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Level Up Your Creativity with the Height Adjustable Whiteboard Standing Desk

26 April 2021

Work involves creativity.  You may be unaware of it, but somehow, we have an innate talent to be creative when we are at work for different reasons and when situations call for it.  We can transform our work into a more enjoyable, interesting and fun engagement.  For example, we can decorate our table top with banners that express our emotions and desires, bible verses that inspire us handwritten and mounted with colorful drawings.  You can also download images from the computer and mount them in a picture frame to decorate your tabletop and workstation.

Others decorate their cubicles with colorful pictures of family members and friends and places taken years ago to remind us of nostalgic scenarios at the beach or on top of the mountain. While others really draw and sketch   in charcoal or pencil images of nature and human faces or whatever images that they want to express visually. Creativity is a way of sharing our moods and feelings in a visual or written way through different mediums.  Thus, we communicate our emotions and ideas through creativity.

For business organizations, creativity means something more of sharing our thoughts and ideas positively or otherwise.  Organizations have their own idea of creativity in the workplace. Being creative is parallel to knowledge and thinking.  In business organizations, creativity is not aesthetics and expressions but more of thinking of new ideas and innovations that would promote sales, human achievements, new skills and new business concepts.  Creativity for organizations is also synonymous to being an expert in a particular area such as psychology or engineering and other fields of expertise.  An employee is creative if he is knowledgeable and able to handle situations that need problem solving, analysis, and appropriate response to that situation.

Therefore, creativity is quite a relative word. There are certain elements required to be creative as an expression of thoughts and ideas aesthetically and elements of learning or knowledge when you are in an organization such as in business. Innovation is also a key word in an organization.  Such that, being creative is the ability to come up with new ideas that will contribute to the growth of an organization.

Individual creativity is usually innate. It is within the individual. If you’re creative in writing poetry, it must be easy for you to compose one and you enjoy it when you are doing it.  Your creative juices help you to write poems for a short period of time. If your creative skill is nurtured and nourished, then you can be a great poet in the future. Then life for you will be   more fulfilling.

FlexiSpot wants you to nourish your potential as someone who is creative and determined to be an achiever.  This company which is globally known for producing and designing home office furniture, stands behind any consumer’s goal in life.  It supports physical wellbeing and productivity of every individual especially the workforce.  That is why there are special products made and designed for every worker’s personality and career goal. 

If you visit FlexiSpot’s  website, you will be amazed to know about the Height Adjustable Whiteboard Standing Desk.  This desk is no ordinary desk.  As its name implies, it is adjustable according to the height you want so you may work comfortably while sitting and you may opt to stand to avoid lumbar pains.  So, you have options to shift to one posture to another.  It is awesome, isn’t it?

The desktop is a whiteboard 0.7” thick, sized 48" x 24" is dry-erase. You can quickly erase and clean the whiteboard with a dry cloth or eraser.  It is covered with PET high-gloss film to smoother scribbling and jotting with the dry-erase marker. It will be inspiring to work on this beautiful white colored desktop to increase your productivity.

Nurture the creativity in you with this convertible desktop which you can flip easily to transform it into a whiteboard.  The adjustable handle enables you to select five (5) different angles (0/60/70/80/90°) depending on your whim and choice of location.  After work, you may opt to draw or make sketches of different subjects.  You can use the whiteboard to design your best friend’s wedding gown if you’re into fashion design.  If you’re into poetry, this whiteboard standing desk is an effective medium for you to write what’s on your mind, what you feel, and maybe write a poem about someone you met a week ago that struck your attention.  Or do some scribbling or freewriting if you decide to be a writer or a journalist someday.  There are many things you could with this Height Adjustable Whiteboard Standing Desk.

Mobility is easy. This standing desk can be moved and transferred to any location at your home. You can make it stationery with an adjustable lock for each wheel so that it will be steady for any activity you want to do with it. Aside from being creative, you can also do some presentation with this whiteboard standing desk.  Who knows you are groomed to be a department trainer.  So this is just the best time to practice and make the best performance. 

To transfer it to another location, the desktop has wheels that could move and the wheels will turn 360 degrees so the transfer is very easy and convenient even on a carpet or hard floor. This product is a great addition to your home.

Wait! There's more about this amazing product, aside from the cinch mobility, it has an advanced all-in-one keypad with three programmable presets that allows you to save the heights of the desktop when you sit or stand, even the height of your under-desk   cycling height.  The energy-efficient LED display allows you to see clearly the current height you are using.  When the desk is stationary, it automatically turns into the sleep mode.  

The desktop has also a stackable design so that you could flip back the top simply with its one-handed level mechanism for storage. Why not visit the website now. It is just a click away.