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Live Streaming: Now Trending

04 August 2021

Streaming live is one of the most popular contents on the internet right now, next to ASMR, mukbang, shopping hauls, and other generated content across many platforms. This is a growing niche market in which gamers, musicians and basically anyone can join. It is highly addictive and there’s a lot of entertainment value in it.

Apart from that, the interaction going on between streamers and audience is a bit more prominent compared to visual social media content in the form of photographs or videos, as it is happening as is. It is much like FaceTime with creators but with more entertainment value.

By definition, live streaming is online media content recorded and broadcasted as it happens.

More often than not, it is simply called streaming albeit the vagueness of the term as it can also be used to refer to watching films or videos online. The main difference is that live streaming is happening in real-time and the videos are pre-recorded or already produced for consumption. 

There are a lot of platforms where anyone can watch or become a streamer. There is Facebook Live or Facebook Gaming, Periscope, Douyou, Kuaishou, Bilibili, 17 but the most popular streaming platform currently is Twitch which is owned by Amazon.

On these platforms, people can stream or watch people playing games, e-sports, play music, talk to people, and so many others. The newest addition is IRL or In Real Life where a streamer streams what is happening where they are currently. Sometimes it is a basketball game, sometimes it’s a birthday party, sometimes it is workshops or just studying or working.

Interaction in live streaming is a major feature of streams.

Users can talk to the broadcaster, they can send in platform rewards which equate to sending gifts or money to the streamer, there are also in-stream games where the people who watch can join.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, live streaming has seen its largest growth ever.

It shows no signs of slowing down even if vaccines had already been rolled out. About 56% of live streamers from the US and UK alone have been surveyed to plan to continue watching live streams after the pandemic.

For consumers and non-live streamers around 23% are certain that they will continue to watch streams post-Covid 19. This may not look like a large number but between March and April 2020, approximately 34% of people who use the internet are or have been either a social media or game live streamer. For gen Z or people born in the middle of the 90s to the early 2010s, social media has been the primary source of news and current events for around 34% of them.

In terms of the statistics of live streaming in the international scene, the Middle East East, and Africa are currently the forerunners in the number of live streamers. There is a whopping 38% of live streamers coming from this region. 23% of all live streamers internationally are found in the Americas and Canada, while 29% are from Latin America. Around 35% of all live streamers are coming from the Asia Pacific while only 10% are from China. The rest of the 19% are from Europe.

Live streamers are also a niche marketing and advertising medium that companies can tap into.

They are more interactive with brands in general and have a greater desire to influence either the product itself or the brand. Around 23% of live streamers have fully read a brand’s blog, 19% of them have interacted with a brand, 20% of them have shared a brand’s post on their personal social media account, 18% have provided ideas for new designs or products and 21% of them have uploaded a photo or video to a brand’s social media.

Forty-seven percent more people are consuming live stream content than last year and they spend three times more time doing this than anything else on the internet. For potential live streamers and current live streamers, this niche could potentially be a gold mine. Once an account has grown and has its own true fans, there are many ways a streamer can make money. 

For example in Twitch, which is known for its generous monetization options streamers can earn through a virtual currency called Bits. These are used by the audience to cheer on a streamer and celebrate success in a game. A streamer can earn around $0.01 per bit, so if a fan sends 10,000 bits the streamer gets $100.

Apart from these, fans can give donations via Paypal, Patreon, and other donating platforms. These donations are generally known as tips. Streamers can put milestones for donations for a specific goal in terms of dollar amounts. Once a fan donates, it is broadcasted in the chatbox and the streamer would acknowledge this aloud and show gratitude to the fan.

Another way a streamer can monetize their channel is by paid subscription. Subscription has additional perks depending on the amount. This is the most reliable stream of income for streamers as the subscription is a recurring expense for the true fan.

Professional gaming and esports sponsorships can also be a major financial move for live streamers. The competitive esports industry is estimated to be worth $1.5 billion by the end of this year. If a streamer wins any of these competitions, they can attract brand sponsorships which is the most lucrative way a streamer can make money. If not, there are still affiliate sales where a live streamer can make roughly around 5% to 30% commission and sell merchandise to true fans which could average around $2000 or more depending on how popular a streamer is.

Starting with live streaming is an easy task.

First, you need an audio and video source, which could be your laptop camera or webcam and microphone. A video encoder which is software that packages the video and sends it to streaming platforms like Stream labs, OBS studio, and others is also needed. A stable internet connection is stable especially if you are going to stream games. Last but definitely not least you need a workstation from where you will stream. 

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