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Looking Forward to the Holiday Season?

02 August 2021

Time flies so fast. We are already in the middle of the year and almost unnoticeably, holidays are coming. The pandemic still haunts us, but it will not stop us from celebrating Christmas and New Year. This year will end hopefully, with positive changes in us personally and otherwise. 

When we think about holidays, there are many traditions that we usually practice every year to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Buying gifts is on top of the list amidst financial difficulties and a seemingly bleak year ahead. Celebrating the holidays is unstoppable!

Aside from gifts, we usually have special food and drink to complement the holiday celebration. What a great way to celebrate it with a special recipe taken from your grandma’s recipe notebook which has been a source of special and delectable dishes. These dishes are always been a favorite of young and old people alike. They always stand out among the holiday dishes that are usually prepared for everybody in the family.

For example, there are different kinds of cakes that are usually baked and served during christ Christmas such as fruit cake, which is baked with “candied or dried fruit, nuts, and spices, and optionally soaked in spirits.” Typically, American fruitcakes are full of nuts and fruits.  

Another traditional dish usually prepared for Christmas is the roast goose. And it is identified with the celebration of Christmas. Goose has white meat which is similar to chicken and turkey while its breast meat is darker in color than chicken or turkey which is more flavorful. The reason is that a goose has more developed breast muscles due to its ability to fly while chicken and turneys don't. One-third of a pound of goose meat is consumed by an average American.

Green bean casserole is also a traditional dish that is among the favorites to be served during the holidays. It contains five ingredients and is easy to prepare. Corned beef and cabbage are other classics when it comes to holiday dishes. This dish is also easy to prepare as the name suggests.

Christmas ham, hot chocolate, mashed potato oyster stem, and pies such as apple pie, sweet potato pie, pecan pie, and pumpkin pie are also served during the holidays especially on Christmas.

While meat dishes are predominantly served on the Christmas table, fish is also served as part of the “Feast of the Seven Fishes.” ( For sweets and desserts, chocolate fudge. Christmas cookies, candy canes, and gingerbread house or gingerbread man never fail to complement the special dishes served for the Christmas celebration.  

For drinks, apple cider, hot chocolate, buttered rum, and eggnog make their way for a true Christmas celebration of the family and relatives that come together for special bonding and fun.

Eggnog is historically also known as a milk punch or an egg-milk punch when alcoholic beverages are added. Literally, eggnog means "egg inside a small cup."( Typically, it is alcoholic although you can buy or make it nonalcoholic. This richly flavored drink contains milk, sugar, eggs mixed with alcohol.

This special drink developed from a "hot British drink known as "posset" that consists of milk, effs, and wine or ale. Moreover, the alcohol content varies according to location. For example, in the South, the majority drink eggnog with bourbon while in other places, eggnog is mixed with rum or brandy.

For homemade eggnog, it is prepared with milk, eggs, sugar, and flavorings are used and served with cinnamon or nutmeg. It is also often served chilled, while there are times it is served warm especially during cold days. “Eggnog or eggnog flavoring may also be used in other drinks, such as coffee (e.g. an "eggnog latte" espresso drink) and tea, or to dessert foods such as egg-custard puddings.” (

Another traditional drink that is served during the holidays are the following which is indicated in an online article ( are the following:

  • Hot buttered rum - a rum-based drink that is warm, spicy, and buttery smooth. It is simple to make as ingredients are also easily prepared and simple.
  • Hot Toddy - a winter drink which is hot tea with some lemon and honey, a choice of brandy, rum, or whiskey.
  • Wassail - a warm holiday punch with aromatic spices mixed with a choice of brandy and sherry, rum, or beer.
  • Tom and Jerry - warm milk with shots of brandy and rum that is perfect for bonding with family and friends during the holidays.
  • Non-alcoholic Thanksgiving Punch - it is a base of apple cider, sparkling orange juice, and sparkling grape juice with fresh orange and cranberry flavored with cinnamon. Although the name suggests the Thanksgiving celebration, it is also perfectly served during the Christmas season.
  • Mulled wine - winter is the time for mulled wine. “A bottle of red wine, a hint of brandy, and some holiday spices will quickly fill your home with the Christmas spirit.”

This year’s Christmas and New Year celebration may not be as grandeur as it used to be, let’s hope that this year will end with a bang- that is, we are free of the pandemic that we can move around without any fear of contracting any sickness and our financial difficulties are resolved. We can only hope at this time and be positive about our future ahead.

To celebrate Christmas and New Year is the time we look forward to as it is the time to reunite with family members and those we love. Why not have some holiday drinks on a Kana Bamboo Standing Desk from Flexispot? It is a perfect table to have some tete-a-tete with some relatives and close friends who you have not seen in ages.  

This nature-inspired and elegant standing desk made of bamboo can be a desk for productivity and can be transformed into a desk where a holiday celebration will be a memorable one. It is adjustable to sit and stand whenever necessary, it is also durable with a dual-motor lifting system, with a highly customizable frame. The energy-efficient LED display has three memory presents and a programmable sit/stand reminder system. What more can you ask for? Have one today!