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How to Manage Your Time for Work and Romance

25 June 2024

You know when your parents say that you should study first before getting a boyfriend and a girlfriend?

While you're very much free to do what you want, parents do say this from their own experiences in young romance. You would notice yourself once you go through the same phase in your life and you have less time for your family and friends. It's also the same when you join too many clubs and organizations that since you have a lot of commitments, your time for your studies or work decreases. As they say, there's always an opportunity cost for every decision you make in life.

Does this mean you have to let go of your boyfriend or girlfriend? It doesn't really need you to make such a drastic change, even letting go of someone who obviously makes you happy and relieves you from stress. What you have to learn is how to manage your time.

First, sit down and write your priorities from least to most important at the moment. You have to be honest with yourself and write which commitment of yours would require the most time and effort from you.

Afterwards, whatever list you come up with, you have to communicate it with your partner. Let him or her know that these are your personal study or career goals and these are the things that you need to do to accomplish them. Be straightforward and clear about everything it would entail to reach your goals. Let them know how busy you will get and that you would have chunks of time for these particular responsibilities of yours. If your partner has an open mind and supports your dreams and goals, they will understand. But of course, you shouldn't take them for granted, so make sure that your allotted time for studies and work and really focused hours in which you will finish whatever it is you have to do. When your time with your special someone comes, you're all eyes and ears to them because you don't have backlogs to worry about.

The third step is to make compromises. You are after all in a relationship to also consider the schedule of your partner and think about how you will meet his or her needs in a relationship. All of these should be considered when weighing how you will make all your priorities meet. Again, just be clear on your choices and let your partner know how everything you're doing now will help your relationship in the future.

An expert tip is to have specific time blocks for your day. In the morning, you would do work. In the afternoon, you would go to the gym to exercise. In the evening, you'd relax and watch a movie while sipping wine. You can always be creative with how you manage your time and say while exercising or watching a movie, you can invite your boyfriend or girlfriend to come with you. You will both be thankful for the shared experiences and the common interest that will grow between the two of you.

To make efficient use of your time, you'd want to invest in ergonomic furniture. Ergonomic pieces can be customized to your needs. It will make work much more comfortable and convenient. You will also get to protect your health by not developing any chronic diseases caused by prolonged sitting over time. You will avoid muscular pain and enjoy working with a positive and motivated mindset. It's also much easier to stay focused and alert as opposed to drowsy and having low energy while you finish your work.

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Final Word

Waiting for the "right time" or breaking up is not always the solution to manage all your different commitments in life when in a relationship. You can always learn to adjust, communicate, and open your mind so that your priorities align and you can help each other achieve your goals.