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How to Prevent Injuries in the Workplace

26 April 2021

Eddie is 30 years old, jobless, and a person with disability. He lost his left leg due to an injury he got in his office.  He was an ordinary clerk devoting most of his time on his desk processing claims for non-life insurance. He got this when he was walking on his way to another co-worker when he suddenly stepped into a tangled computer cable that broke his leg.  He tripped that made him limp to reach his desk.  The injury was so serious that doctors decided to cut his leg. 

Eddie’s plight is only one among thousands of injuries employees suffer during work.  As of last year, 2020, according to a statistics report, injuries in the workplace is 2.8% with 100 full   time employees working.  Incurring injuries or accidents in the office or even at home in inevitable.  Some of the common injuries in the workplace are: fall from a high work area.  Construction workers are prone to this.  Overexertion are common delivery drivers and those jobs that need to carry weights, entanglements, that is, you might step on a cable spread on the floor which causes you to slip and trip just like what happened to Eddie.  There are other injuries that are possible to happen in the office and in our homes as we try to do our work.

You may be wondering why these injuries happen in the workplace despite safety measures being implemented in the office building.  Big companies also train newly hired employees of these safety guidelines so that employees are safer and secured inside the office building.  Some of the reasons why injuries happen are: exhaustion, stress, poor ventilation and lighting, and trips and falls, to name a few.

As injuries and accident cases are still high, there are ways to prevent them from happening or be defensive when injuries are most likely to occur.  First off is requiring employees to undergo hazard awareness training so that they will now places that could trigger an injury and that areas should be labeled “restricted” so that not all employees have access to that area.  The training is a good start to prevent possible injuries especially the office premises.

For the executives of the company, it is suggested that they inspect the work areas and if office layout should be changed or redesigned, they may do so for the safety of the entire workforce.  An effective design and layout of the entire workspace is tantamount to a safe and stress-free working environment.  As such, injuries are minimized if not totally eliminated.  In Eddie's case, tangled computer cables or electric wiring   may bring possible hazard to the workplace. In this case, the layout must also include fixing of such cables and wires that should be in a safer and fixed area away completely and safely mounted on the floors or on the computer table.

Poor lighting, according to many employees may also cause call accidents or injuries in the workplace.  Cable entanglements on the floor could cause trips and falls among employees.  Good lighting will contribute to less production of injuries and accidents and it will also induce productivity among workers.  

The sane scenarios may happen at home for work from home employees.  They are also prone to these when they are working at the comfort of their homes.  One of the best solutions to prevent injuries especially trips and slips are concerned is a great home office furniture from FlexiSpot.

Millions of people around the globe are aware of the company as it is known for best-selling home office furniture such as standing desks, ergonomic computers and gaming chairs, accessories for health and fitness inclusive of the physical and fitness buffs.

One of the fantastic standing desks from FlexiSpot will surely blow your mind away.  The Combo: Standing Desk + Cable Spine + DM1 + D5D   has great features that would possibly eliminate injuries in your workstation.   With the built-in cable spine, you will be able to keep the cables intact so that you will have a neat and well managed workstation.  Furthermore, with the cable spine attached to the standing desk, trips and slips that are causing major injuries in the workplace are completely eliminated.  This great standing desk also has a keypad with digital display with three (3) programmable height presets.  This means that you can adjust the desk height according to your whim and need.  

If you are satisfied with your table or desk and you don’t have an immediate plan to buy a new desk, you can purchase only the cable spine for your cable management needs.  The best-selling standing desk mate - Cable Spine CMP017 and your current desk’s tandem is a sure winner! With the cable spine, the cables are routed securely from the floor to your desk.  There will be no mechanical problem, stress, and most of all possible cable entanglements that would lead to injury. This also gives your children safety when they stay in the work area. You can visit the FlexiSpot website for this wonderful and unique product.  You may also want to explore other exciting products that FlexiSpot  has  in store for you.

With the prevailing situation, we are already stressed because normalcy in daily living has changed dramatically due to the pandemic.  We do not want more stress from work lest suffer injuries.  We just want to make sure that we can manage our lives with the current scenario.

FlexiSpot is an advocate of health, wellness and productivity.  That is why the products are designed and created mainly for the worker’s physical well-being so they could produce more outputs that will lead to productivity.  The products underwent extensive research that is why when you purchase a FlexiSpot product, you are assured of the best quality material, authentic design, and promoting health and safety in the work setting of our choice.  That is, it could be in the office building or at home.