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Its Your Turn, Dad: Father's Day Gift Ideas

27 May 2021

Finding the best gift for a mom can be challenging—but, in my experience, selecting a proper gift for a dad, or any father-like role, is infamously tricky. That's partly because he always insists on having everything and wanting nothing. But because no present on the planet can compare to what he's done for you, from patiently teaching you some of his artistic or technical skills, letting you explore his controversial reading materials, to being supportive to what your mom cannot, and so much more, our dads will appreciate just the same efforts too.

Your dad will love a phone or video call this Father's Day, especially in the height of the pandemic. Every year, we want to amaze him with something new, and for that, we have some excellent items that are designed to make a day's work more relaxed and productive or just to make him feel extra special. What better way to express our gratitude to Dad than to consider how we might make his life easier, fun, or more satisfied? We've got ideas from ones that will delight his mind, his spine, or twitch his heart without costing you a dime!

Mini projector

Do you live in a house without a built-in movie theater? We do. Dad will be able to transform any room into a deluxe theatre with the help of a light and portable projector.

Leather case for AirPods

Dad's AirPod Pros will be well-protected with personalized leather cases that guarantee he doesn't confuse his with anyone else's.

Book of dad jokes

A book of dad jokes will encourage all the dads who think they're hilarious to step up their comedy skills.

Minimalist slim wallet with money clip

A thin wallet with elastic construction clamps to keep cards and some cash in a money clip is minimalistic and nowhere near bulky. These types of wallets allow him to press out the selected card or cards. You may even acquire one with a built-in Bluetooth tracker so he can keep track of it if it goes missing.


Think he's looking into purging his extensive paperbacks? Help him get his hands on an e-reader and streamline his library.

Curated gift boxes

If a steak night out isn't in the budget, a box set that includes ingredients for an at-home meal might be just as wonderful. It could be anything from an assortment of cheeses, types of prime meats, cured meats, or a combination of both with a bottle of his ideal drink.

Task lamp

Adding a task light to his workstation, whether at home or work, will brighten certain sections of his desk without stressing his eyes. A task light gives him greater control if he's reading anything with tiny print or needs a little additional lighting on his keyboard. FlexiSpot, specializing in home and office ergonomic solutions, has a matte black adjustable task lamp that does not take up any space at all as it simply has to be clamped to the edge of his desk and already comes with a LED bulb.

Tiny desk tree

Indoor foliage has a way of reducing anxieties and regulating moods, and while a house plant is usually a good choice, a bonsai tree stands apart. A small tree typically stands with a height of six inches.

Hiking backpack

It would help if you struck a delicate balance when it comes to specialized hiking backpacks. You want his day pack to be discreet enough to be worn casually but tough enough to handle long treks. 

Organize his sock drawer

For busy dads, staying organized isn't always a primary priority. Sort Dad's sock drawer, shirts, and footwear to make his life a little bit easier. It's a minor yet meaningful gesture that has a tremendous impact on his hectic schedule.

Height-adjustable standing desk

If your dad works in a high-rise downtown, he'll probably get thrilled over a standing desk that displays his professional achievements. A high-quality standing desk will provide him with not just magnificent beauty and distinction but also long-term durability that will last well into retirement. Not a dad here, but we're just as excited to share a few FlexiSpot selections that you can choose from as you know your dad best!

● Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series

FlexiSpot's desk frame is made of powder-coated steel tubing that resists scratches and stains. Even at the highest level, the dual-motor lifting mechanism and strengthened structure could guarantee optimum stability. Even with a total weight capacity of 275 lbs, the powerful dual motors provide a maximum lifting speed of 1.4"/s (EC4). Dad may accomplish all of this with the simple press of a button. This desk comes in many different colors and finishes that would effortlessly blend with whatever your dad's home or work office design is currently.

● Theodore Standing Desk

Is your dad the classic type? Combining classical beauty with cutting-edge technology is a winning combination. The Theodore is a traditional, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind design that will look great in any bedroom, workplace, or study. Create the ideal workspace to make working from home more convenient and enjoyable. For the perfect aesthetic, combine rustic elements with sophisticated touches. It boasts an integrated storage drawer, a built-in USB port, and easy to assemble in just three easy steps.

● Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk

For the dads who love any touch of nature, such as the warmth of wood, this height-adjustable desk has a solid wood desktop that is eco-friendly and has a sleek, classic style that will go with any decor. The solid wood veneer has a similar appearance to typical solid wood but is less expensive. Inter-layer pines make the top stable and long-lasting. Rubberwood is devoid of dangerous chemicals, is harder than wood, and has a robust design that will last a long time. This desktop's design will better serve him and assist him in adopting a greener mentality.

Mini Bluetooth speaker

A powerful portable Bluetooth speaker that's no bigger than the palm of his hand is sure to become his go-to gear for barbecues, tailgates, and other outdoor activities.

Try out his hobby with him.

On Father's Day, make his hobby a highlight. He'll be grateful for the chance to do what he enjoys, and he'll absolutely adore educating his family about his interests.

Standing desk converter

If your dad loves his current desk a little too much but has been contemplating giving standing while working a shot, a standing desk converter can virtually convert any existing desk to a sit-stand desk

Premium aged whiskey

Because he deserves it.


Most designer brands have a male counterpart for the gentlemen too. Scents for dads are commonly earthy, woody, or musky.

Anti-fatigue mat

Standing desks are fantastic, but standing for long periods on a hard floor can cause discomfort and exhaustion. An anti-fatigue mat is one of the best gifts for dad is one that gives his legs a break and allows him to work comfortably at his standing desk all day. This one from FlexiSpot called Ergonomic Anti Fatigue Mat DM1 has massage points and mounds that stimulate a constant foot massage with natural body movements while standing on the mat. Standing on this mat can help wake up his tired feet, improve his blood circulation, and calm his body and mind.

Smooth gel pens

One thing that all self-described thinkers have in common is an intense desire for high-quality writing instruments. When it comes to highly regarded writing equipment, simple ballpoint gel pens are unquestionably a reliable choice.

Charcoal grill

So that Dad can uphold his position of grill master to new heights.

Homemade meal

For Father's Day, treat Dad with his favorite homemade meal, whether it's for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. He'll enjoy it if you remember his favorite dishes, and it'll mean a lot to him that you went out of your way to make his day extra special.


Because he's typically preoccupied with other people's demands, dad is likely to overlook a dermatologist's skincare rule: moisturize. Put him on the right track with a formula that will last him months so he wouldn't have to forget about replenishing in short periods.


For the dad who's busy just about anywhere around the house, this workbench is sturdy and straightforward, making it suitable for multipurpose applications. FlexiSpot makes sure that its heavy-duty adjustable feet protect the floor from scratches while also allowing him to adjust the workbench leg height to prevent tilting or rocking when the workstation is positioned on uneven ground. For his workshop materials, a handy pull-out drawer embedded in the worktop provides flawlessly integrated storage space. The smooth design blends seamlessly with the rest of the frame while keeping your dad's possessions hidden and organized!

Lazy pan

You could purchase him a high-quality cast iron skillet that's supersized and separated into parts to make cooking a full dinner in a single skillet easier than ever. He may use it on any stove, oven, or even a campfire.

Get together with other dads.

Invite friends, family, neighbors, and other parents you know to a backyard pickup game to honor all of your favorite fathers. Dad will appreciate the opportunity to socialize with other fathers in the area.

A gift that you know for sure Dad will like may or may not cost you, but anything from the heart such as time, efforts, memories, or the transition to living pain-free will surely make Father's Day memorable and cherished.