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Lighting Up Your New Home

16 March 2023

Moving into your new home is a fun and exciting time. But when there are so many decisions that need to be made regarding your new home, it can also feel overwhelming. Designing the interior can be particularly confusing, whether your home is big or small. Lighting is one of the most important points to consider when moving into your new home. The right lighting can lift up a room as nothing else can. Here are some great tips for lighting in your new home.

Ergonomic Lighting

Ergonomic lighting is the optimum lighting that one needs to function efficiently without putting too much strain on the eyes. Without adequate lighting, the eyes have to work extra hard to focus. Ergonomic lighting refers specifically to designing and setting up lighting for people to work in the safest and most efficient environment. To maximize productivity and work quality with the least risk of fatigue and strain on the eyes.

Whether you are working in an office or from home, bright and good lighting is essential for optimum functioning and efficiency. Natural light, light fixtures, and floor lamps can all contribute to lighting space, but positioning and placement play a significant role in brightening a room.

The Benefits Of Good Lighting

We must not overlook and neglect the benefits of good lighting. Most people ignore lighting and continue carrying out their daily activities in dim light. But this has many disadvantages and is not recommended. Working in dim light has the following negative effects:

It causes eye strain and pain

It causes itchy and dry eyes

It causes redness of the eyes

It causes the eyes to become watery

It makes you feel sleepy and drowsy

It causes a bad headache

On the other hand, improving the light source has many benefits for the eyes and the individual's general well-being. The benefits of good lighting include:

Comfortable eyes

Better focus and concentration

Better visibility and clarity

Eyes feel refreshed

You feel more refreshed and energized

You are able to perform better in the workplace

Improved focus and mood have a positive effect on the quality of work

When you are feeling healthy and good about yourself, then everything else falls into place

How To Brighten Up Your Home In The Best Way

Walking into a brightly lit home automatically makes you feel happier and more comfortable. Whereas walking into a dimly lit and gloomy home has a depressing effect on you. It is not difficult to make a space look brighter. All you have to do is make a few changes. The best type of lighting is natural light. No matter the space, the home, the office, or even a café. Nothing makes a space look more inviting than a room brimming with natural daylight. This is the goal you must achieve for all the rooms in the house.

Lights In The Living Room

The living room is the most commonly used space in the house. It is where the whole family spends the most time and is usually the first room you enter when you enter your home. Ideally, you want the living room to look bright, white, and light. Incorporating natural light into your home has many benefits. It saves up on electricity as well as serves as the best light source. Natural light has the power to wake you up and make you feel energized. A dim room automatically starts to make us feel lazy and sleepy, and we don't feel as active.

The living room space should have large windows from the floor to the ceiling to bring in as much natural light as possible. This helps to brighten up the space and maintain that till the sun sets. Doing this saves electricity costs as effective placement of windows helps keep the room brightly lit throughout the day.

It also helps to paint the walls in the room white or neutral color to reflect as much light off them to make the room look bigger and brighter. Darker walls tend to absorb light and make rooms look smaller. Nowadays, open-plan kitchens have gotten rid of walls separating the kitchen space from the living room. This allows more light to infiltrate the rooms, preventing them from being blocked out by walls in the middle. An open kitchen that is brightly lit looks warm and inviting for guests and is great for when you are fond of entertaining and having guests over.

No one wants a gloomy kitchen in the house, and since the kitchen is known to be the heart of every home, it should have a warm and cozy vibe that makes the whole family want to use it and spend time in it rather than wanting to escape from it.

Flexispot has some amazing floor lamp options that add to a room's aesthetics and provide fantastic lighting to brighten up any room. Floor lamps are a great accessory that serves the purpose of a decorative item in the corner of your living room space and for additional lighting.

Lights In The Bedroom

The bedroom is the room that we all enter at the end of the day for a peaceful retreat. The point of a bedroom is to provide peace and comfort and a good night’s sleep. The best kind of lighting in the bedroom is that which can be closed off completely to achieve darkness. Darkness is extremely important for the sleep hormone melatonin to be released in the body. Melatonin is delayed in the presence of bright light and can disrupt the natural circadian rhythm of the human body; therefore, it is important that your bedroom has dimmed lights and windows that black-out curtains can completely cover.

Flexispot has the best nightstand lamps that can be used for bedtime reading. They are ideal for use by one person to shine light in a focused area so that your partner is not disturbed by the light source. You can choose the best lamp for your bedroom on Flexispot.

Lights In The Home Office

Many people continued to work from home post the covid 19 pandemic, resulting in them setting up home offices. While initially, many people worked as make-shift officers from their dining tables and beds; this is not recommended as it can damage the posture. Creating a proper and designated work space in the home is important to work efficiently and effectively. To be able to work, you need proper lighting; otherwise, it can have many negative effects on health. The best lighting for work purposes is natural light.

Create A Proper Home Office

Choose a spot in the house that is comfortable and well-lit. It should not be too secluded nor right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the house. You must invest in a proper workstation with a good quality office chair and an ergonomic office desk. An ergonomic workplace helps to improve the quality of work as well as reduces the amount of effort required to get it done. Flexispot has some great furniture and accessory options for an ideal home office

Tips To Make Rooms Look Brighter

Here are some ways that you can make a space in your home look brighter, bigger, and more open:

Paint all the walls white or a lighter, more neutral color

The flooring should be light-colored and shiny to reflect light

Large windows or skylights should be incorporated to bring in the maximum amount of natural light

Overhead task lamps should be used for specific tasks and on top of kitchen counters

Floor lamps should be used for large spaces such as the living room

Night lamps should be used for the bedroom

For smaller homes, walls should be removed to allow for light to fill into rooms rather than being blocked off by walls

Large mirrors could be added to walls to reflect light and make the spaces look brighter and more open

The Final Word

The importance of sufficient lighting is discussed above in this article. This is extremely important for the physical as well as mental health of the individual. Whether you work in an office, work from home, or are a stay-at-home parent, good lighting is extremely important for your home. Without adequate lighting, it would be impossible for you to perform all your daily tasks to the best of your abilities. Flexispot has some amazing ergonomic lighting options that you can consider for your home. for those who work from home, Flexispot offers excellent ergonomic office essentials that can be bought to set up in the home office.