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Is it True that Recliner Office Chairs Destroy Your Knees?

13 September 2022

Basking in the warmth and ease that come with a comfy recliner chair is the best way to end a long day at work. You can also use it to stay refreshed or tone down stress levels during recess at work.

Especially when you pair it with a warm blanket, that's an awesome experience you'll always hold dear. But you need to note that not every office chair offers you comfort and support.

That is, getting a recliner is not an automatic assurance that you'll be free from knee pain and other discomforts associated with a sedentary lifestyle. So your recliner needs to possess some ergonomic qualities for your body to enjoy a perfect sitting posture.

Hence, we will walk you through all the key features that an ideal recliner must possess. You'll also learn how an unergonomic office chair affects your physical and mental wellness, and the top recliners on the market you should invest in. Let's get started.

Recliner Chair

Does Recliner Chairs Cause Knee Problems?

The first rule of engagement here is that recliner chairs are not designed for sleeping on, especially for a long period. In other words, you'll be free from knee and hip contractures when you sleep in the chair for short periods. If you could obey this simple rule, you've got no cause for alarm.

Sleeping in the recliners for a long time restricts your capacity to stand upright and maintain your natural posture. It can also cause the muscles and veins in the body to be compressed over your joints. This further leads us to the question of whether or not recliners are safe and sound for sleeping. Well, not all the chairs are.

But the major factors you need to consider to identify a sleeping recliner include checking if the surface has a fluffy touch like a bed. You should also confirm if the recliner has lower leg rests and if the seat is a bit hard to sit in. Check out these features and give yourself quality relaxation time without exposing yourself to knee problems.

To steer clear of knee problems while using a recliner, you should also ensure that none of your body parts suffers constant pressure. That is, a particular part of your body shouldn't be always glued to a spot.

Failure to observe this instruction might prevent your brain from easily interacting with the limb since a recliner chair pushes your knees and hips in a curved position all through the night.

Here are other downsides of using a recliner chair for a long time.

Poor Circulation

Sitting with your knees curved for a long time can inflame the blood vessels located around your body's lower region.

In other words, the popliteal artery carrying blood close to the knee might encounter reduced flow. Hence, we'll advise that you always keep your legs straight if you're sleeping in a recliner chair.

Deep Vein Thrombosis

Developing and suffering from deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is very possible if you always maintain bent joints or lie fixed for days.

You need to be very cautious of this deficiency considering how deadly it is. You can even contract it on any spot in your body but you should also focus on the legs.

However, wearing compression socks would help you reduce the possibility of developing DVT.

How to Minimize Knees Damage While Using Reclining Chairs

How to Minimize Knees Damage While Using Reclining Chairs

Suffering from knee pain as a result of overusing that recliner chair in your home or workplace isn't a death sentence. All you have to do is religiously follow the ways to stem the tide. Meanwhile, you can also use these tips to completely prevent it. After all, knee pain is a product of inactivity, from sitting, so getting engaged in some worthwhile activities is the best way to control it.

Frequent Breaks at Work

It's a very healthy practice to embark on brief breaks from your office desk, at least, every 30 to 50 minutes. Stand up, spin out, and walk around for a couple of minutes. And if you don't feel like going on a walk during this break, why not do some exercise? This will help you stay more fit and healthy, both at home and at work.

You can also seize this moment to reduce the pressure on your knees with some leg raises. Here's how you do it. Raise one of your legs without lifting the thigh such that it is coextensive to the floor and maintain that position for at least 5 seconds before putting down the leg.

You can also follow the same process for the other leg. Meanwhile, you can also sit properly by straightening your back and drawing the knees towards your upper body. Maintain the stretch for a few seconds, release it, and do the same for the other leg.

Although these fitness tips require no tutor or instructor, they're tried and true and increasingly gaining popularity among office workers.

Changing Your Seat Positions

Standing up at regular intervals or embarking on brief breaks isn't ideal for you? Here's another option. This is stress-free since you don't have to stand up. All you have to do is switch your sitting postures every 30 minutes.

You can even switch these seat positions and the co-worker closest to your desk won't know. For example, you can draw the chair back a bit, gently flex and release the knees by spreading out your legs. Give it a try today and start living a work-life free of pain and ache.

Other tips you can employ include:

Maintain a correct sitting posture always.
Invest in an ergonomic office chair.
Never resort to crossing your legs while working/sitting.
Stretch your legs as much as possible.

How to Adjust Your Reclining Chair to Avoid Knee Pain

How to Adjust Your Reclining Chair to Avoid Knee Pain

It's no longer news that sitting for an extended period can unleash adverse impacts on your knees, neck, back, and legs. And we believe you don't want such for yourself. So what's the way out?

The first step you need to take is fixing your office chair. By fixing, you need to check it again and see if it has all the ergonomic features that a contemporary office chair should have. Does it? If it doesn't have the qualities, it's time you get a new chair from Flexispot.

Although getting the ergonomic chair might not be the outright solution you need, it'll certainly help wage war against knee pain, prevent it from evolving into a chronic state, and tone down other pains. After getting an ergo office chair, you need to readjust the height of the seat such that it is face-to-face with your kneecaps.

Now, sit on the chair with your back fully rocking the backrest and modify the gas cylinder to the perfect height. As for your thighs, they should be parallel to the floor at all times with the feet fully flat with the floor. That is, as you sit, your knees should be at almost the same level as your hips.

Conversely, the knees can be a bit higher, curved at an angle of almost 90°. And you should also consider getting an anti-fatigue foot mat. Almost every office chair falls within the seat range of about 16" to 21" above the floor and this works for most folks.

But if you're too tall or short, we'll suggest that you look for one that can exclusively address your needs.

High Back Office Chair 2191E

Let's Get Some Recliners from Flexispot

As you've always known, Flexispot dominates the ergonomics industry and its reputation precedes it to be a customer-based brand. Your wellness both at home and at work remains our priority. On that note, we have some office chairs specifically built for your ease and comfort.

Let's check them out.

High Back Office Chair 2191E

With High Back Office Chair 2191E, you don't need to look elsewhere. It has pneumatic controls that will help you arrive at a height that conforms with your body structure. In other words, this feature allows you to rock the chair back and forth with the freedom to lower or lift the seat.

The height is adjustable between 19.3° and 22.4°. You can also adjust the chair's flexibility by turning the tension knob under the seat between 90° and 110°. The High Back Office Chair 2191E has a 250-pound weight capacity. This makes it your first choice for a durable chair that'll give both you and your employees at work maximum comfort.

Thanks to the nylon rolling coasters and the sturdy metal base, you can also move the chair around your workstation or home without making scratches on the floor or making a squeaky noise.

Here is your chance to make that life-changing decision. Make it here and now with Flexispot. You can also get our Ergo Chair Pro (OC14), Ergo Office Chair Mesh Swivel Chair 606, and a host of others.

Hence, the most important takeaway you should remember is that recliners are designed for relaxation and not sleeping in. And if you need to do the latter with recliner chairs, you need to look out for the properties earlier outlined above.