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Gaming on a Standing Desk: Can it Be Done?

26 July 2021

Gamers can be picky about their setups, and it is not just about their computers. For many people, the workstation and chair they use are equally as significant as the gaming devices they utilize.

It is no surprise, however, that many individuals are unsure whether or not a standing desk is suitable for gaming. Is a standing desk more of a tool for office ergonomics or can it be used to play games?

Can a Standing Desk Be Used for Gaming?

Yes, you can play games while standing at a standing desk. You may have a few specific worries, you may need to make some lifestyle adjustments, and you may not find it comfortable at first, but nothing should prevent you from doing so.

Many individuals play video games at their standing workstations all day, and some even utilize additional equipment like under-desk treadmills to get some exercise while they play.

The Advantages of Using a Standing Desk for Gaming

When it comes to gaming, there are numerous advantages to using a standing desk. Many of them are physical, but some are also psychological.

Overall, the ergonomics are better. A standing workstation, first and foremost, is more ergonomic than sitting at a desk in a chair all day. The majority of individuals do not sit properly in their chairs, and bad posture can cause a variety of health problems. 

To relieve the discomfort, you sit in an even worse position, which exacerbates the injury. You're faced with spinal fusion surgery and chronic pain before you realize it. That is not a healthy way to live!

You must stand in a more natural stance when using a standing desk. Over time, a large body of research demonstrates that standing is healthier than sitting. 

After all, as biological animals, we developed a specific type of upright posture throughout millions of years, and standing suited us considerably better than sitting.

The transition from sitting to standing is simple. It is inconvenient to sit again after using a simple standing desk, which is why we always advocate purchasing a workstation that converts between sitting and standing. The majority of the time, when people talk about a standing desk, they are referring to a desk that converts from standing to sitting.

What You can Get from Gaming with a Standing Desk

Standing at a desk is fantastic, but you may need to sit at times. Perhaps you've injured your foot, pulled a muscle, or require additional back support. 

In any case, having a workstation that can move between the two makes switching between them much easier.

Every day, millions of people suffer from back discomfort. It is all due to our slouched workplace chairs and bad posture. Standing helps to ease this by pushing you to adopt a better-for-your-back position. 

After all, if you stand up straight, you will be able to stand for hours at a time. If you slouch or a hunch, you'll have back pain within minutes, necessitating modification.

Completely personalized experience. You may customize every aspect of your experience with a decent standing desk. You may adjust the height of your monitor, the angle of your keyboard, the height of your desk, and more. 

All of this enables you to tailor your gaming setup to maximize efficiency. For prolonged gaming, it can be tiring and hurtful for your joints. 

You will need to stretch. You would not have to get out of your chair or take a break from your gaming session if you bounce a little and shake it out.

Fatigue that has been timed. Now, here's an unusual bonus. Yes, you will become fatigued while standing at a desk sooner or later. Your back may hurt, your feet may hurt, and you may experience stiffness in your neck and shoulders. 

Humans, after all, are animals who have evolved to move rather than stand still for long periods.

You will notice that this acts as a natural timer. When the exhaustion becomes too much to bear, it's time to switch gears, whether you take a break from gaming to do something else or return to sitting. 

This type of consistent modification results in a healthier overall lifestyle.

Fewer consumption of calories. Another advantage of standing is that it requires somewhat more energy than sitting. When you are standing, you're more likely to make minor movements, change your weight, and use your muscles more than when you are sitting. 

Because it keeps your muscles working, this “passively” burns more calories than sitting does.

Standing instead of sitting won't help you lose a lot of weight, but it will help you live a healthy lifestyle by keeping you slightly more active. 

You can also use a standing desk in conjunction with a flat treadmill or another type of exercise machine or plan to improve your physique.

How Can a Standing Desk from FlexiSpot Benefit Gamers?

The solution is to discover a workstation that transitions between sitting and standing using smooth, silent electric motors. We propose the Modish Standing Desk because it provides a smooth transition and can be controlled remotely via an app or with a single button press. 

Get up, press the rise button, and go get a snack; when you return, your standing setup will be ready.

Soreness in the feet foot pain is one of the most prevalent problems that people experience when utilizing a standing desk. 

Many of us aren't accustomed to being on our feet all day, which can cause soft tissue pain and more serious chronic disorders like falling arches.

When working at a standing desk, the majority of individuals advise wearing shoes. You want a decent pair of shoes with arch support in the insoles. We've written an entire tutorial on how to choose the ideal shoes for working at a standing desk.

We also recommend maintaining a pair of shoes designated for use around the house or at your workstation. You will avoid the normal issues of trailing dirt and grime around and wearing them out faster if you simply wear them at your desk and not outside.

The Must-Have Gaming Ergonomic Product

If we've persuaded you and you've decided to acquire a standing desk for your gaming PC, there are a few items we strongly suggest.

A desk that converts from sitting to standing. As is the case with the Modish Standing Desk. A well-engineered desk that allows you to sit or stand is preferable to a cheap desk that merely allows you to sit or stand. 

Always choose a robust desk. One with electric motors is also recommended for smooth adjustments (ideal for the safety of your gaming PC). Our desk also has several clever features that you might find beneficial in your gaming routine.

Try a standing desk for gaming if you're thinking about it. It's a terrific method to boost your circulation and overall health while stretching your legs in between gaming sessions.

The Advantages of Using a Standing Desk

Standing desks are increasingly being used in place of traditional workstations. Having this option comes with a slew of benefits. An automatic standing desk's height can be adjusted by the user. 

The desk can be used in several different height positions, including sitting, standing, and possibly a few more. In more advanced versions, the transition between different heights is controlled electronically and automatically, allowing for a smooth transition between different working postures.

Why would you want to stand up and play PC games? If you're thinking about this question, you are not alone. You may spend several hours in a sitting position during a game session. 

The goal of a standing desk is to get you out of your sitting routine and give you time to get your blood flowing. It is also good for your posture, as it can help you avoid back and neck problems caused by sitting in the same position for too long or in the wrong position.

For more tips and tricks and ergonomic products, turn to FlexiSpot now!