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How to Maximize Your Power Nap with an Under Desk Hammock

11 May 2021

A power nap is an important activity for most workers. This helps them recharge and bring back their agility and concentration. In Science, it is recommended to have a power nap for about 10-60 minutes. This is sufficient time for our brains to rest and regain strength. When a worker has this duration, he can concentrate on his task effectively. Hence, we will talk about power nap and how effective it would be should one take a power nap on Hammock Under Desk that is made solely for Flexispot's Standing Desks. With that, it could ensure a safe and sound sleep even just for 20 minutes. 

Now, let us begin the discussion. 

I.Advantages of Power Naps:

Stress and fatigue are the things that drain us during work hours. Our minds are like machines that need downtime too. When it becomes overused, it might function inefficiently. It could:

● take a long time processing information 

● take a longer time to absorb data 

● take a longer time to function especially during a crucial decision making 

Imagine a machine does is overused. What usually happens to it? It's either getting broken, malfunctions, or a short circuit might take place. The same goes with our brains, it needs to rest well so it could recharge so the pathways inside could be optimized. This could be possible if one would decide to take a power nap. The other advantages of taking a power nap are: 

■ Alertness Restoration:

When the brain can restore its function as its pathways become clear and working, the brain can receive more signals from the neurons and can give commands to the whole body. Hence, when a person can take a power nap, he's able to absorb information. That's why when a person is alert he tends to have high energy and he is responsive. 

■ It promotes learning and boosts memory:

When a worker can have a power nap, he becomes cheerful and responsive. With this, he may be able to absorb information well and remember them fast. 

■ An easy way to reduce stress and get some relaxation:

When a person becomes under stress, more hormones like cortisol are released. This has a long-term effect on the body as it may weaken the cells and make the body susceptible to catching viruses. If you noticed, people who have higher stress levels are the ones who easily get sick. They become fatigued. Some even acquire illnesses that they didn't have before such as hypertension. This was caused by the accumulation of stress hormones in the body. Hence, a power nap is important to renew the cells that are damaged because of stress and fatigue. 

■ Enhances the Physical Performance:

When a person gets enough sleep, regains strength, restores damaged cells, and becomes alert, he can optimize his performance. During a staff meeting, you may notice the one who is quick in responding and can absorb the information accurately (be mindful that not everyone who seems to be responsive is mentally present). This is because the workers must have gotten a power nap before the meeting or during breaks. 

The benefits mentioned above are ideal and may or may not be accepted in some workplaces because some workplace settings could not allow such power naps yet this is medically proven to be beneficial. As they say, we must work smart, not just work hard, and to work smart, we need to have boosted energy and alertness that could only be achieved with power naps. On the other hand, how long should a person take a nap? In this next part, we will know certain durations of nap time. This could help individuals especially the ones who are heavy sleepers. So, let's start with this:

II.The Ideal Duration of Time:

■ 10-20 Minutes:

will limit you to the lighter stage of NREM (Non-Rapid Eye Movement) that could help you wake up easily without feeling groggy but refreshed instead.

■ 30 Minutes:

This may give you a hangover-like feeling which may last 30 minutes after waking up before you feel the restorative benefit of this nap.

■ 60 Minutes:

This nap may cause you some grogginess but is ideal because can improve your memory that may allow you to remember facts and information.

With these minutes of a power nap, how could one easily take a nap without getting disturbed? 

Does the surrounding have something to do with your capability to relax and get some little sleep even for just 60 minutes? In this next part, we will discuss the things to do when taking a nap. So, let's get going: 

III. Ways to Take a Nap Properly: 

■ Find a good place to stay

Make sure that the place you're staying is free from noise and nuisances that can disturb you. Remember that you only have a maximum of 60 minutes to rest, so make the most out of it. 

■ Take some caffeine before you take a nap:

This is what we call the "caffeine nap". You can sip some coffee before you nap so when you wake up, you'll feel less sleepy. At times, when you are a heavy sleeper, it's difficult to get back on your feet once you wake up. Taking some sip before sleeping can lessen that possibility. 

■ Set up an alarm to go off on time:

Especially when you are a heavy sleeper. Dosing off without an alarm clock could not be helpful as it may not give you a signal to wake up. Heavy sleepers find it difficult to wake up even with a heavy sound but with continuous beeping, he may manage to wake up on time. 

Managing your waking time may seem to be a challenge but with great discipline, you may be able to wake up on time and avoid an over-break. In the last part of our discussion, we'll be talking about a piece of accessory which you may install in Flexispot's standing desk like the

● Flexispot's Dual Beam and Dual Standing Desks E1L and EC5

IV. The Durable Hammock Under Desk HK1

Hammock Under Desk HK1 is a reliable piece of accessory solely made for these standing desks. With this product, you just have to follow the 4 easy steps without drilling holes; you just have to hook them around and you are good to go. Made with durable material, this portable under desk hammock can provide you with great support.

Without worries of falling or losing balance while sleeping, you may enjoy your power nap to the fullest with this durable under desk hammock