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Love at First Use: My Experience with Flexispot’s Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

09 September 2021

Growing up in New York prepared me for a lot of things except adulthood. I didn’t see the decision makings and lengthy office hours coming- and I wouldn't say I liked every bit of it. One thing I have always wanted was to volunteer at a non-governmental organization where I could touch lives. But here I was stuck in a company pretending to work as a product manager. 

Who was I kidding? 

I never really paid much attention to work, and this would later haunt me in the future. Not in the way you would expect, though.

After a few years, I got a job as a virtual assistant at one of my dream organizations. Well, strutting out of my last workplace seemed so fulfilling- to say the least.

Fast forward to two weeks down the line, I started my work as a virtual assistant, and everything seemed right. Well, almost everything, except my new acquaintances, low back pain, and dull neck ache. 

I tried to shoo them off with doses of aspirin and a few massage parlor trips. But, unfortunately, they were keen on staying a while longer.

With the assumption that the back pains would leave soon enough, I ignored them. However, my workload never ceased gaining an upward trajectory. Not that I minded; I mean, it was something I enjoyed doing. So, I committed to extra work hours, overnights, and extended sitting hours to ensure I cover more grounds. 

Working from home was unfamiliar territory for me, and I gladly explored it the best way possible. However, my daily routine was basic. Wake up early, shower, and grab some toast and coffee; sometimes order some pizza or whisk up an omelet for breakfast. 

Afterward, I would settle down at my home workspace, which consisted of a big desk and an office chair I had picked up from my dad’s garage. And of course, my work monitor, mouse, and keyboard. I often remained in my seat to reply to emails, schedule meetings, or do whatsoever I needed to do for the day. 

At lunchtime, I ordered a late lunch and ate while I worked. It all seemed so perfect except for the back and neck pain that never stopped pounding.

After two months, my back pain became anything but bearable. Work became overbearing due to the unrelenting pain I was experiencing. However, it did affect my workflow a great deal, and I couldn’t ignore it any longer. 

It was about time I visited a doctor. 

One visit to the doctor revealed I had major lumbar strains. After a full consultation and some advice and treatments, I was back home wondering how on earth sitting for hours had put me in such pain. And why ergonomics sounded faintly familiar.

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

Craving an ergonomic workspace

My boss was kind enough to give me a break to get fully treated while I made attempts to read more on ergonomics since my doctor kept mentioning it. 

I understood the differences between an ergonomic chair and the bland, dated antique I had inherited as an office chair during my long research process. 

Then it struck me.

I spent long hours sitting at my former workplace, yet, I never had back pain. But a few colleagues complained of nasty back pains which caused the management to change all our office furniture. And my boss said something about introducing ergonomic workstations to enhance productivity and curb the pain breakout. 

Unfortunately, I never paid attention to my former job, and as I said earlier, my lack of attention came back to haunt me. Maybe I would have understood the essence of a proper workspace before I had to put up with intense pain. 

But there was no point crying over spilled milk. So once I found out I needed an ergonomic workspace, I committed to the course and promised to get it done as soon as I was fit.

Sincerely, the lumbar strain got me pinned down for weeks. My work dragged on, and I feared that my dream job could be slipping off my fingers. But bless my boss; she was so understanding and willing to help set up my new workspace.

I decided to put a call through to one of my ex-colleagues to find out where the office bought those ergonomic chairs that made my final moments comfortable. She told me about Flexispot and how reliable and ergonomically correct their workstations were. 

Don’t get me wrong, it was seamless to find several ergonomic chairs on amazon, but I needed help getting something quality. My doctor mentioned the need to get a trusted brand. Moreover, I was not about to risk my “lumbar health” anytime soon. Hence the initial consultation.

Since I was sure that Flexispot’s chairs didn’t affect me negatively back then, I was willing to dive. 

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

A moment of revaluation

Did I mention that the plan was to completely overhaul my workspace and replace it with ergonomic workstations only? 

However, I was torn between which desk and chairs to buy. After visiting the Flexispot website, I discovered their blog, which helped me through my discovery of Ergonomics,

After reading a couple of reviews, I decide to buy one standing chair to relieve me from long sitting hours and a Soutien chair. As much as I would love to review the standing desk as well, Soutien's ergonomic office chair is the workstation of the hour. 

I placed my order on the Flexispot website. I noticed the first time I surfed through Flexispot’s website is the affordability of their products. Initially, that got me scared, and I wondered if it was indeed in the same rank as some of its expensive competitors. 

Anyway, I followed my instincts and ordered my workstations while redesigning my workplace to enhance work efficiency. Well, I sure learned a lot about workspaces and how to create an effective one. 

I must commend the rapidness with which Flexispot delivered the items I ordered. But, alas, I had almost fully recovered, and I had all my workstations set.

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

The big move

My big decision to spend on new workstations was met with satisfaction after I got the package. But, unfortunately, setting up my standing desk wasn't easy since I wasn't allowed to lift anything heavy. But I had little help. 

Setting up the Soutien ergo chair was easier than the standing desk and faster. Since I started using this ergo chair, I have realized the real depth of comfort during work. 

Before my workspace became stand-centric and ergonomic, work was easy. But afterward, it became a no-brainer, and I covered more ground.

The Soutien office chair has superb lumbar support that helped my sitting posture considerably. In addition, it kept my shoulders upright during the day. And my new standing desk also allows me to switch to standing at will. 

Furthermore, the chair has a headrest that keeps my head and neck all set in a proper position. Then there is the adjustability. I can adjust the chair to any angle I want without any issues. 

I also notice there is an armrest on my new Soutien chair. This armrest is cushiony and incredibly comfortable. During work, I get to rest my arms all day long. What’s more? Soutien ergonomics’ armrest has an adjustability feature to enhance more customization. 

There’s something about my former office chair. It had a way of making me all sweaty or damp whenever I had my air conditioner off. But with my new Soutien ergo chair, there is a special breathable mesh at the back of the chair. This mesh is always breezy whenever I am seated.

Remember the adjustability feature I mentioned earlier? that feature makes it possible to recline my chair whenever I am ready to grab my late lunch. Afterward, I rest for a while before going back to full-blown work mode.

Additionally, the seat depth is adjustable. So, I can change the chair anytime I want to suit any body type. Recently, a colleague from work asked to use my workspace while I was away. He has no issues adjusting to suit his body structure.

When I got back from my trip, I adjusted the chair back to how I love it without any worries. And by the way, my colleague claimed, he couldn’t wait to get his workstations from Flexispot. Only one trial was enough to trigger his big move.

Finally, I care about the durability of any product. For me, the quality is a big deal, as much as durability. In this regard, a Soutien ergonomic office isn’t lacking. I have used it for months now, and it feels like new.

There is no wear or tear, nor have any of the adjustment cranks gone loose. So overall, on a scale of 1 to 10, I will give Soutien a 9.

How it ended

I don’t need to spell out that I am extremely satisfied. Having developed a knack for ergonomics in my workspace, I have invested in more workstations and fitness tools from Flexispot. 

After all, my health means a lot to me, and so should yours.