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How to Personalize Your Office Space?

22 April 2021

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re a unique individual with personality quirks that set you apart from the rest. Being adept at expressing yourself in standout ways through the way you dress, carry yourself, and even speak is one thing, but it’s an entirely different ballgame when it comes to your workspace.

This is because when it comes to your work desk, you can’t go all-out and decorate it to your heart’s content. You need to have some limitations in place to make sure you reel it in. Remember...this is your work desk we’re talking about.

Apart from that, your office space is not entirely about you. It’s also about professionalism, and so the choices you make in terms of decorating it and setting it up should reflect this thought.

What Is the First Step in Setting Up a Workstation?

Get a Standing Desk

Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular among students and professionals alike, and for good reason.

The Problems with Sitting for Too Long

We can all relate to the fact that while at work, we tend to sink into our office chairs with no intention to get up anytime soon. Because we are firmly planted on our behinds for hours on end, we actively invite a host of problems to affect our body.

These include backaches, obesity, risk of heart disease, and mental health problems. Even our productivity levels become impacted as a result, which begs the question, “Why would anyone choose this life for themselves?”

Well, here’s the good news. This self-inflicted torture ends now! How, you ask? By getting the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk, of course!

How a Standing Desk Can Improve Your Work Life

Oh, standing desk! How do we love thee? Let us count the ways.

Laugh all you want, but you’ll be singing the same tune once you come to learn about all the benefits standing desks bring!

Back Pain Relief

This is one of the most common complaints professionals have. They grunt every time they shift in their chairs or get out of bed.

By constantly sitting down, the lower back is under a lot of pressure. Relief can only be sought by standing up. This is where standing desks come in. Because you’re working while on your feet, the pressure that was once on your back is no longer there, and soon enough, all the dull aches and pains you feel throughout your body will be gone.

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

People who follow a sedentary lifestyle are at a greater risk of developing heart problems. However, by investing in a standing desk, you will be doing yourself (and your heart) a huge favor seeing as standing desks promote blood circulation.

Lowered Chances of Weight Gain

This is pretty self-explanatory. Standing for extended periods will help you burn more calories. Sitting down can cause immense weight gain, impacting your confidence and even leading to other health problems. Standing desks address this problem by encouraging you to stay on your own two feet.

Higher Productivity 

When you’re standing, you’re likely to be more alert and active. You are more conscious of your surroundings and also focused on the task at hand. Improved levels and productivity and standing desks go hand in hand, and it is literally by design.

Uplifted Mood

This really doesn’t come as a surprise considering standing desks improve circulation, boost productivity, and help you get on the path to wellness!

Presenting the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

Beautiful Bamboo

There is something eye-catching about the natural grain of light wood. It makes for understated elegance and is sure to captivate one and all. Flexispot uses lateral compression technology to really make the natural lines come out, rendering each piece truly unique.


The Kana Bamboo standing desk comes in three sizes; choose whichever one you feel suits your needs best! The wooden slab is coated with water-resistant 2H lacquer, ensuring the desk’s durability. This makes the desk resistant to moisture and scratches, protecting it from insects.

Curved and Rectangular Top

Depending on your requirements, there are two distinct variants of the Kana Bamboo standing desk. The rectangular tabletop comes with rectangular legs, while the curved tabletop pairs with oval-shaped legs.

No matter which option you go with, your home office will be très chic!

Two Keypads to Choose From

The Kana standing desk comes with a basic keypad and an advanced all-in-one version. The former is a standard two-button model featuring up and down functions to adjust the height of the desk. The advanced keypad, on the other hand, comes with customizable presets, which you can use to save your preferences regarding seated, standing, and under-desk cycling heights.

Moreover, the LED display that displays the desk’s exact height goes into sleep mode for as long as the desk remains stationary.

Controls can also be used to remind you to keep standing or to sit down; you can even choose to power off this feature.


The Kana Bamboo standing desk is eco-friendly. Reclaimed bamboo goes in the making of this beautiful piece of office furniture.

More Fun Ideas for Your Office Space

Decide on a Theme

This goes without saying. Choosing a color palette will help lend a mood to your office space. Some people may opt for colors that bring a sense of calm to their characteristically unnerving job. Others might prefer a more uplifting color like ochre, tangerine, lime green, or cobalt blue. 

Whatever vibe you’re going for, just be sure to balance it out. If you’re going for a vibrant shade, for example, make sure you incorporate pops of some neutral color throughout your decor. This will help achieve two things; A) it will showcase the vibrancy of the core color even more, and B) it will help retain a sense of professional decorum.

You can also choose to paint one wall a bright, chirpy color and use that as the backdrop for your work desk. 

Add Personal Effects

If you’re wondering how to go about this, a solid approach would be to separate things that are in the “too much information” (TMI) category from those that have the potential to be fun conversation pieces.

For instance, your predilection for toilet humor, NSFW jokes, and inappropriate language can all be filed under TMI. On the other hand, items such as photos of friends and family and frames featuring motivational quotes can very easily become the center of a pleasant conversation. Of course, anything close to the latter is what you should go for.

This can prove to be an efficient way of doing so because, let’s face it, not all of us are comfortable having everything about us be on display for the world to see. Even if we are, we need to be cognizant that our choices and preferences could make someone else feel uncomfortable and uneasy. 

Once you’re done exercising this filter of sorts, you’ll have a much better idea of what you want to use and what you want to stow away.

Gadgets for Stress Relief

Fidget spinners. Fidget cubes. Stress balls. 

If you’re as susceptible to work-related anxiety and stress as we are, you know very well the importance of the triad mentioned above. Of course, there are many other gadgets for stress relief available in the market; the reason we’re mentioning them here is to remind you to place them at arm’s length when setting up your workspace.

Place them in a drawer, or if they’re especially cool to look at, place them atop your desk. Whatever you do, make sure they’re easily accessible because the last thing you want is to be looking frantically for them at a time when you desperately need to get in on those stress-reducing properties.

Place Art You Love

Get your gang of favorite artists and painters together and get them to inspire you when you need it most.

Display your favorite pieces of art in frames having a single, solid color. You can even choose white or eggshell frames to really make all your art stand out and take center stage.

If you’re worried about your desk looking too cluttered, you can place these frames on a bookshelf! Some contemporary offices and workspaces even have a vertical column of shelves right behind or slightly above their desk. A good rule in this regard is to factor in the size of your laptop or desktop computer and have the lowest shelf start slightly above the top rim of your screen.

Add Some Greenery

Spruce up your home office, adding some fresh final touches by placing a few plants around the space. Introducing leafy greens to any room can do wonders for mental health, productivity, and alertness.

If you don’t have a green thumb or find the responsibility of tending to a plant to be cumbersome, there are always smaller pots you can go for. Just place them on your desk or bookshelf and you’ll be sure to notice a change in your mood.

That’s it for some nifty tricks on how to personalize your office space. Get started, and don’t forget to get creative!