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Ideas On How To Use Floating Shelves

02 July 2021

Almost everyone wishes they had more space for storage. Floating shelves not just provide a place to store your belongings in a room, but when set appropriately, they can also appear lively, elegant, and even classy. They are a clever way to increase storage without taking up valuable floor space. They are incredibly adaptable, and you can use them to arrange and adorn your room in unexpected ways with a bit of imagination and are meant to appear to be fastened to the wall without the use of braces or brackets. Floating shelves as décor ideas are simple to construct and incredibly functional. They can serve as both a piece of art and a storage container and are an underutilized servant all across the house, from occupying a tight nook to designing a workspace.

The floating shelf is ideal for displaying pictures, organizing books, or displaying your succulents collection. They are great in any setting. Just use a floating shelf in a bedroom, workspace, family room, or bathroom to create storage space or display space. Check out some suggestions that you can use in your own home.

Night Stand

Because you may choose the precise size, floating shelves make excellent nightstands. If you don't have a large bedroom, fitting a nightstand near your bed can be difficult. Add a small shelf right over the bedside for a minimalist bedroom. 

Window Barrier

Installing floating shelves along windows is not complicated if your windows are thin enough to allow you to install supports between them. A large bank of windows with no gaps in the wall between panes is more complex — seek professional advice on the best method to give additional support. Once your bookshelf is in place, make the most of the sunlight by selecting bright, airy objects. Clear glassware is perfect for storing on your shelves. 

Over The Bed

Shelf brackets just above the bed can be a great space-saver without the need for a headboard. Installing a shelf high enough so that you don't bang your head can provide you with a spot to stack some art that offers you a sense of serenity. If your room is too small for a nightstand, this wall decor is an excellent option for a lamp and a little box of memories.

Kitchen Shelves

Floating shelves augment kitchen storage and allow you to position items directly where they are necessary the most. Open shelves provide pick-up storage for everyday kitchenware in this breakfast area. For quick breakfasts, cereal bowls, coffee cups, and small plates are kept on hand.

A Charging Station

Hang a floating wall shelf above an electrical outlet with brackets for each of your electronics to convert it into a charging station easily. Organize your cords by cutting notches in your shelf and clipping the cables to your various devices.

In Bedrooms

Floating shelves allow you to keep basics nearby at hand while keeping other surfaces, such as bedside tables and dressers, clear. They are handy in compact bedrooms with limited storage capacity. 


You must have a mini-bar to be the ideal host. If you don't have a dedicated room for this, you may use a shelf set to double as a perfect drink-producing space. Make your favorite liquors available on your wall ledge for a pseudo-mini bar.

Wall Art Display

Through well-selected wall art displayed on a similarly beautiful wood shelf, display pictures or souvenirs from any recent vacations you've taken. Paint the shelf to complement your décor, and then top it with an exhibit that corresponds to the concept of any of your rooms.

In The Bathroom

Bathrooms frequently lack the essential space for standalone shelving units and other storage furnishings. Floating shelves are an excellent option for increasing bathroom capacity while taking up no floor space. Hang open shelves in the vacant wall space above the toilet or near the vanity to house valuable goods like beauty brushes or extra hand towels and aesthetic elements like artwork and plants.


A well-designed buffet is frequently the finishing touch to a brilliant dining area. The disadvantages are that they can be costly and take up a lot of room. A buffet can be replaced with some wooden shelves. Display all of your party dishes and unique cutlery on deep floating shelves that are out of the way of seats.

Desk or Workstation

It's ideal to have a distinct location for your laptop and paperwork. Using floating shelves for a space-saving workspace allows for this without taking up too much room. 

Workspace Storage

Add a standing desk and an ergo chair, and you've got the makings of a functional workplace. However, if you install some floating shelves, your activities will undoubtedly become more efficient. Open shelves house books, art, and other materials to encourage creativity in an artist's workspace. Furnish the shelves with bins and organizers to contain paperwork and office supplies to improve organization.

Hallways and Entryways

Use floating shelves to add interest to hallways. Hang a long shelf deep enough to hold propped-up family portraits and colorful artwork but shallow enough that it does not protrude too far into the hallway. Narrow floating shelves will be less prone to collide. Look for ledge-style shelves with carved slots to keep supported things firm and in place.

As people rush in or out of the house, entryways are sometimes left bare and messy. Use a few floating shelves as a functional but elegant storage area to keep this area more orderly and clean.


Floating shelves can be used for more than just decoration. They can be helpful in pantry storage because they keep products visible and accessible.

Media Center

Make a media center out of floating shelves that are tailored to your entertainment needs. Create a list of everything you want to exhibit and store on the shelves, then measure the height and depth of all items so that you can choose the right size for the shelves and position them correctly. Use weight-bearing wall anchors to prevent shelves from collapsing and wrecking valuable equipment.


A charming small houseplant on a wall shelf will undoubtedly bring the outside in and revitalize the interior. Some houseplants even increase air quality, allowing you to breathe easier even when there is no fresh air outside.

Bring your twist on floating shelves by being creative. The longer you have them, the more you will discover fresh and exciting ways to put them to use. Floating shelves will also make your space appear larger and more trendy. Adding a floating shelf to a room immediately promotes openness and simplicity, and integrating them can go a long way in helping make your place seem more like home.