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How to Set Up 6 Monitors For Your Gaming and Trading Session

08 July 2024

Do you know that trading and gaming have quite a lot in common? Well, that's a mystery many people haven't unlocked. It even gets more interesting if you're a gamer who also has a flair for trading. That's because you'll need almost the same tools for both. And at the top of the list is a 6-monitor setup.

But there's a problem that many people encounter - they don't know why they should get a 6-monitor setup. Some don't even know how to connect these monitors. So we're to help you lay this confusion to rest. Kindly read on.

Why Do You Need a 6-monitor Desk Setup for Your Gaming and Trading?

The real question is not that you need these monitors to play video games or trade. Rather, it's about coming to understand that having them in your corner can level up your work session as you've never imagined. And a typical example is your PC or laptop. If you want to be an expert in playing next-gen video games, you'll need a cool and fully-equipped PC.

That's not all, the PC will have some ergonomic features that'll give you a more thrilling experience. Now, let's talk about traders. Spending a lot of time sitting and glued to your computer might make them see the need for ergonomics. And failure to do the needful is a subtle invitation to neck and back pain.

A height-adjustable standing desk should prevent you from falling into such health conditions. Therefore, it doesn't matter if you're a casual or professional trader, you have a lot of benefits to cop from a fully-equipped PC.

First, they will help you refresh and update the graphs way faster. They can also help you exploit and explore the market dynamics more easily. So in summary, what brings gamers and traders together is that they both need and use computers. Now, let's show you some of the perks available for you if you could opt for a 6-screen monitor setup.


Well, this advantage seems obvious. You don't have to think real hard to know that these monitors will give you the space to combine tasks at a time. In other words, there's more room unlike when you're working with a one, dual, three, or quad-screen setup.

For instance, a trader can use one monitor to study the graphs, check out the movement of their programs or trading bots on another, and use the remaining monitors to communicate with other traders or check the web for updates. It's also one of the many reasons why graphic designers and seasoned programmers flow with a multimonitor desk.

Using a 6-monitor setup also means that you can save a lot of time. Unlike folks with a single monitor that have to reclose and reopen tabs every time they want to search for something. And if you're a gamer, using several monitors means you can have your game displayed on one screen and others to guide your next steps or answer texts. So this is perfect to spice up your gaming style.

High Speed and Boost

This might be a bit tricky to comprehend especially when you're still learning about computers. But then, having six screens makes your program load faster while on the computer. The logic behind this is that the speed is determined by your computer's refresh rate. And it often increases when it has more monitors to share its workload with.

So you can be assured that connecting this type of setup will help you keep up with fast movements in your trades and video games. If you're a fan of video games, having a 6-screen set-up should allow you to play some fast-level games. And you won't have to worry about low refresh rates or FPS.

Little wonder, it's very common to hear gamers say they play better while using this setup. Meanwhile, timing is very essential when it comes to trading. So being sluggish might make you miss a market change and, possibly, an opportunity to make a favorable trade.

Hence, traders have to continuously update and refresh their programs and web pages to see how the market is going and how the trades are faring. But all these come in handy when you use a 6-screen. You can increase your laptop's refresh rate and modify your graphs quicker than ever.

As you experience the thrill and ecstasy that comes with the process, you'll notice the market changes faster.

Step-by-step Guide to Connect a 6-monitor Setup

As you've seen, there are many benefits attached to having more than a screen to work with. So it's time to pay more attention as we consider how to set up the screens. We'll show you how to position them on your office desk and use them correctly. Here is the compilation of all the components needed to build your multimonitor setup.


This sounds obvious to many people, but you need to get the six monitors ready first. And if you're working on a budget, getting them might be a bit pricey for you. So we'll advise that you look around if you have or can get one or two monitors at home or your workplace. That way, your investment won't be as expensive as getting all six.

Perfect Graphics Card

Graphics cards strengthen your laptop or PC to push and update videos and pictures smoothly. And the fun part is that every computer is built with an inbuilt card. So it's safe to agree that your computer's capacity to update images depends on how cool the graphics card is.

That's why many gamers, traders, graphic designers, and programmers often complain about how poor the integrated cards are. That is, the cards aren't up to what they need the laptops for. So you need to look for one that'll satisfy all your needs. If you could lay your hands on a graphics card with 8GB of Graphics-RAM or even more, you should be good to go.

But if you can get more than that, don't hesitate to purchase them. You'll be glad you do when you later discover how smooth and hitch-free your gaming or trading session is.

Monitor Stands

Although monitor stands come in handy when you use a standing desk, they take the lead if you want to connect a multimonitor setup. Especially with 6 screens. The reason behind this is that monitor stands help you fit the monitors together and declutter the desk surface.

Dual Monitor Mount F7D/F8LD

The Dual Monitor Mount F7D/F8LD has so many features ready. It has two monitor arms and the implication is that you can configure your monitors in whatever way suits you most. You can choose to place the displays back-to-back, side-by-side, top-to-bottom, spaced evenly apart, or anywhere in between.

The monitor mount can also rotate from landscape to portrait position if you want to view blocks of codes or longer pages. You won't even have to scroll. It is fully adjustable and responsive. With just a fingertip touch, you can extend, swivel, rotate, or tilt the screens to your preferred position.

Within a couple of minutes, you can have the monitor mount installed without any helping hand. And there's a cable management system that arranges your wires and gets your deskspace rid of clutters. No doubt, the Dual Computer Mount F7D/F8LD is a must-have for every office worker, gamer, and trader.


Now that you know the essentials of the 6-screen monitor setup, you'll also need a high-end computer. Here, whether or not you'll have optimal satisfaction with other components depends on the computer. So your best shot is to get a state-of-the-art computer to achieve a high-end performance.

For the best impact, our advice is that you get the latest model to enjoy your favorite graphics card and a fantastic coding and trading vibe.

Spacious Standing Desk

You should note that not every desk fits a 6-screen monitor setup. And that's usually because of space. So you need to be extra conscious of a standing desk with enough space to house all the screens and other gadgets.

That's why many gamers and traders go for Pro L-Shaped Standing Desk (E7L) and Premium Gaming Desk (G7). On that note, we'll also implore you to get one for your trading or gaming room.

Mini Display/ Port to DVI Adapters

The Mini-Display Port or Miniport to DVI adapters is another important piece of equipment you'll need to power a setup with six screens. So you need to consider your budget and get one before you start trading or playing video games.

Plan Your PC Layout

Even if all the products and gadgets for the 6-monitor setup are ready, you need to confirm if it'll fit in that place spot you've planned. That is, is the room spacious enough? Does it have sufficient lighting and plugs? All these questions need to be answered before putting the standing desk in there.

Bottom Line

Connecting six screens for your trading or gaming corner gives you too many goodies for you to overlook. Traders no longer have to worry about loss since using a multimonitor setup helps them hone their trading skills.

It's now time to start gathering all the necessary equipment and accessories to set up yours as soon as possible. Happy gaming! Happy trading!