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How To Make Your National Parents’ Day Worthwhile?

25 July 2021

Behind every young child who believed in himself is a parent who believed first

We all have reasons to adore our parents.

They ensure we didn’t give up on ourselves, ensure we keep moving, and their support trivializes challenges.

Considering history, the greatest men and women often had a parent that believed they had all it took. While there is no recipe for excellent parenting, these heroes outdo themselves to give their kids the best life. And while they are at it, they ingrain the best habits in their kids.

Do we need more reasons to appreciate these incredible beings?

Well, I believe we have a million reasons already! July 25th is National Parents day, and it is an opportunity to appreciate your parents.

Are you wondering how to make this National parent’s day spectacular? Then this article is for you.

Why Celebrate National Parents’ Day?

National Parents’ Day is a time to appreciate the cooperative role of parents in raising their children. It also creates an avenue for kids to shower their parents with love and affection without holding back.

Despite the occasional clashes we have with our parents, they deserve some appreciative gifts.

History Of National Parents’ Day

We cannot underestimate how integral the role of a parent is in a child’s life. They are nature’s peculiar gift to each family. National Parents’ Day facilitates responsible parenting and promotes the positive impact of values on kids.

Similarly, the holiday celebrates the unwavering love of parents for their kids and the sacrifices this love attracts. How did this thoughtful national holiday start?

Mother and Father’s Day celebration started in the 1900s, but President Bill Clinton did not establish national Parents’ Day until 1994. Following a congressional resolution, the president signed this bill to law with intentions to “...uplift and support the role of parents in rearing their children.”

This celebration comes up right after the mother and Father’s Day celebrations which is perfect timing. However, it does not occur on a specific date; it falls on the fourth Sunday in July.

All citizens, legislative bodies, organizations, federal and local governments participate in this national holiday. The events and activities during national parent’s day recognize the support parents give their children.

There is a parent's day council that promotes this holiday with landmark events. An example is the parents of the year award that goes to any parent with an exemplifying standard for positive parenting at the national, state, and local level.

National Parents’ Day Traditions

The traditions of national parent day are like that of mother and Father’s Day. It includes giving gifts cards, hampers, flowers, and cakes to parents or any parental figure in your life.  

Another popular tradition is the family lunch, outing, or dinner. It does not end there; since it is a national holiday, the traditions include parents' awards at churches and community events.

Recently, the hosting of proclamations and rallies joined the list of traditions. Organizations like the United Civil Rights Council of America create such events to mark this unique event.

How To Observe National Parents’ Day

Parents can celebrate national parent’s day by enjoying the bliss of having kids. Do not wait till people celebrate you because you deserve a pat on the back for all the sacrifices, late nights, silent emotional moments, and the solid strength you display for your kids' sake.

So, set aside that laundry and hit the park with all intentions to have fun with your kids. Remind them that you always got their back and want the best for them.

For parents with rebellious teenagers, it is not a time to engage them in arguments. Understand that it is a tough time for them, encourage them lovingly. Find an alone moment with your kids and have fun.

Upload fun-packed moments on your social media, join parenting conversations online. It feels good to know you are not the only one having a particular issue with parenthood. Plus, you can find simple tips that would work like magic.

Interesting Activities for National Parents’ Day

Give Your Parents a Break on This Holiday

If you can afford to splurge on national Parents’ Day, please do. Your parents deserve the best treatment and a luxurious holiday-- if you are not on a tight budget.

Find out their dream vacation spot and sponsor an all-expense trip. Alternatively, you can have them lodged in a vacation house around to ensure they enjoy every bit of the holiday.

If you settle for a trip, make all the plans and have them show up at the cruise ship terminal or the airport with ease.

Acknowledge They Were Right

Ask any kid around; they all find the unsolicited wisdom from their parents annoying. Sometimes, they believe it is unbearable-- let us not get started with teenagers. However, this advice or opinion is often right.

When you eventually grow and have your kids, you would realize truths hidden in these pieces of advice. It is not too late to acknowledge that they were right. It would not hurt to tell your parents that their opinion about your choice of men or a decision was accurate.

Conversations like this make them more confident about their judgments and parenthood generally. Remember, there is no manual for parenting-- so make it easier for your parents.

Call or Visit Them

Visits from kids and grandkids can make your parent's whole week better. You have no idea how much they appreciate the courtesy visits from their kids.

Take out time to visit them with your kids or husband during national Parents’ Day. Take advantage of every opportunity to spend time with them; you dint want to regret it later.

Hence, tell your parents how much you love them by surprising them with a visit. You can eat out at their favorite restaurant and catch up on old memories.

Fun Facts About Parenting

You Won’t Mind Binging ‘Super Monsters’

If you know super monsters, then you have only proved our point. Keeping tabs on the latest kiddies shows on Netflix would be the least of your worries. In fact, you will not mind unwinding with one after a long day.

