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Introverts and Extroverts on Lockdown

22 April 2021

When the global pandemic wreaked havoc on many countries, people find themselves working at home. Companies and corporations around the world, especially those who are not keen to the idea of WFH (Work from Home) are forced to send their employees back to the safety of their houses. The lockdown of course is designed to limit the exposure of people, so employers around the world are forced to embrace it in fear of breaking quarantine rules.

Employers are worried that unsupervised working environments will result in poor productivity levels. The internet, the bloodline of this generation’s industries, can also be a source of distraction to employees. At work, in the office, mandatory supervision ensures optimum productivity. Sending their employees home might not guarantee that.

But today, we are not going to talk about employers. Today, we are going to talk about employees and how they are coping with the global pandemic.

We are going to look at two kinds of people: introverts and extroverts. We will find out how they are able to cope up with the current lockdowns imposed on so many office workers around the world. Introverts and extroverts are different from one another, so we are going to interview several people to see the difference in their coping strategies.

First, let’s look at who these two kinds of people are.


Introverts are a kind of people who prefer working alone or alongside people they trust. Socializing whether at work or at place drains their energy. They prefer being inside quiet and calm spaces, familiar places where they can be themselves and not be forced to adjust to other people. An introverted person’s energy comes from within them. They draw inspiration and motivation from within them. They can be nervous around people and can appear shy to many. Introverts are self-sufficient individuals who many people can depend on for quality outputs. They work mostly alone, they rarely work well with people they don’t know or trust. It’s a myth that introverts don’t like people. They are also not antisocial, although they might appear to be. They love people. They just want to observe them from a safe distance.


Extroverts are a kind of popele who prefer working with other people. Socializing is their expertise. They are great around different people. They don’t shy away from opportunities to meet new people and acquire new experiences. They thrive in places filled with activities and noise. They get their energy from other people. They love working on projects with other people. Always on the lookout for new creative ideas from people they meet and hangout with. Extroverts are outspoken and active in sharing their thoughts and opinions. Always the life of the party, they are those who can easily make friends. Most introverts hate staying home. Most of them feel the need to move and explore.

April Simon | An Introvert

“I heard about the lockdown on my way to work. Immediately after that, my supervisor called and said no need to report in the office. I went back home and a phone call from our Human Resources department explained to me that from then on, we would be working at home. Being an introvert, I was thrilled at the news. I’ve always wanted to work from home. I’ve tried many times to find a new job that would allow me to do so, but I realized companies are still hesitant to fully take advantage of this new form of working environment. My company ended up sending my office computer from our office in Denver, and to my surprise, they also sent a standing desk and an ergonomic chair. I was allowed to work at home for three months to reduce exposure, but when it was time to go back to work, I decided to resign and do freelance work instead. Working from home is the perfect solution for me. I paid the company for the ergonomic furniture. Worth every penny!” 

Ben Barkins | An Extrovert

“Like many of my friends, the news of the lockdown shocked me to the core. The idea of staying alone at home made me nervous and scared. I contacted one of my friends who live int he same building and asked him to come over and stay with me for the whole duration of the lockdown. He agreed—wanting to get away from his overbearing older brother. My supervisor was kind enough to send my files over from the office. He also sent me and everyone on our team ergonomic office chairs so we won’t get sore just by sitting on ordinary chairs at home. He sent me the same Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair I got a few months ago, so I shared the new one to my friend who offered to buy it from me saying that it was the most comfortable office chair he had ever used. The lockdown wears both my friend and I. We miss the long drives to work, the parties, the beach dinners and barbecues. We can’t wait to go back to the office!”

Comfortable Working Space

No matter who you are, no matter if you’re an introvert or an extrovert, what’s important is that you have a safe and comfortable space to work at home during the global pandemic. Flexispot is a company dedicated to providing ergonomic office furniture and equipment. Their goal is to eliminate the usual aches and pains associated with working for long periods of time on ordinary office furniture and equipment.

Working sitting down and standing up alternatively is the rave these days. For this, Flexispot offers the Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series which, with just a press of a button, transforms an ordinary-looking desk to a standing desk.

It’s wide array of ergonomic chairs are also perfect for hours and hours of work without the usual lower back pains and stiffness on the shoulder.

It’s good to know that people are investing in office furniture and equipment these days. People are realizing that having an effective working space is crucial in getting the work done.

Wherever you are in the world, we at Flexispot wish you a safe and productive time.