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Is it Okay to Apply as an Intern When You’re Already Old?

12 September 2022

Most people believe that internships are only for students in college. The occurrence of an adult signed up as an intern, most of the time for no pay, is an extremely uncommon exception. This notion is out of date, and as we've seen in movies, The Internship or in The Intern, that is simply not the case. Chandler, in Friends, even worked as an intern when he decided to shift and make a career in advertising.

Why wouldn't interns use the opportunity when internships offer them the possibility to get expertise in a particular sector of interest? disregard what others might think. Don't worry if you believe you are already "too old" for the job. What is important is that this space will make you happy; this is what will bring you the fulfillment that you have long sought.

employed as an intern

You might be surprised to know that being employed as an intern has several advantages for grownups. In essence, it will be a brief job experience. This could be thought of as your transitional period while you get ready to start a career in which you're interested. Your prize? An unforgettable experience that you may utilize to freshen up your portfolio and resume. Without making a long-term commitment to employment, you will be able to comprehend how a specific industry operates. A paid or unpaid internship could be obtained in exchange for college credit.

But given your prior work experience and increased prospects of staying, as an adult looking for an internship, you can ask for monetary compensation, even at a minimal rate.

For those who require flexible hours of employment, there are also chances for part-time internships. People accept an internship to switch professions, take a break from the workforce, if they have been out of work for some time, or if they have a strong urge to be employed by a company they have admired for a very long time.

prepare for a desired full-time role

Even as an adult, you would have the chance to prepare for a desired full-time role, expand your network in your preferred industry, become familiar with how the industry functions, as well as have relevant experience you can put on your job application and learn valuable lessons you can apply in the workplace if you were to secure an internship.

Even if you are of legal age, there are several ways to obtain an internship. You can get in touch with your contacts in the field you're seeking to break into. If they don't have full-time employment for the role, you can let them know that you're willing to work as an intern. You might seek assistance from the institution from which you graduated in order to make use of its career services. You can become a member of a group for professionals working in the field you are switching to. You might all attend conferences, seminars, webinars, and networking events hosted by this association. You'll also run into a lot of people who change careers.

Additionally, there are internship programs created especially for adults or those who have already received their college degree. An intern's aptitude and desire to work for the company even without money can be useful to an employer.

We've provided a list of ergonomic furniture items that can make you a more proactive, effective intern. Who knows, you may soon receive an offer for a paid, full-time position.

Comhar Pro Q8

Comhar Pro Q8

An all-in-one standing desk is something we can all use. The less things we have, the more uncluttered and minimalist your workspace will be. Beyond the final appearance, however, it is also a lot more practical and simple to move around on a daily basis. Here is a brand-new FlexiSpot item that seals the deal with wireless charging, a storage drawer, and an enhanced structure. The brilliant minds at FlexiSpot HQ improved the design and used a dual-motor lifting system to guarantee that the desk is stable even at its highest point. The height range is wider than comparable FlexiSpot products, starting at 24.0" and going up to 49.2". This indicates that users of the desk who range in height from 4'3" to 6'5" can comfortably utilize it.

Because the desktop features a built-in wireless charger, you can charge your device wirelessly without plugging it in. Don't worry; it works with the majority of wireless charging gadgets. In order to avoid tangled cords, the Q8 also incorporates an under-desk cable management tray.

And of course, who wouldn't adore the fact that it has a drawer built right in? It can keep your desk items tidy and handy and measures 28.3" x 12.8" x 1.97". The desktop has a working area of 55" x 28" and can support 220 pounds of weight. It is made of bamboo. Additionally, a smart control panel with customizable height presets and two USB charging ports is included.

Last but not least, like other premium FlexiSpot products, this desk incorporates an anti-collision mechanism that helps safeguard both the item and the items on top of it during the desktop's descent.

Home office All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike Workstation V9

Home office All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike Workstation V9

This fantastic device, which is long-lasting and multifunctional, may be used for video chatting with co-workers from the office, reading, exercising, enjoying a morning cup of coffee, and watching internet movies. By engaging in these activities and being able to exercise, you are killing two birds with one stone. Toning the lower body and legs helps to promote physical wellness in general.

The product's movable desktop, which can be moved in any direction for comfort (forward, backward, up, down), is another fantastic feature. With its four caster wheels, it could also be moved around the office with ease. Additionally, the seat is adjustable to fit people between the heights of 5' 1" and 6' 2".

There are six (6) levels of resistance, depending on one's needs and preferences.

Final Word

Don't let age get in the way of your dreams. Normalize doing something at any age and proving all those naysayers wrong. You can make anything happen for you as long you put your heart and mind into it, which of course means actions will follow. If applying for an internship is the way to go, don't be shy and go for it. You might be the eldest in the room but that doesn't mean you can't provide insight that will be useful for the company or will help your colleagues. We're cheering you on!