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How to Protect your Neck with an Ergonomic Chair

06 May 2021

Whenever you sit on a chair for long hours, what do you usually feel? Do you experience pain around the neck? How do you manage it? We usually have long hours in the office feeling drained and most of the pressure is usually felt around the neck. In today’s article, we will discuss the:


a.reasons there are numbness or sharp pain around the neck after working for long hours

b.dangers of too much pain in the neck

c.how could an ergonomic chair prevent pain in the neck even sitting for a long time

So, let us begin with the discussion: 

I. Why do we Have Severe Pain around the Neck After Sitting for Hours:

Straining yourself at your workplace while sitting in front of the computer creates havoc on your health. Once you feel the cranky pain around the neck then it’s a clear sign that you are losing a:

a.good posture:

That’s because our heads weigh 12 pounds (about the size of a bowling ball) so when you bend your neck at about 45 degrees, your head makes a blow of around 50 pounds; a pressure put on your neck.  

Aside from the good posture that one loses when he bends his neck to a particular degree, another thing that puts you at risk is when:

b.slouching which causes your upper should be bent when looking downward:

So, you are in a hurry to finish all the tasks before the end of the office hours. You try to manage everything in just one sitting but that leads you to slouch which creates numbness around the shoulders at times. When we try looking at our phones we also tend to bend our necks and put much pressure on them. 

At times, it’s not just slouching that causes the pain around the neck. Sometimes, this movement also causes pain which is: 

c.holding the phone between the shoulder and the neck for a long time

This usually happens when we try to talk with someone on the phone while we try to tuck them between our shoulder and neck. This may cause pressure on the levator scapulae muscle which connects the neck’s cervical spine with the shoulders. This is the reason there is a sharp pain on the shoulder after you hang up the phone. Then, when you try moving your neck, it’s like the veins on it would just get twisted. 

Usually, the cause of the pain around the shoulder is not from doing the wrong posture. At times, there are other incremental causes of the pain around the neck like:

d. stress and anxiety which are excessive may cause huge tension on the neck 

I experience this whenever I get nervous during a certain situation. The pain is centered around the shoulders then it will get to the neck; at times the pain escalates gradually yet it sometimes gets abrupt which causes me to panic. This one is an example of neck pain that is caused by stress or fatigue.

The causes given above show that improper posture and slouching could affect the neck area negatively. Now, let us know if once the pain becomes intolerable. What would happen and what are the:

II.Dangers of Too Much Pain in the Neck

Now that we have finished discussing the reasons we experience numbness or soreness on the neck, we would also talk about the dangers of too much pain in the neck and the signs that you need to visit the doctor which are: 

a.persisting pain without relief:

This usually happens when one experiences recurring pain even after taking some painkillers. People with gout experience this especially if the pain killer is mild; there is a possibility too that they need to take strong pain killers just to relieve the pain. 

b.the spread of the pain across the arms and legs

This kind of pain already spreads across the arms and legs. When this pain gets through the vein, it could impair the mobility of the person. This is already a reason for your visit to the doctor. 

c.pain accompanied by tingling, numbness, and weakness:

From pinched nerves near the neck area to the tingling feeling (a condition also called cervical radiculopathy), these symptoms should not be ignored and must be sought advice from your doctor.  

d.the pain might be caused by more serious cases like cancer and meningitis

In this case, when a person experiences severe pain that is persisting, a consultation with a neurosurgeon is highly advisable.

So, the next time you feel these warning signs, you must stay calm and try to evaluate yourself more if it’s something that is persistent and is impairing your daily activities. A lot of us sometimes depend much on ointment or pain killers; this might be a temporary relief but the signs might still be persistent in the long run. 

III. How Could An Ergonomic Chair Prevent Pain in the Neck even for Long Hours

As mentioned above, neck pain is frequently associated with long hours of sitting on the chair while working which creates havoc on our neck and even the spine health. Hence, Flexispot offers a product that has a reliable and state-of-the-art ergonomic support that ensures the safety and comfort of your neck as your lumbar area is being supported; built with a shape that complements your spine area and buttocks. 

Its breathable mesh releases body pressure as you sit on the cushion. Its lifting mechanism can give comfort to the arms. The lifting headrest releases the neck and helps you avoid bending it, which may lead to the extra weight that your head pushes on the neck. So the Ergonomic chair can prevent strains and achy neck which could also be dangerous in the long run. 

IV. Final Thoughts:

The neck is one of the most integral parts of the body because it is the one that connects the head to the rest of the body parts. Lymph nodes, major arteries, and lymphatic drainage are the most delicate veins that need to be supported by the neck hence if not taken care of, chances are you might be ignoring the warning signs and the consequences might be fatal.