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Know the Easy and Best Way to Clean a Mesh Office Chair

26 May 2021

If you recently purchased an ergonomic chair from FlexiSpot like the Ergonomic Task Chair 1011, you should be able to know the step-by-step procedure on how to clean a mesh office chair. You need to be familiar with this so that you can properly take care of your precious office item. Regular maintenance and cleaning of your office chair can help prolong its life and quality.

Mesh office chairs are commonly found in offices. They are known for their durability and sleek appearance. Another benefit of these office chairs is the level of comfort they provide. 

Mesh office desk chairs are also best at acting as a filter. They have a better flow of fresh air as compared to other chair material. With this, they provide cool and blissful comfort for their users.

All About Mesh Office Chairs

The mesh chair, like all other chairs, has flaws. The most significant disadvantage is the difficulty of washing it once it becomes stained, and many people are unaware of how to clean an office chair. It does not take much to get filthy. One of the ways it happens is that as the chair filters, fresh air dust accumulates in the mesh office chair. Food splatters, beverage stains, and other debris accumulate on the chair.

Nobody wants anything to happen to their office chair. The first stage will be to maintain the chair, and if it becomes unclean, the next step will be to clean it. The topic of how to clean and maintain an office chair with mesh upholstery will be discussed in this article. Before proceeding, it is a good idea to learn more about mesh office chairs.

Why Get a Mesh Office Chair?

Chairs are necessary for the workplace. However, not all chairs can satisfy their users. It all relies on the requirements of the user.

Workers in the office want decent office chairs that are comfortable. To make long hours of labor possible without causing discomfort. To be extremely comfy, the chair must have several key attributes. The material utilized on the chair's seat pads, armrests, and backrest is crucial 

Features of Mesh Chairs


The cloth is typically densely woven, allowing it to survive harsh weather and unexpected accidents. Unlike other types of upholstery, mesh upholstery does not flatten or damage the material. Fixing mesh fabrics to a robust frame makes them even more secure and durable.

Better Air Circulation

Mesh seats are also more breathable, which is another reason why they are preferred. Workers can unwind thanks to the ventilation supplied by the office mesh seats. This is achieved by allowing fresh air to pass through its porous material. It also helps to keep the user's body warm by reducing sweating. The back ventilation of the mesh chair will keep the user feeling comfortable, dry, and fresh.

Back Support

The mesh material provides the user with the necessary support. The mesh backrest, for example, ensures proper posture by mimicking the user's natural spine curve. Furthermore, the high-quality mesh material gives sufficient back comfort, preventing back sores and pains. In ergonomic office chairs like the Ergonomic Task Chair 1011, the mesh material improves comfort. 

Easy Maintenance

The mesh material is one of the least likely to require extensive cleaning. Body fluids such as body oil and sweat are not absorbed by the mesh upholstery. It could be the smallest, but it all relies on how the material is cleaned and cared for.

Learning How to Clean a Mesh Office Chair

Cleaning a mesh office chair, particularly one with mesh upholstery, is a challenge. The reason for this is that even after cleaning, it is quite easy to accumulate new dust. However, you can prevent this from happening too often through regular maintenance.

Cleaning a mesh office chair is not difficult; it just depends on how you go about it. The mesh chair does an excellent job of collecting dust, food particles, and other residues/substance stains. Any of these can be immediately cleaned up.

There is no need to invest in a particular cleaning solution. All that is required are a few items that can be found at home or work.

Here are a few necessary steps:

1. Clean your office chair with a vacuum.

Remove any solid residue from the chair using a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner's hose attachment will allow cleaning along the cracks and crevices where dirt and residue accumulate.

2. Clean it with a rag.

This stage will require the use of a liquid soap, which might be dish soap. It should be poured onto a rag or similar piece of material. After that, soak the washcloth in warm water. After that, twist the cleaning rag to remove any extra water.

3. Cleaning each part of your mesh chair.

Rub the unclean or stained section of the mesh office chair using the damp part of the cleaning rag. The wheels must be cleaned at the same time as the armrests, backrests, seat pads, and other components. Because it is directly touching the ground, it collects more dirt than the rest of the mesh office chair.

4. Cleaning office chair crackers.

A cotton swab or something similar is required for this stage. After dipping it in warm water, use it to wipe up little crackers that are difficult to reach.

5. After cleaning, keep the office chair dry.

Use a dry-cleaning rag to dry the mesh office chair, or place it somewhere where dry air may reach it.

Final Thoughts

It is not difficult to clean a mesh office chair. All that is needed is a steady hand and a calm mind. With these simple methods and other information, one should be able to accomplish the goal. Check out the FlexiSpot website for more related items, updates, and blog posts.