Your movie list on Netflix would be strictly or mostly kiddies, and you will not be bothered. You may wonder how you changed from binging the latest 18 plus movies to an all-time kid series.

But it is all part of parenthood; changes like this happen over time until you find yourself selecting a cartoon randomly.

Your Kids Reflect You

After a couple of years, your kids will start mirroring your mannerism and quirks. And if you pay more attention, you will see yourself in your kids. Sometimes, this could be good, but if you were not the most well-behaved kid, this would be a handful.

Considering facts like this makes you want to be a better person for your kids’ sake. Kids are smart. They do not really respect the ‘do-what-I-say-not-what-I-do’ instruction. You would notice how fast your kids pick up words like foul language or imitate your acts unconsciously.

So, do not say things you do not want your kids to repeat at the dinner table.

You Will Grow to Become Your Parents

The seemingly annoying repetitions, scolding, rebuke, and unsolicited advice are all part of parenting. And once you become a parent, you act these out the same way your parents did. It is a hard pill to swallow, but it is unavoidable.

It will not be an immediate change; it often happens gradually. But with time, you act the same way your parents did while you were younger.

You Will Doubt If You Are Cut Out for Parenthood

Parenthood is a funny and dynamic phase. No one has a recipe for becoming the world's best parents. Hence, there are days your confidence will get shaky. You will make mistakes or get helpless with your kids.

And it even gets worst. You will doubt whether you can succeed at parenting, but it is all part of the process. A conversation with people who have successfully excelled at parenting will assure you that it is normal to feel this way.

However, this is not enough reason to give up on it. No one is a born parent. People become parents and struggle to shoulder all the challenges the status throws at them.

Parenting Comes with Its Share of Heartbreaks

There are good moments when your child makes you proud by pulling through some challenges with your help.

Unfortunately, you will experience terrible setbacks as well. The failures, the puzzling milestones, and disappointments your children experience are the worst for you because a parent feels any setback a child experiences in ten folds.

Sometimes, the parent feels awful about being unable to protect the child from the occurrence. You should expect these moments and keep your head up for your kid’s sake.

Flexispot’s National Parents’ Day

Appreciating parents for their love and support can take various forms. Thankfully, Flexispot is keen on support and knows how to deliver every bit of it.

Celebrating National Parents Day for Your Parent

One way to show love is by ensuring someone is comfortable. At every level, we have that one parent that cherishes their study or personal library. Or you have a parent that still works daily-- from home or in an office.

Either way, you can create a Flexispot moment for your parent by buying them a comfortable workstation that makes studying or working effortless.  

We all want our parents to be around for a long time, which means we can do anything to help them maintain perfect health. You cannot afford to ignore their workspace or study-- especially when they spend most of their time there.

You can buy comfortable workstations like:

Standing Desk

Standing desk encourages you to cut down on your sitting period and lead a healthy work-life.

Buying your parents an adjustable standing desk can save them from series of health complications. Moreover, they can stand up when the need arises and sit immediately it becomes tiring.

So, parents do not have to leave their studies trying to relieve their back muscles after a long day.

Ergonomic Office Chair

Have you ever heard of an ergonomic chair? If you have not, then you should know it is the solution to a lot of backaches you experience after working for prolonged hours. Imagine helping your parents overcome this pesky and disturbing occurrence?

Why We Look Forward to National Parents’ Day

Parents Deserve the Separate Holiday

Mothers have may to themselves, fathers dominate June, and it is only appropriate to celebrate both the following month.

Although national Parents’ Day is the latest of these three holidays, it is a favorite of many American homes. However, it is not a holiday limited to biological parents. Remember to show some love to anyone that has raised you with love and affection.

Parents Everything for Us

We all were helpless babies once. Our parents were the only hope we had to help clean our mess and care for us. They would swaddle us tightly and pace all night while our piercing cries pollute the air. We basically had no other person to rely on or trust to console us.

They would listen while we shared the story of the kid who bullies us and advises on how to break free. There is no decision they have not made for us, and there is nothing they have not done to make us the best of ourselves.

We owe them the best of the best-- we owe them everything.

Our Biggest Fans

Parents often see their kids as a gift or a beautiful miracle. This fact explains why they never stop cheering us.

From when we had to play wide receiver at elementary school to when we followed our dreams to join cheerleading, they never stopped our encouraging growth.

Neither did they stop marking our physical growth on the wall, assuring us that we were growing. Parents never stop celebrating their kids, so they deserve showering love on this holiday.

In A Nutshell

A parent’s love is whole, no matter how many times divided

We cannot explain the depth of love parents express in different ways. However, we can honor and repay all their sweetness in the most remarkable way on Nations Parents’ Day.