a combination of modern and traditional. These products from Flexispot are really durable and

         are stylish and elegant. If you’re looking for a standing desk that is a combination of the modern  And the classic, you can choose the Theodore Standing Desk. If you want   To try a desk that is made from Bamboo, 

        you may try the Kana Bambo Standing Desk. However, if you simply wish to have a chair that would use to design your living room with, then the Scalloped Accent Chair is here

         for you.