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How to Prevent Collision Accidents using The Drafting Table

11 May 2021

We usually get busy fixing our table or decluttering it. There are times that we accidentally forget to put away the cup of coffee from last night's rendezvous with the paperwork. You'll just sit on the table realizing that it's full of office stuff. At times, we are not aware of the little accident that might be happening with possible collisions. Collisions could cause damage both to the user and the product itself. So, how could we avoid collisions when using an office table and which product suits it best? In today's article, we will discuss the: 

the danger of table collision when working at home or the office

the ways to avoid table collision when working

the benefits of using Flexispot's Height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B 

So, let us begin the discussion now.

I.The Danger of Table Collision when Working at Home or the Office:

Table collisions happen usually when we tend to lean on the table or putting pressure on it by resting our arms and shoulders. Most tabletops are made from substandard materials. These can cause great damage in the long run because these materials did not pass the quality assurance test and are sold at a cheap price unlike the standing desks from Flexispot that are made from fine wood materials that have undergone the tedious process to ensure that the surface is smooth, the whole table is sturdy, and no splinters or other materials could cause hazard while it's being used. Aside from the danger of having pinched with a splinter, table collisions could also:

● cause the falling of sharp objects that may hurt the person sitting in front of the table:

Imagine being busy at work then you'd just feel a sharp dodge when the coffee cup and scissors on the table drop.  

● cause damage to the product especially for the ones made from substandard materials:

Due to the nature of these products, even a light force from tools like a pencil case or pencil holder could cause damage on them so what more if there'd be collisions? 

● cause deformity of the product:

Scratches and uneven edges; are the kinds of deformity that could take place if collisions would happen to certain products that are substandard. 

So, looking at these possibilities, one should be cautious when choosing a desk or office equipment that is used at work. I've had the experience back in 2017 when I was still working in an office-based company. The equipment that they had purchased was made from substandard materials. The tabletop where my device was put on was made from sawdust compressed with a piece of wood. When sawdust is used as a material, the product itself could not ensure stability or safety. So, eventually, I experienced the accident while working on a project. I was busy typing and recording something. I felt that the screws underneath suddenly loosen up and the next thing I knew was the tabletop fell on my lap and I suddenly grabbed my device. I badly hurt my thigh back then; I thought I would be rushed to the hospital. I got bruises then. My manager checked on me and I was given a first-aid treatment. So, in these scenarios, it is important that the workplace environment is very conducive and the equipment that will be used is like the standing desks from Flexispot because these products are built using ergonomics that can ensure the safety of workers. 

Now, in the cases of WFH workers, it is smarter and more practical to purchase

products such as the ones from Flexispot because they are convenient and made on a cutting-edge technology hence it's really on a reasonable price and it could be used for a longer time. However, if the budget constraints us, the choice will still be up to you. Would you go for a cheaper-priced product but would cost you a lot in the long run because it's a faulty product or a piece of equipment such as the standing desk from Flexispot that are sold at a reasonable price? 

In the next part now of this article, we'll talk about how to avoid possible danger caused by collisions on the table. So. here are the ways:

II.The Ways to Avoid Table Collision when Working:

● Avoid too much clutters on the surface of the table especially if you're using products that are made from substandard materials:

The more stuff is on the surface of the table, the more the table could be prone to get injured from falling objects so putting the extra tools or materials on the right holder or storage would lessen the possibility of you being injured. 

● Make sure to put the sharp objects on the other side of the table that is free from wobbling or put it in a spacious drawer under the table:

Ideally, sharp tools should be in a drawer or separate space underneath the table to avoid getting injured by them especially when they are placed on a high surface. It would be very dangerous for a worker.

● It is also ideal to label the materials that you have on the table:

Put some notes on each storage or holder so it is going to be easy for you to look for them. By doing this, you would get more organized and you can save time in looking for these things. 

So, looking at these things, we can now say that our workspace could be saved from the clutters and the possible damage on the product can be avoided such as scratches and deformity. However, there is a certain product that is scratch-proof and is certainly built with an anti-collision system and this is one of the newest products from Flexispot. This can be very helpful for the whole family and it is a safe piece of equipment thus let's find out why:

III. The benefits of Using Flexispot's Height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B:

The Height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B is one of the company's premium quality standing desks that will allow you to preset a certain height for your kids or your spouse who could also use the table when drafting, drawing, or reading books. This has an anti-collision system that would protect the product and your loved ones from accidents. This sit-stand desk can also support your lumbar and assure security for your devices because of the safety ledge stopper that will prevent the phone or tablet from slipping off regardless of the angle you've chosen. 

It's a combination of sophistication and functionality.