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Make Your Teacher Feel Special this World Teachers' Day

11 October 2021

You’ve probably heard this line one too many times: teachers are our second parents. It’s true to a significant extent---teachers enter our lives during our formative years. We spend about five to seven hours a day in school with teachers not only monitoring our grades but also how we behave and socialize with our peers. From teaching us how to count numbers and write the alphabet in kindergarten to teaching us advanced Calculus or Python in university, our teachers have equipped us with the tools to land jobs and make something out of our lives regardless of where we came from. 

This society has engineers, doctors, journalists, lawyers, architects, farmers, nurses, and whatnot because of dedicated teachers who have propelled the way for their quote, unquote bright future. But despite the lessons that we learn from them, we rarely stop by to say even a simple, genuine thank you. Some of us even ridicule the way they speak or behave in class. Some of us curse them for homework and exams that are for our own benefit in the first place. Regardless, teachers are modern-day heroes that weaponize us with skills and knowledge for the battle we’ll be thrown into after graduation. 

teacher during online school

We all know the story when COVID-19 hit. Schools had to be shut but the responsibility of the teachers remained the same. Students, teachers, parents, and school staff had to adjust to a complete online learning set-up for the whole semester and more. Even old professors who aren’t the most tech-savvy had to learn how to set up Zoom by themselves and begin their classes. It was also difficult for parents who monitored their children’s activity at home. It was difficult for students to even have the appetite to learn at the very start when distance learning was still a distant concept. Now in 2021, COVID-19 still persists but because of quick vaccine rollouts, universities in selected states have started opening up and welcoming students back to campus. The environment keeps getting changed but, to reiterate, the expectations for teachers are still the same: teach students their field of expertise. 

This World Teachers’ Day on October 5, let us not forget how our teachers have been fighting the lockdown effects of COVID-19. Let us not forget their struggles, online and offline. It’s time to pause and show them our gratitude for not giving up on teaching our stubborn selves. There may be limits today but there are still many ways we can show teachers our love and gratitude for the work that they do. Here are some tips from us: 

1. Allow them to upgrade their workstation by asking the class to pitch money for ergonomic furniture. 

Since the remote setup is in its infancy, most teachers may have no resources just yet to upgrade their workstations. Your whole class may help them change this situation by investing in ergonomic furniture for the hardworking mentor. 

Flexispot has three of these amazing products for your teacher: 

Ergonomic office chair OC7

Ergonomic Office Chair OC7

Looking for an affordable option? The ergonomic office chair OC7 may just be perfect for your favorite teacher. For $129.99, you get an office chair that’s guaranteed to provide your teacher a luxurious sitting experience while teaching or preparing lesson plans. 

It comes in washed teal and black colors. Made out of a breathable mesh covering, the OC7 is safe from the sweat and moisture the chair may accumulate. This seat has an S-shaped optimal back support. Its seat cushion can also reduce hip pain while sitting for long periods. It has caster wheels that can rotate up until 360°, so there won’t be a problem moving this chair around the room. For maximum comfort, the angle and height of the headrest can be adjusted. The armrest supports the elbow and the back is also equipped with lumbar support. 

Vici Duplex Standing Desk

Vici Duplex Standing Desk 

A great quality standing desk is quite pricey but if you’re looking to help your teacher bigtime, the Vici Duplex Standing Desk is an excellent option. It’s originally priced at $329.99 but you may buy it at $45 less so that leaves you and your classmates to write a check for $284.99. 

This table comes in Silver, White, and Black. It has a height programmable control panel with an LED Display, Up and Down Movement buttons and four memory presets. This means that your teacher can save four heights and just select that preset to automatically raise or lower down the desktop for your teacher’s preference.

Users can also switch to one- and two-tier desktop modes. There is an unbroken desk space in a single-tier mode which will be perfect for your teacher if his or her class would be into arts, craft, and writing. The two-tier mode, on the other hand, can raise up the desk’s rear. This means the laptop or monitor can be elevated from your workspace. The second tier may also be used for home decors such as plants, lamps, diffusers, and framed pictures. 

Give them a genuine, specific compliment on their teaching and let them know how they changed your lives.

2. Give them a genuine, specific compliment on their teaching and let them know how they changed your lives. 

Teachers love learning so hearing that they were able to do their job and instill something in you would mean the world to them. Tell them honestly how their class has helped you change this certain aspect of your life. It sounds much more genuine when you give a specific compliment than just saying, “Oh! That’s nice” or “Interesting!” A simple handwritten note or a video will do to make sure your teacher knows how much he or she is appreciated. 

Stage a virtual thank you.

3. Stage a virtual thank you. 

Get your class on board to stage a thank you for your professor. A lot of videos have gone viral when the teacher was so damn surprised when his class went missing and opened their webcams one by one with messages for the teacher in cardboard, illustration board, or even just white paper and pen. You may also prepare a skit or a dance performance, anything that can make your teacher the happiest.

To all the teachers out there, we wish you a happy World Teacher’s Day from the bottom of our hearts.