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Music for the Soul

05 July 2021

Listening to music is one hobby that is appreciated and liked by most of us. Aside from reducing stress, it also soothes our minds and relaxes our bodies. I really love listening to music because aside from making me relaxed, it helps me ponder on some beautiful past experiences and reminisce about those times when I was young and vibrant. 

While listening to music, I delve into things that I wanted to do and plans for the future which I have not accomplished yet until now. I hope I can in the near future. Depending on the song’s theme, I sometimes daydream of beautiful things in the past which makes me realize that time is short for things to be accomplished. 

And I dread those times that I was carefree and was not able to prepare for my future. Anyway, I still believe that living is self-fulfilling and it has its ups and downs that we have to surmount to achieve our dreams.

Music lets us travel to another world, a better one that is far cry from the reality we have right now.

Sometimes I would like to shun thinking about this reality and just make another dream world where there is no pain and negative experiences that I could encounter. However, I think there is no perfect place like there is no perfect individual.

Anyway, music has different genres and each of us has their own preference for types of music. Based on some statistics, the favorite music genre for the millennials today is pop music, followed by rock music, next is hip hop and rock, indie and alternative rock, etc.

As for me, I like jazz music and I will stick to it because it makes me happier and active when I listen to this kind of music whether it is instrumental or sung by an artist. By the way, my favorite jazz singer is Patti Austin. I hope the millennials are with me. I also adore George Benson and Seal, although he is into R& B and soul music genres. I like his style and his voice.

Young people like pop music for a number of reasons according to an online article. It indicated that the young like this music genre because of its ability to make people sing along with songs by artists such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Drake.

Another reason for the love of pop music by the young is that they can relate to the songs while they are listening in the car, traveling, and doing some leisure activities or sometimes they listen to kill time.

Pop music is also indicated as universal that most songs could be appreciated by young people all over the world. BTS, a Korean pop group and a boy band has the best-selling album in South Korea, and currently, their song “Butter” is No. 1 on the Billboard chart. 

Pop music is not only for singing, but also for dancing.

Young people are motivated to dance so that they can have fun while singing and dancing to the tune of the pop song. Dancing is contagious as older people can also dance to the tune showing their terpsichorean skills. Even seniors could dance to the tune.

Another reason as reported (” is that pop music focuses on not just the music, but the visuals too. Hence why pop musicians are more likely to dance and do music videos than non-pop musicians. Dancing is visually appealing and a great music video can help a song stick out more to the audience. Selena Gomez & the Scene's music video for "Naturally" is a huge example of how visual effects pull people into liking a song.”

“Pop music makes us happy and energetic.”

This is very true. When you listen to the songs of Rihanna or Arianna Grande, BTS, they have the magical power to make you happy and active for the moment. Young people, as I observed, can do a lot while listening to music with their headphones or earphones, there is nothing that they cannot do. They also could study well and could do their homework while their earphones are plugged into their ears. 

They are most motivated to do their tasks while listening to pop music. Although for some, they cannot do their homework in the middle of loud pop music. Some prefer to do them in a quiet environment. But generally, young people are active and energetic to do their schoolwork while listening to pop songs.

Pop music is not all about the song. We can see that your pop artists incorporate music videos to present their songs that are more appreciated and loved by young pop music enthusiasts. They love how the music is sung with visuals or videos unfolding a theme or a story behind the song. This is really an effective strategy for pop songs because songs are also a medium of communication.  

Communication, in its true sense, is more effective when two senses are involved in it. For example, we can recall more of what we read, see, or watch on videos when we can hear and see what is going on at the same time. I think this is the reason why pop music will always be popular among young people and older people, too.

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