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IKEA Bekant vs. FlexiSpot EC4: Which Is a Better Standing Desk?

09 July 2020

Many height adjustable desks may be in the same price category but there is always one design that will appear superior to the other. The only way to find out is to do thorough testing so that the results will come out fair and square.

In this article, we will tackle a review of the IKEA Bekant and the FlexiSpot EC4. Both are electronically operated desks that are priced around $399 each. They almost have the same features but as you go along the article, you will notice that one design is better for the same price. We will let the outcomes speak for themselves!

So, which is which?

There will be seven main points that will ultimately lead to the question: Which is better? We will let you decide on that one. Our job is to simply compare the two items but do note that we are an office furniture manufacturer and we do sell some of the products we review.

First factor: Hand controls and presets

For its price, the FlexiSpot EC4 has an LED design and a control panel that stores three height preference presets. If you can't be bothered to push more buttons to adjust your table's setting, you might find this feature useful. It also has a sit-stand reminder timer so you will remember to shift working positions now and then.

Meanwhile, the IKEA Berkant only has a hand control but is only limited to up-down buttons. It has no digital display nor presets either. This desk type is for those who like simple controls.

Second factor: Stability

There seems to be no problem when the adjustable desk is on the lowest position, but you know the jig is up when the desk starts to wobble at a certain height. A high-quality desk should be able to stand up against any pressure at any point of adjustment.

When adjusted to the highest position, FlexiSpot's EC4 remains to be rock solid except for two movements while the IKEA Bekant started to shake when moved in different directions.

The difference may be in their design: The IKEA Bekant is shaky because of its round columns, which can throw off the desk's stability. On the other hand, the FlexiSpot EC4 uses a rectangular column design, which is strong enough to withstand most external forces.

Also notable are the desks' materials. IKEA Bekant uses cheap plastic fasteners to connect the heavy base to the lightweight top. This helps expedite the assembly process but it affects the overall sturdiness of the desk. But the FlexiSpot EC4 uses screws directly. While this may be a little bit of a hassle at first, this kind of installation will be worth it in the long run because it will have a more durable structure.

Third factor: Lifting capacity, speed, and noise

If you have bulky equipment for your work station, you have to consider the weight capacity of your desk. Think about this: The IKEA Bekant can only lift to 154 lbs, while the FlexiSpot EC4 can carry about 275 lbs., which is not bad considering its price tag.

We only used the weight of the desktop to compare the speed adjustment. The FlexiSpot EC4 is a little bit quicker than the IKEA Berkant. The thing is, the IKEA Berkant is slower because the adjustment is not as smooth. It stops along the way and you have to press the button and wait for it to recalibrate. This is not the case for the FlexiSpot EC4. It goes up and down effortlessly with just a press of a button. Watch this video to check it out for yourself.

As for the noise, the decibel tester said it all: The IKEA Berkant's noise is up to 51 decibels while the FlexiSpot EC4's adjustment sounds only come up to 49 decibels, which is why one of its main features is its whisper-like movement.

Fourth factor: Safety

Collision avoidance is a feature that stops your desk from moving when it hits an object. This adds safeness to your workplace because you can be sure that your desk will not crush your gadgets or even hurt you.

In the test, the FlexiSpot EC4 has the sensitivity to stop when it hits a chair, regardless if the down button is pressed. Meanwhile, the IKEA Berkant just continues to go down even if there is an object that affects its movements.

Fifth factor: Desktop material

The IKEA Berkant looks fancy but if you examine it closely, it is thin compressed cardboard. It might not hold out for long. On the other hand, FlexiSpot uses an  environmentally-friendly one-inch chipboard which is thicker and is scratch-resistant.

Sixth factor: Optional upgrades

The IKEA Bekant has a cable management feature, which can be useful to keep your cords neat and organized. You can add accessories to your FlexiSpot EC4 by buying them from the brand website. But the FlexiSpot EC4 beam brings something unique to the table: It can be extended and retracted, which means that it can be used for different sizes of desktops, should you choose to decide that you need less or more desk space.

Seventh factor: Pricing

This might be the deciding factor for you. We told you before that both desks cost $399 each. But here's the catch: IKEA charges an extra $199-349 for shipping while FlexiSpot offers free shipping. We will give you a moment of silence and let that sink in.

The final decision is yours

Now that you have all the factors checked, you can now decide for yourself which is the better height adjustable desk. But do yourself a favor by buying a quality desk that will give you a sounder body and mind.

If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know. We will be on standby if you have questions about the FlexiSpot EC4 desk.

*Full Disclaimer: We are an office furniture manufacturer and sell some of the products we

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