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Is It Worth Using Posture Corrector Kits and What are the Alternative

11 April 2022

We’re so used to sitting in the wrong posture that we don’t realize that it’s not the right way to sit. Most people sit with the back curved and shoulders hunched while engrossed in work. While you may think you’re comfortable sitting that way, your posture is to blame for all the shoulder, back, and neck pain you’re suffering from.

Posture-related problems have exacerbated in the past 2 years ever since work from home became a thing. Not many people have set up dedicated, ergonomic workspaces at home, and they continue to work from their bed, dining table, kitchen counter, and couch. You may think working all curled up on the couch is the most comfortable way to work, but it’s actually detrimental to your health. Sitting in an incorrect posture for too long can lead to various problems like chronic lower back pain, migraine, and even consistent pain in the shoulders and neck.

If you’ve started to experience the consequences of a poor posture, investing in a posture corrector kit might be just the right thing to do. Posture corrector kits have recently gained a tremendous amount of traction, and you might be interested to know what these are and whether they’re worth it.

If you want answers related to a posture corrector kit and want to be sure if you should invest in one, continue reading this blog post.

Posture Corrector Kits

What are Posture Corrector Kits?

The posture corrector kit is a complete package that includes all the necessary equipment and tools that you need to correct your posture. There are plenty of posture correcting tools available today, but a posture corrector kit contains multiple products that all produce a cumulative effect when used together. You may not benefit as much from using posture corrector tools separately, but when you use the right combination of products the right way, the results are much more profound and favorable.

Understanding the Correct Posture

A posture corrector kit helps you correct your posture. The question is – what is the correct posture? Most of us are so used to sitting slouched that we fail to realize that it’s causing us harm that’ll last a very long time if we don’t do something about it well in time. A correct posture, as seen from the side, involves you sitting with your mid-back curved outwards, your lower back curved inwards, and your neck curved slightly inwards. The ideal posture is where your shoulders aren’t hunched forward, and your back isn’t rounded. Instead, your back must be straight and shoulders stiff, not in a way that’s painful, but in a way that maintains the correct curvature of the spine.

When you’re sitting or standing in the correct posture, your body weight is distributed evenly. If any part of your body feels under stress or load during sitting or standing, you should know that your posture isn’t correct.

Are Posture Corrector Kits Worth It

Are Posture Corrector Kits Worth It?

Now that you know what an incorrect posture can do to your health and what the ideal posture is, we can now move on to the more important part of the discussion about whether posture corrector kits are worth it.

Let’s have a look at the many benefits of posture corrector kits that make them one good way to correct your posture.

Posture Correction

Of course, the first benefit of using a posture corrector kit is posture correction. What else would you expect if not this? The posture corrector kit contains wearable posture correcting braces or belts that provide proprioceptive feedback to the user. These braces restrain the scapula into a retracted position and prevent the scapula from going back to the protracted position, which is what you know as the posture where your shoulders are rounded.

When you bend your head forward, and your posture is slumped, scapular protraction occurs. This is a poor posture, and that’s what a posture corrector kit addresses. The objective of a posture corrector kit is to prevent the rounding of the shoulders and improve the overall posture.

Postural correction kits come in 2 varieties; non-tech and newer tech ones. Non-tech postural corrector kits restrict slouching physically. They come in different forms, including t-shirts, bras, and braces that embrace your back. These non-tech posture corrector tools restrict the motion of your shoulders, neck, and back when you start to slouch. The newer posture corrector kits work through vibrations, reminding you every time you transition into a poor posture.

Make You More Aware About Your Posture

Like we said earlier, we would work on posture correction if we knew our posture was incorrect. Sitting with our back rounded and shoulders slumped is so normal that we feel uncomfortable if we’re told to change our posture. A posture corrector kit can help you become more aware of your posture and make you more mindful about sitting or standing in the correct manner.

As you know by now, posture corrector kits restrain your motion. It doesn’t mean you’ll find moving about difficult when wearing a posture corrector. The motion will only be restricted when your body is transitioning towards the wrong posture. Let’s say you’re slouching in front of your computer screen. If you’re wearing a posture corrector, you won’t be able to slouch because the posture corrector will restrain your body from getting into that position. So, every time your posture deviates from the ideal one, you’ll be reminded that you need to fix it now. This way, you’ll be more conscious about how you’re sitting or standing. After some time, the new posture that feels uncomfortable in the beginning will start to feel less uncomfortable, and soon, your body will get used to the correct posture.

Drawbacks of Posture Corrector Kits

Drawbacks of Posture Corrector Kits

While we can’t deny the benefits of posture correction kits, we can’t turn a blind eye to the drawbacks associated with them. Apart from insufficient data to support the effectiveness of postural corrector kits, some other pointers may make you question your decision to give posture corrector kits a shot.

They May Weaken Your Core Muscles

One of the biggest drawbacks of posture corrector kits is core muscle weakness. The corrector may target a part of the spine, let’s say the upper back. They’ll buzz you when the posture of your upper back deviates from ideal. However, in an attempt to restore the correct posture of the upper back, you may end up compromising on the posture of your lower back. It’s just one of the many possibilities. Due to the posture corrector kits not being able to target the entire spine, your core muscles may weaken.

They’re Quite Uncomfortable

It shouldn’t come to you as a surprise when we say that posture corrector kits aren’t the most comfortable things to wear. They’re braces or belts that you’ve to wear. They hold your body tightly, which, of course, causes a great degree of discomfort. The discomfort further increases when the kit makes you adjust your posture in a position that you aren’t quite used to. Not many people who’ve got to use posture corrector kits enjoy wearing them.

They Could Cause Myofascial Pain

Posture corrector kits cause passive stretching of the pectoralis muscles. Prolonged stretching of these muscles can lead to myofascial pain due to the compression of the distal section of the brachial plexus.

How to Correct Posture if Not with Posture Corrector Kit

How to Correct Posture if Not with Posture Corrector Kit?

If you don’t want to risk suffering any of the drawbacks that we mentioned above, you might want to know some of the alternatives to posture corrector kits. Posture corrector kits aren’t your only option which is good news. Let’s have a look at what these alternatives are:

Avoid Text Neck

You can correct your posture without posture corrector kits if you’re mindful of your habits, like bending your head down to read a text on your phone. When you bend your head, it puts excessive stress on the spine. However, you can prevent a Text Neck by lifting your phone up to read the text instead of bending your head down.

Do Posture Correcting Exercises Regularly

If you don’t want to use posture corrector kits, you can rely on posture correcting exercises. They’re your best bet at correcting the posture and restoring the correct alignment of the spine.

Use Back Support Wedges

You can use back support wedges on your work chair to provide your back with the support it needs. These wedges have slightly curved that match the curvature of the spine, thereby ensuring that the correct curvature of the spine isn’t disturbed.

Invest in Ergonomic Furniture

One of the best ways to correct your posture without posture corrector kits is by using ergonomic furniture like standing desks like the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk. They’ll not only help you prevent posture-related health problems but will also help you get used to and finally transition into the correct posture

Visit a Chiropractor

If you’ve started to experience the painful consequences of poor posture, a chiropractor might be able to help. They’ll use non-invasive techniques to realign your spine and help you get rid of the back, shoulder, and neck pain that sitting in poor posture for prolonged durations has caused.

If you ask us if posture corrector kits are worth it, we would say you can do without them too. But if you really want to give posture corrector kits a shot, make sure you’re buying the right one that not just focuses on any one part of your spine. Choose a posture corrector kit that provides a holistic correction of posture.