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Ergonomics at the Workplace: Best Done with Flexispot

18 August 2021

Picture It: An Ergonomically-Friendly Workspace

In most workplaces, there are multiple hazards that people try to ignore. There is a misconception that office hazards are only tantamount to severe damages in the office such as damaged ceiling, leaking pipes in the comfort room, open wires, or octopus wiring. Most people do not realize that office hazards are also the small unrecognizable ergonomic problem right at the workstation. Predicaments that workers do not pay much attention to because they are, as mentioned, unrecognizable or they are minor pain in the body or the usual disorganized table that seems to be normal for a busy office worker. 

Nevertheless, these are the causes of ergonomic problems that could cause a worker severe pain and injury. Body pain that starts with:

  • spine strain
  • throbbing pain around the neck
  • lower back pain
  • leg pain  

You could be one of the workers who experience these kinds of pain. From numbness to severe pain. These things may affect your performance in the office and could do you harm. Hence. there are ways to make your work lighter and your workplace an ergonomically friendly place. However, how could you make sure that you could achieve all these things? In 

In that case, the best way is to start with the pieces of equipment that you use in your workstation. This is because, in your workspace, you will find several causes of ergonomic problems.

The workstation is the place where you first experience the ergo pain that most likely hampers your movements and makes you the cause of delay in your team. Thus, you must know well the proper design and features of your ergo product. In actuality, the first ergo products that you must consider are the office chair and desk that you use.

In the next part of the discussion, we will talk about if your chair is ergonomically friendly or not. We will know the correct posture that you must have when working with these pieces of equipment. 

Examining Ergonomics

So, there are numerous ways to check if you are practicing the correct ergonomics in your work area. There are two main pieces of equipment that we are going to discuss. The first one is the:

  • Office Chair

To know if you're using an ergonomic chair or not, you must check the following things. First, when you are sitting on that chair, are you able to push yourself back on the side where you want to rest your hips and buttocks? If no is the answer, then it is most likely not an ergonomic chair. This is because a good ergonomic chair has an incredible gas lifting system and mechanism that allow you to sit and stand smoothly while using it. 

Second, does the chair make your hips and backstay closer to the backrest? If it doesn't, does it have mesh brackets or an installed cushion or pillow to narrow the contact or make the contact of the back and hips to the backrest, closer? If the answer is yes, then you got yourself an ergonomic chair. The lumbar support or cushions installed on it would make that product the perfect ergonomic chair for you.

Third, your chair should be on a hip level, half below the office desk that you are using. Your feet should properly touch the ground without making your legs numb or sore. If your chair does not support any of these functions, then you are not using an ergonomic chair. A perfect ergo chair would not give you pain at all. It should help you have stimulated blood circulation. 

Lastly, a real ergonomic chair should give your knees a 90-degree distance from the chair. In actuality, your whole leg area, including the knees should not feel any kind of numbness or pain. This is because once you feel the numbness or pain within your knees, chances are the weight on your upper torso might be put around your legs and lower spine. This might affect your motion. In fact, after a few hours of sitting on that kind of chair, you'd feel the soreness that makes it difficult for you to stand up. 

So, here are the things you need to observe with your office chair. These things are common with ordinary swivel chairs. At times, these even cause pain in the upper body, particularly around the neck. Sadly, not everyone pays closer attention to it hence more office workers experience the ergonomic pain that later becomes a major illness. Now, as we move along, we will be discussing the second kind of equipment that must also be checked when working. These are the office desks. 

  • Office Desk

So, when you are using the office desk, you must also observe these things. First, when you are sitting in front of it, your elbow should be the same height as the keyboard. Second, your wrist must also be neutral and your elbows should relax too. These positions are ones that you need to observe with the right desks. If there would not be present when you are sitting in front of the standing desks, then you are not using the right product. Third, the position of your devices should also be right. This is because when the laptop and other devices are not in the right position, this could lead you to have an improper alignment which leads to ergonomic pain. Thus, you must ensure that you are using an ergo product that could help you achieve the proper location of your office equipment so you may be able to sit properly without doing the wrong posture. Now, we are finished with knowing how to examine the right ergonomics and if our workplace is prone to causing you're the ergo pain, we will go next to the properties and features of Flexispot ergonomic chairs and standing desks. With these, we will know how these pieces of equipment could help you achieve the proper ergonomics. 

The Wonders of Flexispot Ergo Products

If you are looking for the best ergonomic products in the market, then the pieces of equipment from Flexispot are for you. This is because the design and measurements of Flexispot ergo chairs and standing desks could help you achieve the right angle when sitting on the chair in front of the desk. Their ergo chairs have the parts and screws that could help you achieve the right sitting position.

The Flexispot ergo chairs could also help you do the sit-stand movement when working because of the wonderful gas lifting that helps the mechanism of this ergo chair. Most of all, the Flexispot ergo chair has the most reliable lumbar support. With this support, you can be able to move freely without experiencing lower back pain. Now, we also have the standing desk from Flexispot. This product can help you do the sit-stand movement because this is a height-adjustable desk. So, when you sit here, you may adjust the product. As a result, you could do important tasks while standing or sitting. This could help you avoid getting stagnant throughout your work. 

Final Thoughts

So, looking at the specs and features of the Flexispot ergo products, you may be able to examine the right ergonomics that you must have when you are at the office. As a result, you may avoid the common body pain that hinders you from performing the tasks well in the office.