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How to Stay Sane during the Pandemic

26 March 2021

- Major struggles

- Coping with them

If you have been a lover of dystopian, post-apocalyptic movies of war, terror, zombies and aliens, I bet that may have changed a bit now. It surely did for me. Having lived (rather survived) a pandemic; I can no longer watch movies like 28 Days Later or I am Legend and IT IS OKAY.

For the first time in history, we watched the whole world closing down and we did not have time to gather supplies or prepare ourselves mentally and physically for such a calamity. Our lives were filled with constant fear, anxiety and uncertainty. And we lived with it for a year and while not knowing how much longer.

If you have been experiencing difficult feelings and emotions; I want to reassure you that you are not alone. We are all in this together. It is ‘normal’ to feel anxious, isolated, fearful, angry or frustrated during such an unprecedented time. These feelings may be affected by things out of your control, and they will change. Instead, it is helpful to focus on the things that are in your control in your everyday life.

Taking care of your body

Among the things in your control, taking care of your body and physical needs is the most important one. That means

  • Sleeping well
  • Eating healthy meals and
  • Exercising regularly

Many people are experiencing increased sleeplessness, fatigue and exhaustion owing to the lifestyle changes due to prolonged lockdown and the pressure of working from home. The best way to combat these challenges is by keeping a healthy body by regular exercise, a healthy diet and plenty of sleep. If your job requires prolonged hours of sitting in front of a laptop, you may already be suffering from back and shoulder pain. Maintain a correct posture with proper back support and ergonomically designed furniture. I would recommend Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair with the 3D lumbar support system. Most importantly, remember to take breaks to go for a walk or stretch every now and then.


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Take control of your time

Most of us are accustomed to routines- of school, work etc. Pandemic threw us off these routines as we spent months at home. Organising your day with a daily routine will help the self-adjustment easier. Many productivity tools are ranging from sophisticated planners to our plain old sticky notes, notepads and alarms. We can control what we do with our time by constantly reminding us of using these tools and eventually making them a habit.


While we are limited in terms of physically connecting with friends, family and likeminded people, we have endless means of connectivity in this digital era. Take time to talk with your friends over video calls or take part in online meetups. In that way, we can overcome the isolation and strengthen the feeling of community.


Well, this may sound counter-intuitive, but hyper-connectivity does come with certain costs. The struggle to maintain work-life balance or headaches, backaches and vision problems are just a few to mention. If you are experiencing these, you are probably way too connected, and it is time to disconnect. Take time off your mobile phones and computers and meditate, cook or do anything you enjoy. If you have the habit of watching too much news, it may be adding to your anxiety; so practise moderation.

Take a Break

While a routine helps us to get things done, routines can often set in monotony and boredom and sometimes push you to the brink of burnout. In such cases, it is important to take a break from the routine and enjoy doing nothing or do something you enjoy. You may be someone who enjoys doing arts and crafts, or you like to play video games, or just stay in bed and do nothing. You should do it without feelings of guilt or shame. In that way, we are able to replenish our energy reserve and be more productive and efficient with our commitments. As for you, hardcore gamers, please be gentle with your body and do take a look at the specially designed gaming chair.

Most importantly Seek Help

If you think your everyday functioning is affected due to increased anxiety or you are experiencing symptoms of depression, you should reach out for professional help. Please find out about the mental health services in your area and reach out to them. If you think you are in immediate danger, call emergency crisis and service numbers.

Remember, you are not alone and what you are going through is not your fault. So be kind to yourself.