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How your physical space impacts productivity

31 May 2022

Different studies have shown that your physical space can hinder or stimulate innovation and productivity. Any productivity conversation should begin with the reminder that we only have so much to offer in a day. We can focus for up to four or five hours daily before our mental resources give out. At all times, there is a limit, even with the best intentions and tools. The physical environment has become a pressing issue as the effects of digital changes are felt throughout the economy.

We work in more diverse physical spaces than before, including our own houses. While changing your physical environment helps you focus, think creatively, and get more work done, every one of these approaches has limits. Setting deadlines and schedules, taking breaks, and sticking to them are key to better mental health and work, affecting productivity.

Stressed at work

So how do you know your physical space is toxic?

We all know that uneasy feeling in your stomach when working when something does not feel right about a place. If you are experiencing this feeling, then chances are your physical environment is toxic. The signs include;

Feeling constantly stressed or overwhelmed.

When you have a constant feeling of stress, it might signify that your physical space is toxic. Such feelings can be brought by excessive work, unrealistic deadlines, or even demand. If you start to feel nervous on a Saturday night because you have to keep working on Monday, that is a bad sign that your physical space makes you feel unhappy and sapping your energy.

Physical symptoms

People that feel overwhelmed or stressed out usually suffer from several mental health and physical problems. The constant stress can lead to symptoms like dizziness, nausea, or headaches. And when such signs don't go away, you might develop conditions like heart diseases, hypertension, ulcers, and digestive problems. If you notice signs like these while you are working or not, it might be a sign that your physical environment is toxic.

Developing eating and drinking problems

Several times people turn to eating and drinking when experiencing stress. Heavy drinking is a sign of coping with your problems at home or work-related. Compulsive overeating is another way that stress can manifest itself. If you turn to drinks and eat every day because it feels good in your mouth and not since you are hungry, this might indicate a toxic work or home environment. It normally leads to problems like obesity or addiction and can take a toll on your mental and physical health.

FlexiSpot advocates for body, mind, and soul wellness; hence, in this article, we will teach you how you can attain productivity through your physical space.

Physical space impacts productivity through;

Vici Quick Assembling Standing Desk

1. Ergonomics

Whilst sitting for so long has controversial effects, it is normally agreed that you should shift the position of your body almost every hour. It is good for your mind and body. Posture has been found to assist with specific mental tasks. Shifting from standing to sitting or sitting while your feet are on the floor and back to your stool can shake things up for a moment. When you give your mind an easily solvable problem, you can break free from boredom and return to a task while you are so refreshed. You can’t be productive when shifting your chair continuously or adjusting it.

The table and chair you use every day in your physical space is the most critical driver of comfort, leading to productivity. It is so important to get the proper desk and office chair. If you fail to pick the right ergonomics for your physical space, you will experience muscle tiredness, pain in your back, and, in general, musculoskeletal problems. It is also crucial to ensure that the relative heights of your ergonomics are appropriate for your comfort. For productivity and change, you can try using the sit-stand adjustable desk, such as the Vici Quick Assembling Standing Desk from FlexiSpot.

Exposure to daylight

2. Exposure to daylight

We all need daylight whenever we are in our physical space. Research has proven that sunlight has surprising impacts on work, sleep, being active, and the quality of life in general. It is also one of the reasons why a morning run is effective as it improves focus all day long. Exposure to daylight needs to be paired with other approaches that boost productivity, like changing your location. You can move to a spot near a window or even go for walks during your break time. It is important to note that light intensity in your physical space impacts your productivity, inspiration, and mood.

Dark spaces can promote irritability, despair, and stress and even reduce creativity. If you have not considered adding more light to your space, we strongly recommend doing so. While the most preferred illumination is natural light, artificial light also relieves fatigue, eye strain, and stress. You can invest in overhead lighting and table lamps for your physical space, which will improve productivity at a very high level.

Variation in space

3. Variation in space

The best way to stay focused during a long day is to accept when you have hit the wall of productivity and to take many quick short breaks to gain a different perspective on what you are working on. FlexiSpot makes a sit-stand desk that promotes position change and moving throughout your day and is also it is cost-friendly. Even more compelling is that you can design your standing desk using a standing desk frame at your home if you are budget tight.

You can also put your phone or copy machine in a different room from your favorite sitting spot or have a central water cooler to give you reasons to stand. It is important to note that refueling and recalibrating once in a while in your physical space can impact productivity. Small changes like rearranging the art in your physical space or deciding to sit on the opposite side f the table can provide you with the boost you want to be more productive.

Quality of air and temperature

4. Quality of air and temperature

Polluted and stale air like high carbon dioxide concentrations has been found to affect a physical space. While this may sound more applicable in places near main highways and industrial workplaces, indoor physical spaces also have similar issues. The world green building council found an increase of up to 11% in productivity due to increased fresh air in your station and a high pollution reduction. Also, keeping your physical space at a moderate temperature can help to improve productivity.

Keeping the environment's temperature around you too warm is more likely to promote sluggishness while keeping it too cold can distract you from your work. You can compensate for this using desk fans and space heaters to make the space comfortable. To impact air quality in your physical space, you can do the following;

Avoid smoking in your physical space, making the room feel stuffed up.
Install systems for air filtration
Maintain a healthy humidity level
Always open your windows to let in the air except when it’s too cold as it can affect your morale and reduce productivity.
Develop cleaning protocols and keep your space clutter-free.


5. Décor

At this point, the psychology of color is very well known even though we keep finding new evidence and how colors around us influence our daily lives. Strangely enough, colors can affect the way we work which most people don't realize. For instance, white walls are compared to a drop in the quality of work and output. Some of this is related to boredom; thus far, there are psychological associations. For example, various shades of white are linked with blandness, which may dampen the motivation for chores.

Colors also add to the visual appeal of physical space and are connected to emotions and productivity. Knowing the psychology of color can assist you in creating the results you need. Therefore, experimenting with colors might help you foster an atmosphere that is work productive by encouraging creativity, productivity, and detail orientation. Still, it would be best to remember not to overdo it since too much of anything is ineffective and exhausting.

Final thought

A comfortable physical environment helps keep you motivated. You can create a pleasant environment when you improve your physical space. Other ways you can use to create a more productive environment include; first creating a productivity culture then, redesigning your space, working on the noise around your space, keeping your space organized and clean, ensuring that you have the right tools to get things done, such as FlexiSpot ergonomic furniture and finally, focus on your health. Tapping into the power of positivity is necessary to do all the ways mentioned above to increase productivity. A comfortable physical space equals happy results.

It would be good if you did not ignore the significance of having ergonomic furniture for your physical space for health and productivity reasons. Consider visiting the FlexiSpot website and buying equipment for a comfortable working experience.