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Lightweight or Extra Weight: 4 Things About FlexiSpot Desks

14 October 2021

Certain things hinder you when you are finishing work. You might be experiencing procrastination where you find it challenging to have the drive to complete a task. You might be having the creativity blocks which stop you from coming up with the best possible ideas. These things are the blockages that you encounter when you work in a day. You might also be experiencing ergonomic problems alongside these predicaments. If you're a WFH person or a hybrid office worker, you might have experienced the following things before:

  • spine strain
  • frozen shoulders
  • tennis elbow 
  • leg soreness

These kinds of strain and pain are the usual things that WFH and hybrid officer workers experience every day because of incorrect practices. The work area or the workstation becomes the most dangerous place for workers like you because office hazards like MSDs or musculoskeletal disorders start. The global pandemic gave rise to the number of individuals who experienced this biomechanical pain because of sedentary activities. 

The Sedentary Activities during the Global Pandemic

Sedentary Activities During the Global Pandemic

One of the reasons WFH people and hybrid office workers have experienced sedentary activities during the global pandemic was that most of them did not practice incorrect posture. Workers spent more hours sitting without the proper ergonomic equipment, such as the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair or Ergonomic Office Chair OC7 from FlexiSpot. As a result, they had no choice but to sit for a long time, crane their necks, and hunch their backs. Eventually, these individuals suffered from neck soreness that caused pain along the spine area too. 

Other workers also experienced sitting for long hours to finish tasks. They needed to finish heavy workloads at home because of the sudden shift from the on-site work setup. Hence, significant adjustments took place. As a result, most of them might have found it hard to do stretching activities or have longer toilet breaks which cause them actual pain. When a person does not try activities and skip toilet breaks, there's a big possibility that they would experience conditions like this. 

Despite these problems that most workers experience up to these days, there are still solutions to such predicaments. One of them is switching to the best ergonomic products from FlexiSpot, like the standing desks, sit-stand desks, and stand-up desks. Indeed, these products from FlexiSpot can give you the superb ergonomic solutions that you primarily need while working. 

The Odyssey to the Ergonomic Solutions

The Odyssey to the Ergonomic Solutions

FlexiSpot is standing desks, and when you hear this product, you can ensure that healing and proper alignment from the spine down to the toes. It's because the desk design, functionalities, and features of the ergo products from FlexiSpot, such as the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk and Deskcise V9 Pro, can genuinely give you the ergonomic solutions that you need as a worker. 

When you purchase these standing desks at FlexiSpot, you can ensure that you can avoid the RSIs, such as the conditions in the spine and extremities that can stop you from achieving your work goals and finishing a lot of tasks in a day. 

With these products, you can also achieve the best posture that you must have to avoid the crooked back and lumbar pain that can lead to the worst spine-related injuries. With these ergonomic products, you can ensure that you would not need to bend your back forward when adjusting the desk's height. It's because, with the help of the motors and leg sections of these desks, you would be able to put the weight on the desks instead of you forcing your muscles and joints. 

Once you check it online, you can look at the different types of motors that can help lift the frames. The leg sections can also add up speed on the table product and its lifting mechanism. These standing desks also have columns that can add power to the desk products. All these things are in the buyer's guide to help you decide on the best standing desks that suit your needs. 

So, to give you more insights on the desk products that you may purchase from FlexiSpot, you should now know the differences between the lightweight standing desks and the ones with the extra weight. Indeed, you have to know the four things about these standing desks and how you can decide on the right product for you. 

Knowing the Light Weight and Extra Weight

The desk products from FlexiSpot have become well-known in the market. It's because of their unique functionalities that suit the needs of the workers. Every product can satisfy the ego needs of the users well. So, one of these things may help you with your quest to find the right product for you. 

a. Lightweight Desks with Single Motors or Inverted Columns

Single Motor Desk

At FlexiSpot, you can identify the lightweight standing desks with their motors and inverted columns. The inverted columns are steel frames that are thinner than the steel on the upper part. They are speedy, and they have a limited weight capacity. So, if you think you would not need a bulkier frame because you only have a few office materials with you and are not heavy, this kind of desk is recommendable for you. 

b. Desks with Extra Weight with Dual Motors and Enhanced Columns

Dual Motors

Those table products from FlexiSpot that have the extra weight have dual motors and enhanced columns. The dual motors are two motors attached to the inner sides of the desk products. They help lift larger desks from FlexiSpot; these desks are the ones suitable for heavier setup. Meanwhile, these desks get support from the enhanced columns. These are wider and sturdier, but they are slower compared to the inverted columns. So, looking at the features of these standing desks, you may notice that they are best for workers with many books and heavy devices like monitors. 

c. Standing Desks with Extra Weight Can Serve as Fitness Equipment Too

Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk

In particular, the Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk is a furniture piece with a thick desktop and the ideal weight capacity of 275lbs. Hence, this desk is the best option when you need to lean on the desktop and do push-ups. So, looking at this feature, you can see that the desk with the extra weight is more suitable, yet it will still depend on your workload and the heaviness of your devices. 

d. Lightweight Desks Have a Limited Weight Capacity

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

Despite the speedy lifting capacity of the lightweight desks, there are certain limitations when you use this standing desk, such as its limited weight capacity. When a desk has a limited capacity, there are specific office tools and materials that you might not put atop the surface. On the other hand, you can still ensure that despite the lightweight features of these tables, they are durable and can stand long years of usability.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best ergonomic solutions is more accessible with FlexiSpot. They commit themselves to offer the clients the utmost protection and convenience through the best standing desk products from the company. Indeed, you must know these guidelines to have more ideas on picking the best desk product for you.