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Left-Handers Show Your Might!

28 April 2021

What do  Barack Obama, Leonardo Da Vinci, Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey and Justin Bieber  have in common?  According to an online source, they are left handed.  They usually use their left hand to do something such as in writing.  Although in general, most people use their right hand to do something such as writing, it is claimed by an online research library  that about  8%  of people in the world  use their left hand possibly to do other tasks aside from writing.  Based on study left handedness can be traced  to “genetic origin” in the family  and not an environmental influence. 

However, some experts refute these findings as they claimed that the study is not conclusive so with statements that gender study related to left handedness showed  males dominance over female population.  Another study showed that left handedness  may possibly be related to conditions during pregnancy and conditions at birth.  Ongoing research is being taken to support these theses.

Handedness is scientifically defined as “preference of a person to utilize a hand in doing  tasks and doing them successfully using one hand.”  This may refer to other tasks aside from writing.

So that other tasks may be cooking, cleaning, operating a machine, and other manual work that people do every day.  Sometimes, it is unnoticeable and that we prefer using our left hand and right hand automatically  to do something at home, in school, or in the office.  We use our right hand or left hand predominantly automatically.  We feel comfortable to do something with our right hand or left  and we accomplish things completely and fast with our preferred hand.  

For some people, left handedness connotes discrimination in the workplace or school.  The fact that most people use their right hand most of the time, the left handers, as a minority has been thought to be discriminated against.  An experiment was done to prove this assertion. The result of the survey showed that acts of discrimination are nil.  Left-handers and right-handers are generally treated fairly contrary to  negative impression claims against the left-handers. 

Based on intelligence,  a hypothesis from research done regarding left-handers and right-handers,  a research hypothesis was formed that  that left-handers are less smart  compared to right-handers.  That is not good news for left-handers though,  on the positive side of it,  nothing in this world is permanent and stable, this world is dynamic so as research.  Thus, let this be a challenge to the left-handers.  Show you’ve got.  Prove that  left-handers are also smart and intelligent in their own ways.  We can be smart in many fields such as arts, sports, music, academics.  This is what is known as  multiple intelligence which may be inherent in you and just need to nourish and develop it. 

The  Leonardo Da Vinci who was identified as a left-hander was able to show to the world that  anyone can excel in a particular field such as the Arts. He was a multi-talented artist as he also excelled in science, mathematics and botany, among others.  Being left-handed did not hinder him in any way to become a world famous artist, being the painter of  the mysterious Mona Lisa portrait.  He instead continued to develop his various interests that inspired him to be successful equipped with a positive mind and determination.  His achievements especially in the field of arts is unparalleled and incomparable.

The former United States president Barack Obama was said to be left-handed, too.  But such did not deter him from pursuing his interest in politics.  In college, he was very fond of political and international affairs. He also excelled in academics that he graduated magna cum laude at the Harvard Law School then later on became the most powerful man in the world, being elected as  the 44th  president of the United States.

FlexiSpot, a company that specializes in home and office furniture, physical fitness equipment, and accessories, has a research development unit  which is the basis for creating products with  every individual worker’s need in mind.  With the data gathered from research, the company has produced and created products that are stylish yet functional catering to every worker’s need as a freelancer who opted to work at home or as an employee in a company.  FlexiSpot’s advocacy is promoting health and wellness as well productivity among workers.

FlexiSpot sees to it that any worker is not left behind.  It also creates products that will cater to the left-handed worker.  One of exciting products is the L-Shaped Standing Desk E1L that has a reversible panel  which can accommodate office supplies and other work-related equipment and tools such as computers, laptops, etc. with a weight capacity of  177 lbs. You can even place your favorite books or pocketbooks on the desk for your reading pleasure as a form of relaxation.

For the left-handers, the  L-Shaped Standing Desk E1L is very ideal because it has a reversible panel that can be converted for so that as left hander, you can work comfortably, and you can freely move on any side or angle you want.  What is more exciting about this standing desk is that the panel is made without sacrificing the environment.  So it is environmentally friendly.  When you want to change the height of the desk, it is  convenient with its dual motor-lifting system that gives easier height adjustment without creating any awful noise.

The durability of this desk is not compromised because the frame is made of industrial-grade steel frame and rock-solid desktop  that could ideally support your office tools and supplies. With its anti-collision feature, you can be sure that it will not be damaged easily and when it moves upward or downward, it can sense anything that could block its movement and it will stop or reverse the desktop.  Is it not awesome?  It will be a great companion regardless of your handedness whether you are left-handed or right-handed. It will help boost your efficiency and productivity at work at any setting, home or office.  Reserve yours now, while it is still instock.