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It's Showtime For The Shower

23 April 2021

It is nice to work hard for your future. However, one must not forget to have some well-deserved me-time to pamper a tired body as well as the mind.

Before you put your makeup or cologne on, one of the  things you  do is to take a long shower. This simple act prepares you for a long day of dutifully accomplishing your tasks for the day as it re-invigorates your body and mind. 

Just imagine waking up in the morning and putting on the most relaxing tunes in your playlist. You take your time detangling the knots of your hair since you had the best sleep ever. When that is done, you hit the showers. But then you remember, it is a Monday and you must act fast unless you want to be late for work. 

Cleansing For The Body

Most of the time, we take showering for granted. After all, its accessibility makes it easier for us to take one anytime that we like. It is also an affair that does not need a lot of thought which is why most people do not appreciate the health benefits that entails taking a shower-- even if it is in the early dawn of light or during the night.

While you were sleeping soundly, our bodies dispose of the toxins it accumulates throughout the day through sweating. Taking a warm shower in the morning assures you that all of the dirt and filthiness are washed away. In addition, your peers and colleagues would appreciate that you took the time to look, feel, and smell your best. 

Morning showers also give the early birds like you a surge of  refreshing energy to start the day right. While the much-needed energy boost is amazing, you should not discount the fact that a warm shower in the morning also improves your blood circulation.  If you are not entirely familiar what a good blood circulation does for you, just think of it as your body’s way of transporting vitamins and vital nutrients throughout your body.

Rinse The Stress Of The Day Away

Taking a warm, relaxing shower before bed should be everyone’s priority.

 If you are still not on-board the night showers train, it is best to book your tickets right now. While taking showers at night might seem too bothersome since work has worn you out, that actually is your best reason to consider having one.  

To urge you into taking night showers, just remember that it can significantly decrease your production of cortisol which is a stress hormone. While your stress level is being reduced, your chances of getting a complete shut-eye also greatly increases. According to an article written by Abigail Abrams on Time Magazine, having a warm shower during the early evening hours will give time for your body to cool down and drift- off to sound sleep. Still having trouble believing me? Just remember that a shower helps with your mental health as this simple act  can be viewed as spiritually washing away all of your troubles and worries.

Your bed will also thank you for keeping yourself clean before catching some much needed ZZZs. Showering helps keep your bed clean because the dirt and grime you gathered all day would not mess up your sheets, mattress, and pillows. And do you really want to lay on a bed of germs and bacteria? Of course not! Which is why a bath before bed should be your priority. 

While having a clean bed and great sleep at night is nice, you would also be oh-so-grateful for better skin health. Washing your face while you are in the shower reduces your chances of developing breakouts caused by the trapped sweat and oils on your pores.  That is not all because a clean face also absorbs the skincare products way better than one that has a film of dirt and oil in it. Using skin care products on dirty skin is contradicting and not to mention, highly counterproductive. 

For days when you want to quickly get out of the house and start working right away, there is no love lost because your night showers can give you more time in the morning for more important things on your list. To hype you up,  your chiseled abs will thank you for taking the time to exercise with a  foldable rowing exercise equipment. The free time can also be used to write in your journal and planners.

Your Personal Sanctuary

Taking a shower is not something you can do real fast yet still have its proven benefits. You must take your time and cleanse every nook and cranny of your body to fully realize a shower’s healing powers.

If all you know about showers is the soap and shampoo, do not worry because here are a few tips to optimize your shower time and maximize its results for you. This way, every shower affair would leave you with silky smooth skin and a head full of lustrous mane.

  • Detangle The Knots - Most of us are quick to dismiss the knots that our hairs form after a good night of sleep. Most people also believe that getting their hair wet will detangle the hair fast. This is not really the case because not only are the hairs in more knots than one, you are also losing more hair than how much is necessary. So take your time detangling the knots and you will see improvements.

  • Shampoo Isn’t A Sham- Your locks are considered as your crowning glory so it would be a shame if you do not make the effort of cleaning it. Make sure to work in the shampoo all over your head- especially on the parts where you are always sweaty and oily. Focus on massaging your scalp with the pads of your finger to further dissolve oil and dead skin build up. Plus, who does not love a quick head massage session?

  • This Is A Condition(er) For You- After shampooing, it is best to follow up with a nourishing conditioner. Take the time to consider what your hair needs. If your hair is dry, a moisturizing conditioner will work really well. For damaged locks, a deep conditioner every week would bring life back to dull and frizzy hair. By doing so, you are guaranteed with a healthier mane after every wash. 

  • Body Love - Invest in body soaps that will cater to your skin type. Remember, soaps are not a one-type-fits-all deal so you must listen and feel what your body needs. Exfoliating once or twice a week also improves your skin condition as well as the blood circulation of your body. Clean and smooth skin every day? Yes, please.


Your me-time is just as important as working hard. For your body to better serve its purpose, what you do with it really matters.

While exercising and a healthy diet helps with your health, a mindful shower ties all of it together so you look and feel your best.

So, hit up your showers and clean away the dirt, grime, and most importantly, the stress away from your body and mind. This will go down in your personal history as the greatest shower ever.