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Make Way for FlexiSpot's Bamboo Series

23 July 2021

Because natural resources are depleting, what makes bamboo furniture a green, eco-friendly furniture option? Certain bamboo species spread like weeds. They grow swiftly and are believed to propagate into other locations. Bamboo grows more than ten times faster than other hardwoods, making bamboo furniture an excellent option to furnish your spaces while also helping to preserve forests. Putting aside the fact that bamboo furniture is environmentally friendly, there are numerous additional reasons why bamboo furniture is an excellent choice for your home and office.

We at FlexiSpot care about the environment, and we know you do as well. That is why we are committed to supplying you with eco-friendly products that are functional, dependable, beautiful, and long-lasting and will be your first choice when it comes to equipping your home and office environment responsibly.

How is bamboo eco-friendly?

Swelling and Shrinking Resistance

Bamboo furniture will not inflate or shrink as a result of climate shifts. As a result, bamboo outdoor furniture can survive the transition from damp to dry air and temperature fluctuations.


Bamboo furniture is durable enough to survive daily use. It is significantly more durable than typical hardwoods. Bamboo is even used in chopping boards for this reason; it can withstand repeated knife usage while remaining appealing, and it is easier on knife blades than on other woods. This is useful if you intend to use a bamboo tabletop frequently.


Bamboo furniture has a delicate grain and comes in a variety of dyes and finishes. When you add contemporary bamboo furniture pieces to your office or home, you don't have to sacrifice your style.


Bamboo furniture is now available in a wider range of forms and finishes than ever before. Bamboo is being used in new designs by furniture designers, either as an all-bamboo material or composite material. Bamboo beds, bamboo bar stools, bamboo chairs, bamboo headboards, and bamboo flooring are just a few examples. Here at FlexiSpot, we take pride in our ergonomic bamboo standing desks.


Bamboo has a tensile strength of 28,000 per square inch, compared to 23,000 for steel, and its fibers are utilized to reinforce composite products. Bamboo is the only tree that grows straight. There are "knuckles," but they are constant and strong, and they do not damage the bamboo's integrity. Bamboo's strength is increased when laminated, and the lamination adds another layer of protection against depreciation. Bamboo furniture is more durable than the majority of the furniture in your home. Instead of feeling as if you are purchasing furniture for a good cause, keep in mind that you are buying extra-durable furniture when you choose bamboo furniture.

FlexiSpot Embracing Nature

FlexiSpot aspires to reduce its carbon footprint by developing more sustainable and long-lasting goods. Our bamboo tabletops are one of the products we developed to help us keep on the right direction toward becoming more environmentally friendly. We are excited to lower our carbon footprint to help our world and assist clients who are seeking a bamboo top for a desk and have common aspirations. Our lovely bamboo products are perfect for an environmentally concerned hard worker like you.

The natural bamboo strip fitted into an ergonomic workstation is unrivaled. It has a lacquer coating that helps it resist scratches, water, and insects and is twice as sturdy as conventional wood. Our bamboo desktops are all made of carbonized bamboo, giving them a high-quality finish. Our desktop is scratch, water, and bug resistant, thanks to the carbonized 2H lacquer covering. The powder-coated steel tubing adds to the durability by keeping scratches and stains away from the frame. These robust bamboo tabletops will readily withstand daily operations of workplace use. Our standing desks are made even better since they include a powerful motor core with an advanced structure and an innovative Dual-Motor Lifting System that increases loading capacity and assures excellent stability even at the highest setting.

Our bamboo tabletops were designed to support both the Modish Standing Desk and the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk, giving you the option of choosing sustainability. Both come with a Dual-Motor Lifting System, which provides you with a more solid standing desk experience. A distinct motor in this function powers each leg of the table. Compared to ordinary standing desks with a single-engine, the desk's dual-motor design ensures improved performance.

Improved Smoothness

Nobody enjoys an unsteady tabletop. You will never have to worry about the desktop wobbling or collapsing as you adjust it upward or downward. The dual-motor lifting mechanism assures a seamless function, providing you with an excellent experience.

Greater Weight Capacity

The lifting mechanism of the dual-motor system allows for a higher weight capacity, while a single motor standing desk can typically hold roughly 154 pounds. The dual-motor standing desk has a maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds.

Impressive Lifting Speed

Our desks have an outstanding lifting speed of 1.4” inch per second, so you can effortlessly switch between different elevations in seconds without wasting so much time or losing focus on what matters.

Intelligent Control Panel

Our sophisticated keyboard has three memory presets and a configurable sit/stand reminding mechanism with an energy-efficient LED display. When it's time to stand up, you may quickly shift positions and get polite notifications.

Child Lock + Anti-Collision Features

One of the cleverest functions is to lock the elevation position until it is turned off and detect and prevent collisions before they occur, both of which make it safe for our standing desks to be used around and with kids and pets.

Here is our gorgeous bamboo tabletop standing desk lineup. You may click on them to see and learn more:

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Bamboo offers remarkable environmental benefits, and we at FlexiSpot picked this material precisely for that purpose. We aim to make a massive difference and reduce our carbon footprint on the planet. Our eco-friendly collection of furniture begins with bamboo tabletops, which are a move in the right path.