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Innovative Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Remote Workers

23 September 2021

The most effective ways to show thanks to virtual employees may not always be at the top of the priority list for many companies. 

Given the landscape produced by remote work, it is critical to provide enough support to your staff in their home offices if you want to boost productivity.

Staff members like being recognized and appreciated in a typical office setting. You must pay attention to virtual staff appreciation if you want to keep your workforce in any capacity.

You can employ remote work appreciation gifts, but keep in mind that not everything costs the company money. Implementing a hybrid of paid and free virtual recognition ideas in a system that pushes employees to perform their best is your best bet.

Do you require some thinking starters to get you started? If that is the case, consider the following ideas for reminding your employees that their contributions are valued and noticed by the management team.

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Overhaul of Office Equipment

Staff workers can become demotivated if they do not have the necessary equipment and furniture to complete their tasks. 

Some businesses believe that by ensuring that the physical environment is well-maintained, they do everything they can. If your budget allows, you might want to consider providing your employees with a home office standing desk and an ergonomic office chair.

Even if you cannot accommodate the purchase without charging the employees, you may still assist them and indicate that you care about their well-being. It also does not have to be the most advanced ergonomic chair or electric standing desk.

What you can do is compile a list of prices and equipment options and send them to your employees for them to choose from. Explain that this is either a subsidized purchase or a loan and that they can choose to pay in installments.

You do not need to include any interest because this is not supposed to be a profitable investment for the company. 

Whether you purchase the things in whole or on a reimbursement basis, your staff will be grateful. Why not toss in some standing desk accessories while you are at it to sweeten the deal?

Discounts & Coupons

Do you know anyone who enjoys saving money? Everyone! So, why not make your staff feel appreciated by supporting them in saving money on various purchases? It is one of the most practical ways to show you thanks to virtual employees. 

The first method is to distribute coupons. The question is, from where do you anticipate obtaining coupons? 

Approach certain establishments, such as restaurants and supermarkets, about a possible gift for your employees. You may be able to work out an arrangement that results in some efficient coupons for your staff.

When people have the opportunity to save money, they will not forget why they could do so. What does that signify for your company if that is the case?

Discounts work similarly in that all you have to do is establish a business relationship with the firm offering the discounts. Money is one of the best gifts for remote employees, even if it is indirect.

Appreciation of the Internet

Appreciation of the Internet

Remember how everything does not have to be expensive for the company? There is absolutely no reason not to adopt this virtual staff gratitude concept because it only takes a few minutes. 

If you have a group of employees who are performing very well, there should be no reason why you may give them a virtual shout-out, perhaps through virtual team bonding.

Virtual employee appreciation aims to recognize good work by employing a positive reinforcement method that all other employees can observe. You satisfy the human desire for praise while also establishing exemplary conduct and creating a sense of motivation.

Ceremonies of Recognition

The virtual awards ceremony is one of those virtual employee appreciation ideas that require some preparation. 

It works on the same concept as virtual shout-outs, though. The aim is to recognize employee performance in the same way, but it demands that something is given to those who are being recognized.

So, there are two methods to go about this. The first is that you might deliver both a physical and an electronic version of the prize. Allow all employees to participate online in the session and provide the electronic version at the ceremony.

You could even hold a socially distant physical award ceremony with only the awardees in attendance. The festivities might then be streamed for other employees to see and partake in.

Offerings for Personal Development

Offerings for Personal Development

One of life's benefits is personal development, and you may use that premise to make it one of your virtual employee appreciation ideas. 

Naturally, certifications will be related to the jobs that your employees perform. While you should encourage employees to obtain these, it is not easy to use them as a reward because they are more for the firm's benefit than the individual.

Alternatively, you may ask a staff member what kinds of courses they are interested in when you wish to reward them with a personal development opportunity. If you are going to pay for an educational giving, you can make sure it is one that the person getting the gift is interested in.

Allow for Long Vacations

Even if your company's practice was to give presents and tokens in a physical setting, this is no longer possible in the virtual world. When it comes to virtual recognition concepts, you may take advantage of what already exists and improve it.

This is where a vacation fits in. Allowing a staff member to take a more extended break than usual is one of the most comforting things you can do to reward them. 

This ensures that those awarded return rejuvenated, and they have the opportunity to take adequate breaks to improve their personal life.

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Procuring the Right Office Equipment

Despite the presence of the pandemic, remote working should not just stop in every worker's home, and they should be able to work in the most optimal condition. Instead of letting them use their laptops or computers, the company should provide the necessary work materials they need. 

On top of that, if they opt to have returned workers at the office, they should make their experience pleasurable. They can purchase and add ergonomic office equipment from FlexiSpot to keep them more efficient and productive. Check out the Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series, and this might be one of the most wonderful gifts that your employees can have.