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How To 'Self-Love' With Lifestyle Changes This Valentine's Day

25 January 2022

It's the most wonderful time of the year! No, not Christmas - Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate love and affection. But for some, it may also be a time to reflect on their lives and some lifestyle choices. If you are considering making some lifestyle changes this Valentine's Day, here are a few options to consider.

Making minor tweaks to your daily routine can significantly impact your overall happiness and well-being. Whether you're looking to improve your health, get in shape or just live a little bit more mindfully, these tips will help you get started. So why not give one of these 14 ideas a try this February 14th? And remember to keep them going after Valentine to reap the full benefits.

Discover/Pick Out a New Scent

Discover/Pick Out a New Scent

When we think about self-love, it could be as strategic as opening a savings account, buying some assets, paying for a professional course, etc. On the other hand, self-love could also entail indulging in luxury and refined living. Why not discover scents this Valentine’s Day?

This activity is excellent for you as a single person, a couple, or a group of singles. Scents could mean a new perfume, scented body products, room fragrances, scented candles, etc. Walk into a shopping mall and sample different products. Where there’s variety, you are bound to find something that speaks to your soul.

Being Valentine's Day, the ‘Day of Love,’ don’t be afraid to splurge a little. Wear the scents you bring home on blue days as the scents will hold some sentimentality- purchased as an expression of self-love and self-appreciation.

Pick out New Linen/Bathrobes

While we are still on the luxury vibe when was the last time you switched out your linen and bathroom accessories? Most people wait for a special someone or occasion to bring out the nice linen. But, this Valentine’s Day, instead of splurging on food and drinks, why not acquire a set of new bed sheets, duvets, pillows, and towels as a way of pampering yourself.

Walk to a bed and bath store, pick out the plushest bathrobe, the kinds rappers wear on music videos. Buy a set of sheets with a percale or sateen weave or made of Egyptian cotton (if you don’t know what that is, then you need to visit a linen store). Allow yourself to enjoy the royal treatment right from your morning shower to the minute you lay your face on your (New) pillow. Let this be an ode to your deserving good things.

Limit Alcohol Use

Every year when Valentine rolls around, people everywhere are tempted by all the different types of alcohol on sale, but if you want to do something different this year, then try giving this up for one night at least? A day that revolves entirely around love should not be watered down by the effects of alcohol or the hangover that accompanies heavy drinking.

Switch Out to Ergonomic Furniture.

Switch Out to Ergonomic Furniture.

As we age, our bodies become more fragile and sensitive. Ergonomic furniture can help improve posture and reduce pain while allowing you to carry on living the extraordinary life you’ve created. Again, after years in the same bedroom and having spent countless hours on the same couch, it is easy for our bodies to get used to a particular way of sitting or even sleeping. If you know that you (or your partner) may be suffering from back pain, then pick out some new ergonomic seats for your (home) office or an adjustable bed base which will add an extra sense of luxury to the room if nothing else!

Get Active /More Exercise

The great thing about exercise does not only do you feel great, but it helps reduce stress and raises your mood for the rest of the day! It's easy to slack off on your fitness regime when you're busy with work and family, so don't let Valentine's Day be the day you do. Instead, get active alone or with your partner. Try going for a run or even just taking a brisk walk in the park.

If neither of those is appealing, offer to take your partner rock climbing for a fun and unique date that will burn plenty of calories. If you live near a beach, the exercise by playing volleyball or doing some light surfing - you'll at least have a great story to tell after this one! Alternatively, sign up for a fitness course from yoga to Zumba; there is no reason why today cannot be the start of a new hobby in your life!

Buy Fine China/Cutlery

If there were ever a time to eat at the table like royalty, it would be Valentine’s Day! Though they seem to get by just fine, mismatched plates and cutlery do not offer the full sense of luxury that eating out or hosting dinner parties at home can bring. It’s the little things that matter, so if you can afford to splash out, then do it!

Treat yourself or your loved ones by using your new china and drinking from your best crystal- fine china is a great way to expand your existing set of plates or cups. But, if you think that ceramics aren't quite your thing, you can still invest in some cutlery instead. After all, who doesn't love new silverware?

Paint the House

Paint the House

If you have been living in the same place for years, then both you and your partner might long for something fresh and new. A fresh coat of paint could give everyone in the house a jolt of energy, and choosing neutral colors, can lead to endless decorating possibilities elsewhere too.

It doesn’t matter if it’s minor or major work; painting your home can make you feel like it’s a new place. What better time to redecorate than Valentine’s Day? If money doesn’t allow for this luxury, you could at least invest in some decorating supplies and start making changes that work for you.

