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Is Content Creation a Real Job?

26 August 2021

We’ve heard it time and again---digital content creators or quote-unquote influencers are continuously ridiculed for earning money from simply posting on Instagram or Tiktok. Many have questioned its legitimacy as a stable job and more so, as a profession.  

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) defines a professional job as one requiring a specific level of college education, typically a bachelor’s degree or higher, for someone to perform its duties and responsibilities.  

But we’ve seen digital content creators from across all age groups, some who haven’t even gone to school; some are college dropouts, and some graduating from totally unrelated degrees with the content that they put out. Based on current industry dynamics and the definition mentioned above, does this disqualify digital content creation as a professional job? Are we even asking the right question? 

Is Content Creation a Real Job?

What is a content creator? 

According to, a content creator is someone who creates appealing and awe-inspiring content for an audience. It can be educational or entertaining and maybe through any media form put out on the Internet such as a blog, vlog, photos, or layouts. 

How much does a content creator earn? 

Glassdoor calculated the average salary of a content creator in the United States to fall at $47,154 a year. One may earn $50,000 and up from YouTube in a year, $2500 from Twitch monthly, and $16 an hour from WikiHow. Freelancers earn about $20 to $77 per hour. It greatly varies depending on audience size and the nature of the content itself. 

How big is the market?

360 Research Reports expects the digital content creation market to grow from USD 11920 million in 2019 to USD 16900 million by 2025. This is because more companies are exploring various digital content creation channels. The industry’s effect on business growth has been proven and in order to stay in the competition, adopting digital content creation is no longer an option but a requirement. And since almost every industry has gone digital now, content creation is expected to boost the growth of the global market in the next few years. 

At this point, classifying content creation as a real or professional job is inconsequential, and honestly, outdated. Haters are haters, but content creation is here to stay and grow even further. So if you’re considering jumping into the market, there are many opportunities waiting for your talent. You may open a YouTube channel, create a podcast, write a blog, etc---the possibilities are endless. 

What will I need to start content creating? 

a) Plan 

Choose what path you’d like to take as a content creator. If you want to be a blogger, for example, choose your niche then create a logo and name you want your brand to be known as. It sounds easy but this is a very crucial factor that will help your blog grow immensely so take your time to squeeze those creative juices and go with what speaks to you the most. To solidify your plan, write down story ideas and make a calendar to follow when you’ll create content and publish them. Back everything with research. 

b) Camera

Invest in a good quality camera or a phone with a good built-in camera that can capture what you need for your content. People are becoming more visual and in order to captivate their interest, you would need a camera to capture photos and videos for your narrative. 

c) Laptop / Desktop

Of course, you’ll need a working laptop or desktop to create content and release them. Use one with the specifications that you need to make videos and edit photos with. Your processor must also be compatible with the software that you’ll be needing such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. 

EN1 electric standing desk

d) Work Desk 

Managing your time as a content creator is a hefty task. With you as your only boss, it becomes harder to follow through with your plans. Considering a standing desk for your workstation will be a good investment in the long run because it will help improve your work efficiency and productivity.

The EN1 electric standing desk from Flexispot is an excellent choice for a content creator who works at home. It’s made with high-grade steel that is stable even at the highest adjustment point. It may come with a two-button basic keypad if you want your desk to be higher or lower or an advanced keypad that could save your favorite standing, seated, and under-desk cycling heights. 

Rolling Swivel Game Chair 6627

e) Ergonomic Chair 

If you’re a content creator who spends long hours in front of a screen, a stylish and functional chair is a worthy investment. There may come a time that you’ll face the camera where you’d want to have a good chair to show off. The 6627 is a Rolling Swivel Game Chair from Flexispot. It’s upholstered in premium carbon fiber leather in black that you may opt to purchase with white, red, or gray accents. It has an affixed cloth embroidered design that gives the chair a more integrated look. The backrest is adjustable from 90 degrees up to 150 degrees and has an extra-thick high-density foam for maximum comfort. 

f) Lighting Equipment

Your lighting needs vary depending on what kind of content creator you are. For a blogger who releases photos most of the time, purchase a softbox, an external flash, or set up your photo station in front of a window for natural light. If you’re shooting a product, you may use DIY reflectors such as the white side of an illustration board to reflect the light coming from the sun and direct it to your subject. 

Your editing station must also have ample light to keep you alert and make sure that you’re seeing colors in their truest form. Use a modern table lamp or clamp a task lamp from Flexispot that provides harsh light that you may direct at your work subject. The task lamp has an adjustable arm and a rotatable head so it’s easy to play around with the light angle that you need. 

Mobile File Cabinet with Lock 002

g) Storage Unit

As a content creator, you would have lots of props, equipment, and hard drives to store. Flexispot has a Mobile File Cabinet that comes in three tiers and has a locking system to secure your precious belongings. It also has inside compartments to help you even be more organized. The cabinet also features rollers that it’s easy to move around and gravity locks to keep it still in a corner. 

h) Confidence 

As a content creator, you must be confident with the work that you create for you to sell it to your audience and a potential partner company. If you don’t trust your work enough, you might end up saying no to opportunities that may change your career. So don’t be afraid to go out there and share what you have to offer!