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How to Make Your Phone Battery Healthy

31 May 2021

Smartphones have become an integral and essential part of our daily lives.

Almost everything you want to do, you can do it via your phone. It combines all the communication functions of a phone and the functions of a computer via apps. You can both call or send text messages by the basic means or you can use social media apps to video call, chat, and send private messages. You can connect to the internet and check your emails, order food and groceries, upload content to YouTube, watch films, and play games.

People use smartphones for one and a half years before moving on to a new one. Although on the average, it could last for a lot longer than it is usually used. The average one lasts up to three years without any problem. But sometimes smartphones will show signs of breaking down and wanting to be replaced. 

A cracked screen could be a reason to buy a new phone

Especially when it affects the camera, audio, or mic. The phone would be deemed too inconvenient to use and might also cause injury like pricking a finger or scratching the skin. Sometimes the touchscreen also does not work nor the screen is fully seen for things to be read or to do anything you want to do. The good news is that you don't really need to replace the unit when the screen is broken, most of the time this can still be repaired and replaced with a new one then protected by tempered glass. 

There may be a problem with the operating system that the smartphone runs on.

This is a bummer, but there may be times that certain apps won't run anymore even if you update the operating system. Sometimes apps lag and then crash. It's frustrating to do anything on the phone anymore. There would also be instances that the phone would type or do things by itself unprompted. When updating the software doesn't help, the phone may be nearing its limit. 

The phone battery would also make it obvious that the phone is ready to be retired.

One instance that could be observed is when the phone has a longer charging time than useful life throughout the day. At times you would need to charge it more than once a day. Sometimes the battery also discharges while charging instead of filling up. Batteries, like broken screens, can be replaced most of the time but always, prevention is better than cure. 

Phone batteries are made of lithium-ion. One battery usually lasts from 300 to 500 charge cycles. This is the number of times the phone is charged before the battery reaches its maximum life of usability. However, please keep in mind that this approximation of battery life is dependent on the basis that it is charged up to 100% at a time. This is where the loophole where you can prolong your smartphone's battery life comes from.

 If you charge your phone between 30% to 80% charge, there would be a significant increase of longevity to its batteries. One study even shows that every 0.1-volt decrease in the cell voltage will double your expected battery life.

Additionally, it is best to immediately take the phone charger off when it reaches a hundred. A lot may not know it but even if the charger prevents overcharging it would still wear down the battery by the heat emitted and the trickle charge on the phone. Sometimes when the phone is charged somewhere hot it is also a good idea to take it off its case while charging. 

With that said, it is also best to avoid charging the phone overnight or its charging port for the whole day. Why is this so? There is something that happens called plating in lithium batteries. This is also called a deposition. Metallic lithium forms around the anode of the battery which causes it to malfunction and fail. Apart from that, charging beyond a hundred percent causes a high-stress voltage. There is also a lot of heat in wasted power that dissipates which causes the battery to expand. 

Another thing to avoid doing to boost the health and battery life of your smartphone is watching a video or gaming while charging. What happens is that the battery charge goes out at the same rate as it is being charged. This is called a parasitic load. This has an adverse effect on the battery because it distorts the normal cycle and current of the electricity through the device. This also causes some parts of the battery to continually cycle and also deteriorate while the rest of the other parts of the battery is normal. 

Lastly, as mentioned before, heat is one of the factors that shorten the usability and maximum life of a phone battery. If a phone is kept in a high-temperature environment like 40 degrees celsius or more, the battery life would have only 65% capacity in a year. If it is higher than that, for example, 60 degrees celsius then the battery deteriorates in a shorter amount of time like three months. The good news is if you keep it between 25 degrees to 30 degrees in a year the battery capacity would retain 80% of its original capacity. 

With that said, we should really take care of our things so that they would last longer. Not just for phones but for everything else. While working in the office it is common to neglect little details like your phone battery health. But if we cherish what we own, then it would serve us for a long time. You can keep track of everything if things are conveniently near you to manage. 

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