And, if neither you nor your partner is particularly handy around the house, then consider hiring professionals to help paint the surface that needs the work.

Get Engraved Jewelry

Many jewelers now offer engraving on gold and silver jewelry at subsidized prices. If you have a piece of jewelry that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg but is still meaningful – this is the perfect way to give it some extra love. You could opt for an engraving of your initials or even a line from your favorite song; the possibilities are endless. You could even share with your sweetheart by getting something engraved for them, with their name or a sweet message perhaps. This way, they’ll know just how much you care about them.

Upgrade Your Daily Use Gadgets

It seems like every day these days is another big release opportunity. The new iPhone, followed by the new Samsung smartwatch, before Google launches a new Nest Hub or Amazon gives us a smarter way to live our lives. It’s easy to get caught up in the hullabaloo if you are a tech wizard, then there’s the rest of us.

While we’re no longer in the age of flip phones, some of the old ‘new tech’ is starting to get phased out of the market. They are turning off old versions of phones, old televisions are suddenly not compatible with software upgrades, etc. Why not treat yourself to some new tech this Valentine's Day.

The high speed, larger storage capacity, extra specs that come with new tech is worth the hype. Seek out a younger cousin or the neighbor’s college kid and ask them for advice. You might feel young and ‘in-the-know,’ but trust the young kids to know a whole lot more than you think exists.

Start a Book Collection

Start a Book Collection

Reading more books is a staple in most people’s new year resolutions. But, you can’t read more if there are no books, to begin with. First, you need to figure out whether you prefer print copies of your books or digital copies. This way, you’re able to identify your sources and begin collecting.

If you go the print way, get a vintage bookshelf or one of those modern ones on display in most furniture stores. If you’re handy with your tools, turn this into a DIY project. Once it’s ready, begin your collection. Make it as diverse as you can- fiction, literary works, biographies, self-help books, cookbooks, professional coursework, etc.

If you prefer digital works, it can be as simple as downloading an app on your phone or tablet. Alternatively, get a dedicated reading device such as Amazon’s Kindle. Also, let your communities know that this is something you’ve picked up so that they can share favorite reads or put you on to new genres. They will also appreciate not thinking too hard about your birthday gift.

Lower Stress Levels

Although stress (eustress) can have some benefits to your life-making you more driven and focused- there’s also negative stress that doesn't usually do much for your health. Stress might seem inevitable when it comes to our crazy lives, but there are many ways we can overcome this problem. Meditation is just one way, as well as taking small breaks throughout the day where possible. If this isn’t enough, you can also spend quality time with your loved ones and create a more secure environment.

Give Back to the Community

This one should be pretty self-explanatory. If you can afford it, consider donating a small amount of money, too, as there are plenty of people out there who need all the help they can get. It doesn't take much time or effort but will make a huge difference in somebody's life.

Giving back will raise your spirits while making other people less fortunate than you feel grateful. You could even try sharing a meal with those who are less fortunate, as food can be something we take for granted when we have it every single day.

So, whether you're helping out at an animal shelter every weekend or picking up trash on local trails during your hike on Saturday mornings, do something nice for others- don’t limit this to Valentine’s day only.

Switch up the Lighting in Your House

Switch up the Lighting in Your House

Sometimes subtle changes can go a long way when creating an atmosphere that is just right for you and your partner's tastes - lighting being one example. Subtle shifts in lighting throughout the house might be enough to lift your spirits after a hard day at work, so experiment with new types of lamps until you find a style that feels most like "you" or "your partner."


Plan a detox by avoiding certain foods like chocolates, colas, etc. Detoxing helps to promote healthier skin, weight loss, improved metabolism, and better general health. To keep costs low, you can enroll yourself in a juice cleanse program or shop at discount grocery stores that sell fruits and vegetables at much lower prices than usual supermarkets do.

Make sure you include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet, as they have been shown to give people an energy boost without causing insulin resistance that junk foods do overtime after eating them regularly. You will feel better if you take foods that are rich in antioxidants like fruits and vegetables because they help get rid of harmful free radicals.

In Conclusion

When we think of love on Valentine’s Day, it is usually in the context of romantic relationships. Yet true self-love and care can be just as crucial to our mental health as loving those around us. All individuals need to take time out of their day on February 14th to give themselves some “me time” so they can recharge and feel good about themselves before jumping back into life. You deserve a little TLC this year! What are your plans for yourself today?