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Latchkey Kids No More

09 July 2021

The onset of the coronavirus pandemic transformed our lives, and many of us around the world are unable to cope.

Loss of life, unemployment, and other economic challenges have confronted us since then until now and we are still trying to adjust.

Although the pandemic produced major adverse effects, on analysis, it also paved the way for the workers, especially those who work from home and freelancers, to stay at home working and being able to have family bonding time. Another advantage is that it is economically sound because you do not have to spend more on food, gas, transportation, and other expenses you may incur while at the office.

Regarding family members, parents used to leave their kids at home with instructions on what to do such as getting their food from the fridge, locking the door for safety, and not talking to any strangers when they come knocking at the door. In other words, in the past, when parents left for work, the children were out of parental control and they became latchkey kids.

Today, parents can work from home, and children are no longer left alone to attend to their needs. Their parents are visible and available at any time to do their responsibilities to their children including safety and protection. So, the pandemic is not the worst scenario after all.

Within the comfort of home is a happier family working and bonding together the whole day in high-quality time. There are a lot of fun activities to do together with your children such as playing card games, book coloring, playing video games (but for a limited time only) to name a few.  

Homeschooling is now a fad while kids stay at home most of the time and learning is usually done at home through online platforms. Kids may be happy bonding with their parents but sometimes they feel isolated and disappointed because they cannot do the usual things they did before the pandemic. In the past, they could play outside with other kids in the neighborhood, go to school, and mingle with their classmates and friends to make their learning lively and fun.

The study conducted on the effects of Covid-19 and lockdown on the mental health of children (The Indian Journal of Pediatrics (July 2020) 87(7):552) shows that:

  • Children spend more time in front of the TV and the internet which can lead to psycho-social problems, like lower self-esteem. Moreover, the excess use of the Internet can lead to an Internet addiction disorder. Some can also experience cyberbullying which can affect their mental health
  • Spending more time at home makes children vulnerable to the effects of indoor pollution which can affect their brain development leading to limited development of cognitive abilities
  • Children who are separated from their parents/caregivers due to their infections or their parents being affected or parents serving in hospitals are more susceptible to psychological problems. Their vulnerability to depression, stress, anxiety, avoidance behavior, and post-traumatic stress disorder have been reported.

With these findings, the study suggests that “ parents of children staying at home should reduce their use of the Internet and TV by engaging them in physical activities. Children who are separated from their parents should be given special care.”

Aside from reducing TV viewing and Internet use by parents and children at home, engaging in physical activities is the best thing parents can do with their children. One fun thing to do is to teach them profitable activities such as drawing or sketching when you see that they are interested in it.  

You can also teach sewing to your daughter or basic cooking to make them busy in the most fun and interesting way. 

It is surely more enjoyable when parents and children share in the teaching-learning process on Flexispot’s  Height Adjustable Sewing Table that is convertible into a sewing table or other fun activities that you can do on it. This table has a lot of great features that you will love.

  • The white-colored sewing standing desk is height adjustable and ergonomically designed to make any activity more comfortable to do and reduces possible neck, shoulder, wrist, and back pains for a longer pleasurable experience whether you are in a standing sitting posture.
  • With the height-adjustable feature, children can set their own heights for the highest comfort and fun time especially when children want to learn basic sewing.
  • The adjustable sewing workbench can be adjusted up and down up to five steps to hold your sewing machine, documents, or even a keyboard.
  • It has an adjustable shelf specially designed to match the height of your sewing machine base for maximized comfort and efficiency
  • The adjustable sewing machine platform is a spacious work surface measuring 23"*10" combined with a detachable side table measuring 9"*24" all fits within a footprint of 43"*24"to create a compact yet spacious workspace for maximum efficiency.
  • This standing desk has a height programmable control panel with four memory buttons to save up four sitting and standing heights that can be changed with just one touch. The adjustment is seen on a LED Display.
  • The standing sewing desk is made with high-grade steel that is resistant to stains and scratches. It is durable enough that eliminates any wobbling even at the highest adjustment level. The powerful motor, with the improved two-stage legs, guarantees fluid-like transitions all day long.

With these wonderful features, will you still look for another brand? Why not visit the website now to find out more about this product or other products you might want to have for you and for the rest of the family.

Children are no longer kept in isolation idle and helpless with parents staying with them at home most of the time teaching them things with fun and frolic.