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How to Set Up a Writing Space that Sparks Creativity

27 April 2021

Do you get distracted easily?

Do you feel like there are many things around that divert your attention, puncturing your creativity in the process?

Do you doubt yourself as a writer because you can’t seem to articulate properly?

If you are a writer who suffers from writer’s block every so often, you are not the only one. There are many good writers out there who have the ability to write; however, they can’t seem to pursue it because they get distracted easily, which ultimately interrupts their chain of thought, and they end up losing interest. 

The first step on the journey of becoming a writer is to develop a place where you can sit down and put pen to paper. Having an appropriate space that serves your purpose is crucial if you want to deliver exceptional results. Your mind will be conditioned to shuffle your thoughts and let you focus on the matter at hand once it gets accustomed to your chosen place. 

Setting up a writing space is a fun process. However, it may give you jitters just entering the place. You might get intimidated by the vicinity because your mind is involuntarily nagging you to focus and work instead of roaming around here and there. This is why you should have a specific room all to yourself whenever you decide to work on a piece. 

Choosing a Place 

The first thing that you need to be focused on is the perfect place to set up a writing space. You can’t sit in the middle of the house and start working. Instead, you need to choose a spot that has a bit of privacy so that you can rummage through your thoughts and concentrate on your work. 

Having said that, always remember there is no such thing as having a “perfect” writing space. It all depends on your attitude and perception. Whichever spot you deem fit to call yours is the place for you – a place that reflects you and your positive approach towards life in the truest of sense.

Remind yourself that you are doing what you love with all your heart. If you perceive it as a fixation that is forced on you, you won’t get your desired results. Instead, you should think of it as your beloved thing – a thing that fills your soul with pleasure. 

Setting up a Writing Space 

Once you have chosen a place to write, the next step is to decorate it in a way that fosters creativity and productivity. Setting up a place according to your needs is essential. A place appropriately decorated for the task at hand works wonders. 

Here are some tips for setting up a writing space that encourages you to deliver your best. 

  • Decorate to Inspire

Search your mind and look for things that are a source of inspiration for you. It can be anything from an inspirational quote to a beautiful picture of some scenery. It can be a photo of the roaring waves of the sea or a painting of a far-off land that piques your curiosity. 

Once you have found these items, place them one by one in your writing space in a way that they fall right within the radius of your gaze. In this way, they will feed your creativity whenever you look at them.  

  • Take a Minimalistic Approach

You don’t want to get overwhelmed by many things at once. Therefore, let minimalism take over and go only for limited items you feel are absolutely necessary to your creative process. Don’t clutter your space with unnecessary items that may trigger your anxiety rather than fueling your creativity. 

Designing your writing space is all fun and games until you have to take care of everything. Managing a number of items can be tough. You don’t want to spend more time cleaning the place and less time doing what you were supposed to do – be creative. 

  • Place Ergonomic Items

You don’t want to get distracted by your back pain and strained neck while you are working. It can be caused by decaying furniture that has hard wood. Outdated furniture can hurt your back, causing you to work in awkward positions.

The whole point of this exercise is to foster creativity. If you are constantly distracted by your back pain and changing your seating arrangement every two minutes, how do you expect to take your creativity from your mind and put it onto paper?

It is, therefore, important to invest in ergonomic items that provide ease and comfort to you.

The Theodore Standing Desk-48” W

Flexispot has a wide range of ergonomic items that serve their users on both fronts – style and functionality. 

The Theodore Standing Desk is one of the most comfortable standing desks in the market today. It is an ideal option for you if you want your creativity to flow while you work on your writing projects. 

Sometimes, when we sit for too long, we tend to drift off into our thoughts. This distracts us and causes us to procrastinate. Therefore, a standing desk is an ideal option to keep you focused. It helps you direct your entire attention to whatever you are working on without getting distracted by anything. 

So, while setting up a writing space, go for the Theodore Standing desk. It has a sleek design that contributes to its traditional, classic look. This desk fits well anywhere you want it to without taking up much space. 

Don’t be fooled by its traditional look as it has a set of modern features that make it an ideal choice for you. Let’s take a look at them. 

  • Adjustability

Because people have different heights, it is difficult to work on a desk with only one height setting. It can become uncomfortable and unproductive for the user.

The Theodore Standing Desk has a height adjustability feature that lets you set your desk height as per your requirements. You need your monitor at your eye level and your elbows strictly aligned with the joints when you are working. So, set it up accordingly and commence working. 

This feature is easy to use as it requires no extra effort other than pushing a button. As a result, the desk will lift or reduce effortlessly just as you want it to.  

  • Maximum Storage

This piece of furniture also features maximum storage for its users. There is a spacious drawer attached to it where you can keep your essentials (notes, notebooks, phone, tablet, etc). You can also put your gadgets in there if you are getting distracted by them every two seconds. 

Free up the clutter on your desk by utilizing this storage area. The cleaner the desk, the easier it is to work on. Cramped spaces often result in poor productivity as there are a number of things you can get distracted by. 

  • USB Ports

While you are working, you may want to charge your gadgets so that once you are done, you can watch a movie or read an important PDF. However, who has the energy to get up and find the nearest extension cord? 

Worry not.

The Theodore standing desk has built-in USB ports that let you charge your phone or laptop without having to worry about the length of your extension cord. It has three ports, 2 of them are Type A, and the remaining is Type C.  

  • Easy to Assemble

Standing desks have a reputation for being hard to assemble. However, Theodore has nothing but ease and comfort in store for its users.

With this desk, you don’t have to worry about assembling it as it is a pretty simple three-step process. All you have to do is to tighten the bolts that join the legs to the tabletop, and you are good to go. Without any involvement of complicated tools, you can set it on your own.  

  • Aesthetic Look

Last but not least, its sleek design and aesthetic look are worth mentioning. Users love its rustic finish that complements any setting it is placed in. This piece of furniture offers flexibility to its users, all thanks to its color scheme and minimalistic look. It will fit in any place, no matter what the décor of the place is. 

This beautiful yet efficient desk is one of the many options you have at Flexispot. Try their ergonomic items and set up your dream workspace today!

  • Green Plants

Green plants are an ideal option to put in your writing space. They are a source of soothing vibes that ultimately make the place looks welcoming. Always put a plant in your writing space to spread warmth and positivity in the room.

Final Word

Setting up a writing space can be so much fun if you have the right tools for it. Always remember to go for limited items that are absolutely necessary. Try to direct positive energy into this place to let your creativity flow. Only a relaxed and positive mind can induce creativity.