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How to Take Care of the Built-In Charging Ports

27 May 2021

When you have a lot of things to finish in a day of work and you need to multitask as much as possible, the last thing that you want to do is to reach for the device or stand up that usually takes a lot of time especially when we got to reach for the devices just to charge our phones. This is taking a lot of time that ruins our momentum when we are doing a report. Hence, there is equipment that was already created that offers this feature. There are pieces of equipment such as the sit-stand desk from Flexispot that would not just let you choose whether you're going to sit or stand while working but would give you convenience through its features such as the built-in charging ports. Now, in today's discussion, we will discuss the following things: 

● the differences in using built-in charging ports from the traditional charger

● the advantages of having an installed USB charging ports 

● the ways to take care of the built-in charging ports 

So, let us start discussing this one now: 

I.The Differences of Using Built-In Charging Ports from The Traditional Charger:

We surely need a device that would save us from the mess and dangers of having entangled and dangling wires in the workspace. Imagine the octopus wiring that we might make when we use traditional chargers. If we use these traditional ones, we might:

● Be prone to accidents: imagine working in a workspace where cords are everywhere. Workers tend to do this especially when they plug in a lot of cords such as chargers, this may add up to the tangled wires from other devices in the office. Accidents are inevitable hence we need to double-check our workspaces from entangled wires and avoid octopus wiring by choosing products such as the standing desks from flex spot. 

● Have a disorganized workspace: Anyone does not want to work in a place where there are lots of clutters everywhere because this might affect the quality of work and may cost a worker much time waiting for the device to be fully charged. We sometimes charge our phones using the laptop when there's no available outlet. This is not advantageous because of two things: It may damage your device (laptop) and it would only give up to 500 amps hence if you noticed it takes more than 3 hours to make your phone's battery 60% charged. I noticed this with my laptop. Whenever I charge my device with it, it affects the performance of my laptop and it causes heating and hanging in the system of my device. From then on, I learned not to charge my phone with another device. I do not want to use the traditional charger though because it gives me much time to check if it's already 50% full or not. Hence, I find these traditional chargers to be costing me much time and effort. Another is, it makes my workspace look disorganized and messy because of the dangling cords everywhere.

● Make the electrical safety risk higher: When we use the traditional chargers, we put ourselves at a higher risk of electrocution. This might also be a fire hazard too, especially when we do octopus wiring. Hence, installing electrical receptacles that accept USB charging cables directly or buying a device with built-in charging ports could be both practical and safe for workers like us.

After discussing the differences between using built-in charging ports and traditional chargers, we will talk about the part of the discussion about the good side of using built-in charging ports. These would be our guide on how we could choose a product wisely:

II.The Advantages of Having an Installed USB Charging Ports:

When you have a product such as the standing desks from Flexispot, you do not just have the chance to experience their ergonomic solutions but would also give you the convenience of charging your devices that have the widest compatibility. So whether your USB plus is round or square, you may simply charge your device without worrying about not having a compatible outlet for it. This could also make your device powered and recharged throughout the day especially if you are a heavy user of gadgets or if your work requires you to use the gadget for video calls at work, then this kind of USB charging port is advisable for you. Moreover, when you have an installed USB charging ports, you don't have to worry about you accidentally stepping on your phone or tripping over the wires because you just have to plug in your device nicely on the ports, put it on top of the table (especially if you choose a standing desk such as the Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top from Flexispot) and enjoy your work. This is another advantage if you choose products such as this. Lastly, having this kind of USB charging port is economical compared to having a master electrician install extra wirings at home. If you choose a standing table with this kind of port, then you don't have to spend too much just to achieve the ideal charging port for your work. 

Now, looking at these advantages, we may realize how convenient and practical it is to choose a product that could cater to our office table needs. If one decides to purchase this kind of standing desk, he must be mindful of the things that he must do to take care of the particular product. Hence, in the last part of our discussion, we would talk about:

III.Ways to Take Care of the Built-In Charging Port:

When we choose standing desks with built-in charging ports, we need to keep in mind the ways to take care of them. Hence, here are some useful tips that we may apply: 

● Dust off the Charging Ports: Specks of dust are natural substances in the air that need to be dusted off. This could build up inside the ports and should be left uncleaned. Hence, a paintbrush or old toothbrush could help us clean the outlet. 

● Maintain the Cleanliness of the Table: Wipe the surface of the table using a piece of cloth. Doing this every day could maintain the cleanliness of the desk 

● Inspect the Ports for any Signs of Insects Getting Inside: This is possible for most outlets and charging ports. Insects like ants get inside the ports and stay there. Hence, it is advisable to check them from time to time using the brush or any tools for cleaning. 

Convenience is what we could get when we purchase products like this, hence it is wise to take care of these products and maintain them by preventing further damage and cleaning them. If we do this, we may continue enjoying the features of the standing desk.