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Leveling up Your Gaming with Height Adjustable Gaming Chairs

02 June 2021

The Gamers' World:

Gamers are the ones who experience long hours at the gaming chair. They spend more than 2 hours finishing a game or upgrade characters. As a result, a lot of ergonomic problems take place with this kind of habit. Most gamers suffer from severe to chronic: 

● Lower back pain

● Neck pain 

● Eye strain 

numbness around the legs that worsens to a throbbing pain 

Some gamers do not immediately experience these kinds of body pain but suffer from illnesses caused by these in the long run. So, there are possible remedies for this. To relieve the pain, some people try:

● Self-medication

● Physical therapy 

This might be a good remedy but it might cost them an arm and a leg hence prevention would still be the best. Now, how could a person do prevention? In some cases, people put other stuff that could lessen the pain that might be felt after a few hours of sitting on the chair. Most of the time, people prop some pillows so it would lessen the numbness especially around the lumbar area yet the problems connected to that are:

● Not all pillows could give an ample amount of ergonomic solution.

● Pillows are prone to deformity.

● One could not assure that the airflow within the cotton or fabric inside the pillow is proper. This may cause more body heat for a person using it. 

With this, resorting to the usage of a pillow as a remedy is not advisable and could lead to severe body pain. So, instead of using these, there are more effective ergonomic solutions for that and Flexispot has those solutions for a gamer like you. These are the gaming chairs that are most suitable for people who like to spend long hours winning a game. Thus, let us walk you through this discussion today. First, we would be tackling down the factors to be considered when purchasing a gaming chair:

Things to Consider with Gaming Chairs:

● A good gaming chair has adjustable armrests

This is helpful for gamers who spend long hours tapping the keyboard but like to rest their elbows and forearms. This could help pump blood throughout the shoulder area and would relax the veins on the hands, forearms, and shoulder that have been forced during the game. 

● A good gaming chair has lumbar support:

This is one of the good points that you need to see when buying a gaming chair. This is because when sitting for long hours the spine area is the greatly affected one among the other body parts. Hence, a gaming chair should have parts that complement the lumbar. 

● A good gaming chair should follow the curves of your spine:

This would avoid getting spine strain even after long hours of playing a character. If a chair could not complement the curve of the spine, it may be dangerous to use it and it would be more harmful to the body. 

● A good gaming chair should have thick padding:

This would help a gamer relax his legs and knees while playing a game for long hours. Compared to the ordinary gaming chair, a product with thick paddings could ease the pain and would make it easier for the gamer to flex his knees easily. 

● A good gaming chair could make the rocking motion soothing: 

The rocking motion that comes from an ergonomic gaming chair could help a gamer feel relaxed and lessens the tension accumulating around the lumbar area and hips during long hours of gaming. Hence, a gaming chair should this function for it to be effective. 

When purchasing gaming chairs, it's important to see all these functions within the product just like the Flexispot ergonomic gaming chairs that are available in the market. In the following part of our topic, we would be discussing three of the most reliable ergo gaming chairs that people could choose from. These offer the right and ample ergonomic solutions that could relieve body tension and sprain problems within the gamer's physique. The three ergo gaming chairs are: 

● Gaming Chair GC01

● Big & Tall Massage Gaming Chair with Footrest 293

● Ergonomic Gaming Chair with Retractable Footrest Ri3476

The first ergo gaming chair from Flexispot is known for its ultra-wide design and high seatback. This is well known as: 

Gaming Chair GC01

● This gaming chair meets the needs of most Americans:

● Due to its massive size and durability, this red-colored gaming chair features parts such as the lumbar pad and removable pillow that could optimize the gaming of any gamers who spend long hours winning a game. This best suits tall American gamers and could also cater to the needs of medium-height gamers. 

● This is also known for two sit modes: the gaming mode and the rest mode. When in gaming mode, the person could adjust the backrest knob located on the side of this ergo gaming chair. With just a little press, the gamer could enjoy winning a battle for his team. Meanwhile, it also has the rest mode, in which the gamer could tilt this ergo chair on the desired angle. Once done, the gamer could take a rest on the chair and relax. 

● This also has a noiseless pulley that makes the motion suave and quiet when being moved during an intense game. 

● The weight capacity of this ergo gaming chair is 275lbs so no matter how tall and active the gamer is he could sit comfortably on this chair without breaking or damaging it. 

● So, I guess tall gamers could enjoy using this ergonomic gaming chair without many hassles because it is sturdy and could cater to their needs during intense play.

The next one is a massage gaming chair with a footrest. This is ideal for gamers who complain about leg pain and numbness around that area. This second ergo gaming chair is called:

Big & Tall Massage Gaming Chair with Footrest 293: 

● This is bigger than Gaming Chair GC01 because of the maximum load capacity which is 350lbs. So gamers who have larger body frames could enjoy and relax on this chair no matter how many body movements they create in an intense game. 

● The seating area dimension of this product is 21.3"x21.1". so it could carry a person with larger hips and body frame. 

● It's also comfortable to use this massage gaming chair because of the massage memory foam lumbar support. Hence, if you're going to sit here for a long time, you don't have to worry about the soreness or numbness around the torso. 

The last ergonomic gaming chair that we are going to discuss is an ergonomic gaming chair that has a recliner function. This ergo gaming chair is called the: 

Ergonomic Gaming Chair with Retractable Footrest Ri3476

● This ergonomic gaming chair has a retractable footrest and removable pillow too so one could adjust the comfort that he needs when playing an intense game. 

● This gaming chair could give you maximum comfort especially when you are in a resting mode. 

● It could let you rest and swivel while playing games without tumbling or losing balance while on the chair because of the product's stability and durability. Hence, an intense game would not make you experience numbness and discomfort. 

Final Thoughts:

Leveling up your gaming experience would be more fun with these products that we have mentioned that surely gives the perfect ergonomic solution that every gamer deserves to experience. Hence, choosing Flexispot ergo gaming chairs as a gaming companion is a wise thing to do.