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How To Upgrade Your Home Office With These Simple, Fun And Quirky Products

15 March 2020

The task of designing a home office isn't the easiest in the world. In fact, if you do not have good enough help, it's quite possible that you botch the entire operation.

And where do you start from when trying to design a space? You start with the furniture. You probably already have the basics like chairs, desks and whatnots down. But that's hardly the crux of designing. Designing is what you do with the rest of the space, and how well you can infuse your personality and taste into your space.

And that's why I'll be giving you tips on what products to add to your home office to take it to the next level.


Electric height adjustable desk EN1 - 55" W

A regular desk is just that— regular. If you're someone with extraordinary taste, then you should consider getting this height adjustable desk. It's powered by electricity, so it brings a sort of techy feel to your home office. Asides that, it can also help you with spine problems as it allows you to work standing up.

All-In-One Desk Pro

If you want to add a sort of sporty feeling to your home office, you should consider getting the All-in-one Desk Pro. It's a part standing bike and a part desk bike all rolled into one exciting product. With this desk, you don't have to waste all your time on sedentary activities. You can as well cycle away and maintain your shape while at it. Since the desk also looks really good, you're losing nothing in the sense of aesthetics.

GoDuo Speakers

These speakers are wireless, have a sleek design are waterproof and magnetic. If you like creating ambience in your workspace with music, then you should get these speakers.

Wanda Shelving Systems

If you have an office, you probably have things. And if you have things, you probably want somewhere to keep them. And if you want somewhere to keep them, you should probably get a stylish shelving system.

The Wanda shelves are minimalistic without being silent and may just be the touch of class that your home office needs. You should also know that the shelves are made with sustainable materials, and are handcrafted too.


If you work on plans a lot, or you just need somewhere to visualize your ideas, you'll probably want to get a regular whiteboard. But that's not necessary. You can even tech up your home office by getting Google's Tech infused board. The interface of the board allows you to add notes, drop images and even pull things from the web. Since it is powered by Google Cloud, it can be controlled by your phone or from anywhere in the world.

Herman Miller Sayl Chair

If your choice of the desk is important to how your home office eventually turns out, then your choice of chair is too. Since you won't spend all your time standing, it's important to have a chair that not only provides comfort but looks great as well. Herman Miller is known for providing these two in unique doses, and the Sayl Chair makes a statement of comfort and style.

Fade Task Light

One of the most overlooked aspects of designing a home office is lighting. We often pay too much attention to types of desks and colors than we do to lighting, an integral part of the beauty of the workspace.

The Fade Task Light isn't only stylish, it is also quite useful as well. With an adjustable 120-degree tilt and a 270-degree arm rotation, you can use the lamp in whatever way you like. It doesn't have buttons, and you only need to slide your finger alongside the base to adjust the brightness and the color temperature.

MonitorStand Workstation S6G/S6T

A workstation brings something new to your home office, and still manages to exude style. It has a UV light sanitation system that will keep your desk free of harmful germs and viruses. The desk also has a large partitioned drawer that will help you clean up your desk and organize more efficiently.

Getting any of these products will almost certainly light up your home office and bring a new dimension of style to you. If you really want to design your workspace the best way possible, then it should be a no-brainer.