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How to Stay Energized On a Low-Carb Diet Using Vibration Plate

26 April 2021

When I started my spiritual journey a year ago. I’ve realized a lot of things about what I eat. I must say that I have done a terrible thing throughout the years and that was consuming a ton of unhealthy foods for many years- from slices of high-carb cake to Quarter pounder. I have gained a lot of weight compared to what I’ve had ten years ago. It affected me so much but I’ve decided to end the cycle of binge-eating and focused on gearing towards a healthy lifestyle.

In this article today, we’ll discuss the:

  1. meaning of low-carb diet
  2. people who could do the low-carb diet
  3. effects to people whose bodies are not compatible for a low-carb diet
  4. the role of Flexispot’s Vibration plate in your low-carb journey.

So, let’s get going now with this topic:


The Low-Carb Diet:

When a person is on a low-carb diet, he restricts the consumption of food that is high in carbohydrates. This kind of diet has a purpose that goes beyond weight loss; it is also practiced to avoid the possibility of acquiring Type 2 Diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Low carb diet has been reported (although further research and proofs of its effectivity are not found yet) to help other patients lessen the threat of:

-         sleep apnea or snoring

-         fibromyalgia (common rheumatoid disorders characterized by achy, pain, and tenderness and stiffness of muscles)

-         pain disorders

For more than a hundred years, the Low-Carb diet has been done by a lot of people. If we noticed, long before the Second World War, people did not consume much food with carbohydrates; most meals before were just composed of a single dish. Food fusion (which is characterized by a combination of a lot of ingredients that have much sugar content) wasn’t a trend that time yet and people were not consuming sugary foods back then hence long before the era of Marilyn Monroe, (a beauty icon and a woman who had an endomorphic body) women of the past century were skinny and were accustomed to simple dishes.

The low-carb diet is comprised in:

-         food with low carbohydrates such as starchy crops and Bran oatmeal

-         food with high protein content with such as eggs, low-fat yogurt, and Chicken breast

There are 2 concepts of the right amount of carb intake in a day:

Some recommend that in particular, the carb content should be just around 0.7 to 2 ounces that is equivalent to 20-57 grams. In calories that is just amounting to 80-240.

On the other hand, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that carbohydrates make up to 45% to 65% of your calorie intake per day which means if a person has 2,000 calories per day, there should be 800-1,300 carbs in his diet.

So, in order to know the right amount of carbs in the body, a dietician or a nutritionist can really determine what’s the appropriate carb intake for you because everyone has different body types, BMI, and age. Self-treatment of the carb intake might lead you to a crashed diet

What comprises a Low-Carb Diet:

The following are the food items that people take in a low-carb diet. These are:

Vegetables that are less starchy such as cucumber and carrots

crops like purple yam

lean meat such as the chicken breast and fish that like sardines

Bran oatmeal

Leafy green vegetables

cauliflower and broccoli

fruits such as berries (strawberry and blueberry)

plain Greek yoghurt


Trying your Own Recipe:

One of the things that I observe now that I am on a low-carb diet is trying my own low-carb recipe. What is unsure about buying pre-cooked meals or food which you didn’t personally prepare is the fact that you didn’t know the measurements and if sugar was or was not included in the recipe so without further ado, here is a sample of the food items that I included in my list of food every day; I will discuss the dishes that I usually have in the morning, afternoon, and night:

My Breakfast is comprised of:

unsweetened oatmeal (I just add hot water on it.)

small chunks of chicken breast (I remove the chicken skin)  

slices of tomatoes

carrot slices

cucumber wheels

In the Afternoon, I usually eat:

a medium-sized purple yam

a 7-ounced slice of cooked fish


a smaller chunk of chicken breast




At night, I just take some:

7-ounced cooked fish

unsweetened oatmeal (a small bowl of it)


The list of food items that I wrote was just according to my personal research. Still, we must seek the advice of a dietician in order for us to know if we’re doing the right diet or not. This is just an example of how I manage my diet. So far, I have already cut 6 kilos from my former weight which was 76 kilos. I have done the diet for already a month and I really saw the improvement. However, I make sure that I just don’t cut carbs but I also burn the fat.

It’s important that we must be more active when we are on a low-carb diet. It’s because cutting on carbs would not be sufficient when we do not stay active because the diet would be effective when we burn fat. As we all know the more sugar we take, the bigger the chances of it to be converted into hardened fat which is difficult to burn. That’s why some people resort to liposuction because the fat that is stored in the body is hardened and becomes like fat deposit which is dangerous for the health because they also start to block arteries and cause further havoc to the body.

Flexispot’s Vibration Plate

So, how could we aid our diet? What is the most effective way to lose fat? We may do it through a series of exercise which we could watch on the internet. However, there are other products that may help us lose fat faster. With this Vibration Plate Exercise Machine VB1, which stimulates musculature which will help you make your metabolism really fast. This machine also lessens the joint stress that we usually experience when doing strenuous exercise. You don’t have to worry about losing your balance while on the vibration plate.

Final Thoughts:

The following tips and facts are just part of research and personal experience. Weight loss is always unique to every person because we all have different body types hence we must be aware that the effects of a low-carb diet might either be positive or negative depending on what your body really requires.