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How to Work Efficiently While Keeping Fit

15 April 2021

Sedentary life is becoming a lifestyle for many workers from home.  It lurks like a thief in the night in every corner of our home.  This is now widespread and the number of cases is increasing uncontrollably. A medical research shows that this is happening around the world and the result shows that around 17 per cent of older(retrieved from www.medicalnewstoday.com ) people are meeting the requirement based on the guidelines for physical activity.  Moreover, the research paper found that only 5 per cent of older people are engaged to half an hour physical exercise.  As such, this irregularity has become a public health concern in many countries. Sedentary lifestyle is explained simply that of doing activities such as lying down or sitting with lesser exertion of effort or energy.  When we are  too engrossed on doing something such as reading, surfing the internet or focusing too much on our work,  notwithstanding the possible risk it may pose on our health, we may be living a sedentary life. The alarming increase is becoming a public health concern.  However, it is not yet too late to change our lifestyle in a way that it is healthier for us  while doing our work as almost perfectly and as efficiently as we could.  There are great products in the market  that are  produced and designed ergonomically to suit our healthier lifestyle.  Flexispot offers great products especially for workers in the office, the freelancers, and those working from home.  When Flexispot designs a particular product, the customer's satisfaction and safety are at the forefront and  always in mind.  Among the many products it offers, there are two that are really worth your penny.

One of the best products from Flexispot, www.flexispot.com, is the ‘Sit2Go – A boon Companion.  It is a an adjustable swivel chair with bike pedals that can move around the workspace.  You can sit comfortably around when you need to retrieve something from another table or pedestal easily and in a jiffy.  The one thing awesome with Sit2Go is that you can focus on your work while doing physical exercise. It performs as a stationary bike so that you are flexing your leg muscles and exercising. Isn't it awesome? You can do two good things at the same time! You are working and at the same time exercising.  This brilliant design is not only created ergonomically but also it takes pride in giving fu,, support and convenience to anyone who would  own this beautiful product. Not only it comes with superb design and functionality, the Sit2Go is also of high quality materials that it will last for a lifetime. After long work hours at home or at the office, you can just sit and chat with your friends and officemates while enjoying the co fort of your Sit2Go dual purpose chair. Having one is easy on the pocket.

Flexispot's ‘Under Desk bike is also a stunner.  Just like Sit2Go, the Under-desk bike gives you the comforts of an adjustable seat that is flexible and performs a great  job of  promoting physical fitness through its being a stationary bike at the same time.  In the morning, after a sip of hot coffee, you start your day right with ‘Under-desk bike’  as an exercise equipment to tone your muscles especially on the lower part of your body. You can do aerobic and anaerobic exercise with fun. After your workout, you feel strong and energized, ready to face the possibilities of the day.  When you’re body is toned and active, even at the workplace or workstation, you can do your work more efficiently and productively. The ‘Under-desk bike can be  placed anywhere and it is a space saver.  You can just push it in any corner of your workstation  and voila! It becomes an unobtrusive figure. When you want to feel well and be on the right mood for the day, this little machine will work magic for you.  It will make you productive on your work and keep you  fit at the same time.  The price, compared to what it can do to your life is really a steal so to speak.  

For more details about this wonderful product, you may visit the Flexispot website where more surprising products are displayed with their descriptions and features.  Shipping details are also given and yes, Flexispot offers limited  warranty including only defects in materials and workmanship I. All its products.  To  be able to avail of this limited warranty, one must be the original buyer of the product. It is not transferable.  

As far as shipping is concerned, most products is shipped free via FedEx for the continental. United States. If products are in-stock, they are shipped on the same business day ic ordered by 3PM Central Time.

Why do you think Flexispot products like Sit2Go and Under-desk bike are loved by many around the world?  Most customers would agree that these products  are made and designed ergonomically that promote a healthy lifestyle and environment.  They are also durable and of high quality materials that are really sturdy and strong yet gives comfort and convenience to the user. Aside from these, they are pact with functionality without sacrificing creativity in each product.  One product functions as two which is not usually offered by others.  So, the money spent is worth it.  Moreover, every product is engineered and tested rigidly to attain the best quality and functionality.

On the whole,  when you think that sitting and working the whole day is really boring and this will not be possibly changed, think again.  There’s always a rainbow at the end of the road.  You just have to be more resourceful.  Visit websites such as Flexispot and you will never go wrong. There is 100 per cent possibility that you will find the right product for you that will boost your work efficiency while helping you to become healthier and  think more positively than before.  It's never too late. Think Flexispot.