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How to Write an Eye-Catching Resume

27 July 2021

The “Great Resignation” is a popular term these days. After the quarantine and lockdowns, finally, employers are requesting employees to go back to work in the brick-and-mortar office building where they used to be assigned. However, some employees had a change of heart and have no intention to go back to work for some personal reasons and decisions that are life-changing.  

Some employees want to pursue another career after working at home, have realized that they have other opportunities to pursue, career shift or some wanted to venture into a small business for a start. Having worked at home for more than a year, they realized that it is more advantageous to work and stay at home for some reasons such as:

  • Working from home is more economical and cost-effective. You spend less when you stay at home. It also saves you time as you do not have to commute every day to get to work.
  • You have more freedom to work on other things after you finish your workload. There is still more time to tackle other personal activities such as doing your hobbies or helping children with their homework.  
  • You can learn other skills in your spare time. You may be a culinary enthusiast or sports enthusiast that you may want to start learning about making pizza or learning football after office work. Your time can also be used to learn about how to do business as a startup skill.
  • It saves you more money because you do not have to buy more clothes and makeup to make you look more pleasing and decent when you come to the office. Wearing simple t-shirts at home are comfortable enough to perform your tasks for the day.
  • Working from home allows you to have quality time as much as you want with your family which you have not done in ages. Bonding with your family improves your relationships with them and fosters unity.
  • It is more comfortable to work at home seeing people you love unlike in the office, you are stressed with more people around making noises that distract your focus adding to this is your demanding boss who has endless errands for you
  • Home has better ventilation and is more natural as the refreshing wind blows permeate your window curtain while you focus on your work.

In other words, currently, there are numerous possible resignations that employers are worried about because the employees thought of more opportunities out there waiting for them. One of their options is to apply to a much higher paying employer and some of these employees are excited to be challenged in their career shifts.

Of course, everyone knows that the first thing to do is to write an eye-popping resume to make you stand out from the rest and could trigger an interview. I have some advice about writing one based on my experience editing resumes for a number of years. So, I hope you will find them worth your reading time and eventually see them as good for a first interview.

  • Simplicity is the key. A white bond paper with less words on it is more attractive to an employer. Be reminded that employers are busy and that it takes only a few seconds to make a decision and to make a good impression that will call to action for an interview. So make your cover letter short and sweet with fewer words.
  • Be sure to write the heading with complete information and correct spelling to showcase your skill in cover letter writing. All information should also be correct, your name and address, and your phone number
  • The addressee’s information such as complete name and address  should also be perfectly written with complete information and correct spelling of the company employer or Human Resources Personnel who would read your cover letter and your resume.
  • When writing sentences, stick to a short average sentence, but vary the pattern as much as you can. Long words are hard to read and time-consuming.

  • Do not use strange words. In short, go for more common or familiar words to express your concern. Do not let the employer use a dictionary just to get your message across. Use plain language and choose vocabulary words that are easy to understand and are all relevant to your intent.
  • In the resume, use Times New Roman with font size 12  as such style is easier to read and pleasing to the eyes.
  • Start your resume with your latest work experience, period or date of employment, and position held during this employment. It is also better to enumerate your duties and responsibilities for each position you handle. Check again your spelling and dates so as not to cause confusion in the end during the interview
  • Photographs are no longer necessary on the resume. However, it also depends on the employer if they require you to have your photograph on the resume.
  • The resume should be chronologically arranged starting from your current employer to the previous ones.
  • There must be no typographical errors, spelling errors, and other unwanted marks. Being neat with your resume and cover letters makes positive impression on you
  • Personal information such as date of birth, hobbies, place of birth is usually not required when writing a resume
  • A two-page resume is enough to cover all the information that employers need from an applicant. So, as much as possible, write only two pages and do not waste your time writing several pages for your resume. Employers are too busy to read all about you.

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