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Innovative Living Room Office Design Ideas

28 July 2021

You need a good workspace at home whether you are a freelancer or a distance employee. Working from home can often feel like there isn't enough space for a home office. 

This is not always the case, though. It may surprise you to learn that a living room office is exactly what you require.

Here are some innovative ideas for setting up your home office in the living room if you're not sure how to go about it.

Reorganize the Furniture in Your Living Room

To make a place for your office, you must first rearrange your living room furnishings. To begin, place the sofa against the room's largest wall. 

Push it to a corner if at all possible. Then, take any remaining seats and tables out of the room. This will give the room a lot of space and make it feel airy.

Then you may begin putting together your workspace. Your desk and chair can be placed in front of the living room window. 

This will provide you with a pleasant view as well as some fresh air. As a result, your workplace will appear more open and welcoming.

Make the Most of the Nook

This is a brilliant idea for an interior office design. Have you ever pondered what to do with a nook that is not being used? 

This is where you can quickly set up your workspace. This location will be ideal because it is already partitioned off from the rest of the space.

In this space, set up a modest desk and a comfortable chair. It will be fantastic if the nook has a window! Even if it doesn't, a tiny plant on your desk or a hanging plant can help.

Behind Your Sofa: A Living Room Office

If you have a large living room with an open floor plan, you can do this. Simply construct an ultimate workstation against the unused space behind the largest sofa. 

This will help to support your desk. Then, to finish the design, add a tiny table lamp and a comfortable chair.

Make sure the arrangement doesn't restrict movement in the living room.

Boundary Office Bookshelf

If your living room has a large bookshelf, you can take advantage of it. To begin, reposition your sofas and chairs to make more space. Then, position your bookshelf to create a barrier between the space and the rest of the room.

Then, in this area, set up your workplace. It's a fantastic home office design idea since it keeps your workplace apart from visitors, loud TV shows, and nagging youngsters in the living room area.

Using a Standing Desk as Part of Your Workstation

Sitting on your bum all day can lead to major health issues like back and shoulder pain. That is why, in this WFH era, standing desks are becoming increasingly popular. 

This is because these workstations allow you to stand while working. Furthermore, they are small and may easily fit in your living room.

Clear some space in any part of your living room to set up your home standing desk workstation. 

After that, set up your workstation, chair, and other necessities. You can use a tall stool as your chair, which will complement your home standing desk.

If you're looking for a standing desk, an adjustable desk is a good option. You may easily slide this desk up and down to suit your needs. 

Otherwise, you might purchase a standing desk with a predetermined height. You can get the Modish Standing Desk.

This FlexiSpot workstation has a sleek design, as well as a powerful lifting system, better safety measures, and appropriate organization tools.

The distinctly styled streamlining of the legs of this desk provides a touch of visual appeal to your workstation. The Modish Standing Desk is a fantastic ergonomic design that offers both stability and flexibility. The redesigned structure ensures stability even at maximum capacity and highest setting.

Make Use of Unused Areas

When it comes to setting up your living room office, you must make use of underutilized spaces. Between your tea table and the window, there may be some space. The area beneath the stairwell is also ideal for establishing a workstation.

Simply ensure that the area is clear, and that any unneeded furniture is removed from these areas. And before you know it, your adorable little home office will be ready to go!

Optimize Workspaces that have Already Been Constructed

That's right, you read that correctly. There are numerous areas in front of you where you can immediately begin working. 

For example, immediately behind your sofa, there may be a suitable height for a standing workstation. A flat desk-like place could also be found on a wall cabinet.

If you're short on space, you can set up work in these locations in your living room. All you have to do now is clear out any curios or books that have been stored in these areas. 

You will have a completely working living room office that you can set up and take down as needed.

Make Use of Pass-Through Areas

Check at vacant pass-through spaces leading to doors and corridors if you're running out of living room desk options. In certain areas, you can easily sneak into your home office. 

If there are bookcases in the room, set your desk next to one to form a barrier between it and the rest of the space.

Purchase a Foldable Desk

If your living room is too small, you can always utilize a folding desk. You'll find plenty of high-quality furniture if you like an ergonomic home office. You may move your living room office whenever you like by using tiny and movable office furniture.

Make the Most of Your Windows and Balconies

Don't forget about your balcony or the areas in front of your large windows! You can set up shop in these places if you desire a light and open living room office. Keep a potted plant on your desk to make it appear great if you like a more natural office decor.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the size of your living room office will be determined by the available space. Before you clear out the appropriate space for your workstation, you may need to perform a lot of furniture moving. Keep this handy guide on hand for when you're ready to design your ideal workspace.