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Make Up: The Beauty Enhancer

26 May 2021

Most women will never get out of their homes without putting on some makeup or even having some lipstick to brighten up the face and make it look more pleasing. However, because of the pandemic, we wear masks most of the time outside the house and we seem to make our look simpler by not even wearing any lipstick. 

Makeup enhances a woman’s beauty and personality. A plain-looking woman will look more attractive when she puts on her red lipstick to begin her day. Some women won’t dare go out without putting on at least their favorite lipstick. And it’s not only women who are wearing makeup, men too. These days, it is acceptable by society and anyone would not care at all. It is fine. It’s part of having a sense of beauty with vanity.

 A Bit of History of Cosmetics or Makeup

The history of makeup is traced thousands of years ago from the 1st Egypt Dynasty when tombs showed oil jars and makeup canisters. Makeup was not popular until 1910 when it became chic and modern in Europe and in the United States make-up became fashionable in the United States of America and Europe owing to the impact created by ballet and theatre stars.

The 1920s saw Hollywood's film industry creating an influence on cosmetics. The Polish beautician, Maksymilian Faktorowicz, is attributed as the 'father of makeup'. He conceived the popular line of cosmetics called Max Factor in the 1020s and coined the word “makeup” as another name for cosmetics. 

The 21st century saw the worldwide popularity of cosmetics as online selling also became trendy around the world. The cosmetics industry is one of the booming industries in the world, maybe because men are also using cosmetics for some reasons and cosmetics companies are formulating products that will cater to men and their vanity.

Makeup Products for the Face 

When applying makeup, we usually concentrate on the face because it is the most obvious part of a woman’s body and gazed upon by anyone. Not only should it be attractive, but faces create different impressions on the beholder. Some of the facial products that you might be using every day are as follows”

● Lipsticks or lip color/tint - which is one of the basics in putting on makeup. There are thousands of colors to choose from and even lip balm is now available in different hues.

● Face powder - they could be loose or compact with the aim of changing the color or appearance of the skin especially when you look pale so that you have to lighten up your skin with a face powder to look more brighter with a positive outlook

● Foundation - this could be liquid or powder and also have different skin shades to match the skin color of the user. I usually use the liquid foundation for a lighter feel on my face and it can be easily washed out before bedtime in contrast to powder foundation. Well, of course, this is only taken from my own experience with my own choice of foundation.

● Concealer - the aim is to hide imperfections on the face skin for the moment and could be applied using a brush, spray, or sponge

● Cheek color or rouge - this is also commonly known as “blush on” - this is used to accentuate the cheekbone on the face and also hide some imperfections. Applying cheek color is supposed to make the user look radiant and younger

Actually, there are many kinds of cosmetics that can be applied to the face these days. Eye makeup for example takes almost an hour or so to apply and on different parts of the eyes that will highlight the beauty of the eyes and there are different looks such as a “smoky eyes look” to match the face makeup and outfit for the day.

Wearing makeup in the office is still relevant these days even though we are obliged to wear masks and face shields. There are moments that we could still show off our makeup for the day not only to be more confident with ourselves but also to enhance our natural beauty. 

During lunch breaks, we could still flaunt our makeup while having our lunch or short breaks. I think there’s nothing wrong with that and many appreciate how one looks with makeup.

However, there are times that we are too busy to put on our makeup because of workload. But women are born to put on makeup, right? Most women, I should say. So, we always find time to wear even just lipstick when there is a chance to do it. Sometimes, we put our lipstick in our pockets to see to it that we wear them when we have the chance to go to the lady’s room.

Men in the office also appreciate the beauty of their female counterparts. After all, men are born to acknowledge and enjoy the beauty of women. So, it is essential to have your lipstick handy and a mirror on your desk. I think there is no official policy that bans a vanity mirror on the desk as long as you are doing your job efficiently.

If you’re looking for a very smart vanity mirror for your desktop, you will find this gem at FlexiSpot. This vanity mirror is really fantastic like no other. It is called Three-paneled Mirror With 2.3 Times Magnification and Led Light MR01This compact mirror is essential to your workstation. You can put on your makeup and check if you’re fully made up exactly how you want it to be.

Other Smart Features

● It has a dual power supply: 4 AA batteries and electric with a USB charging cable

● It can be folded and flipped (180 degrees); it has thinly designed so it is a space saver

● Light intensity is adjustable and can be used even in a low-light area

● It is a three-paneled mirror with 2.;3 magnification for precise makeup application

● It has three sides to check your makeup on a front mirror and on the sides

As such, putting on your makeup is no longer a stressful activity but an aesthetic delight for you and for all people around you. Check it out on the FlexiSpot website now!