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Managing Stress with a Monitor Stand Workstation S/5 S/6

21 March 2022

No matter how we avoid it, stress always comes into our lives. There are some who are good at managing it, but most have a hard time dealing with stressful situations. Even at home where we find comfort, stress levels also arise. Simple things become stressors such as the noisy kids playing in the living room or when you’re already outside your front door and you suddenly remember that you’ve forgotten to wear a face mask.

Take for instance my friend who recently lost her job. She’s a single mom of two young children so the weight of losing her job will dawn upon her kids. Fortunately, she lives with her mom so rent is out of her monthly bills. Unfortunately, she needs a source of income for food, utilities, phone bills, and other things. Having no job gave her too much stress.

Because we experience stress on a daily, science has explored what triggers it. Research has identified environmental stressors or the things around us that trigger stress. Below are classifications of stress:

1. Environmental stress is a kind of stress that forces us to adapt to a certain environment or setting

2. Psychological (emotional) stress involves emotions and feeling rising because of situations or experiences that make us agitated

3. Biological stress refers to body systems that respond to the psychological and environmental demands of our daily experiences and situations


Two Types of Stress

But you’ll probably be shocked to know that not all stress is bad for our health. There is a medical journal that relates stress to personal development. For instance, your body is able to manage stress properly, and because of this, you do positive actions in reaction to the stress instead of being apathetic and doing nothing. This is what the study calls positive stress.

On the other hand, when your body is unable to cope with a stressful situation, you will feel terribly exhausted and that will cost your health some physical and behavioral problems. This is what is called bad stress or “distress.”

Back to my unemployed friend, she is in distress because she’s unable to cope with her current situation. She has resorted to alcohol for her to survive the emotional exhaustion. She feels that her situation is a helpless case and any effort she would do would be futile. I want her to return to her feet so I advised her to seek help from the federal government for financial support while she is unemployed and looking for a job.

news via a phone call

Good News Coming!

Even though it took several weeks before she got an answer from the federal government, the long wait was worth it. Her application for financial support was processed thoroughly and in the end, got an approval decision. She received the news via a phone call that her financial assistance in the form of a check is already up for release. That offered hope to my friend and for the first time ever, she was able to breathe a sigh of relief. The financial aid won’t be forever, running only for a short period of time because my friend still has to look for a sustainable job to support herself and her kids. But even with the deadline, the financial aid is already a big deal for her. This means money to meet the basic needs of her family while she hunts for a job.

When stress lasts for a long period of time, this is what the medical world calls chronic stress. A medical study says that this type of stress will trigger different kinds of physical and psychological illnesses when we are unable to cope with daily stressors. Physical health will be affected such as developing asthma, diabetes, and hypertension among others. Psychiatric illnesses could also occur when stress remains high for a long time and we are unable to manage it with our weak coping mechanisms.

But here’s the update with my friend. She scoured the Internet and all resources available to her to look for a job. Several weeks went by until she finally secured a job as a freelancer. Since she has kids, the work-from-home setup will work for her best because this means she will be able to attend to her kids and work at the same time. Referencing above, this is, again, what we call positive stress. A new job was the goal, and she finally got one.

MonitorStand Workstation S/5 S/6

A Workstation in the Making

This was the first time in months that I saw the excitement in the eyes of my friend. She immediately got to work to fix her home office. She chose a corner of her bedroom to be her “work sanctuary.” The walls were painted with a light touch of green and the windows were covered with off-white curtains. Everybody in the house was excited including the kids who did not understand much what was going on.

After the workstation was set up, we determined that she needs desk accessories aside from her work table and ergonomic chair. Why? It will help keep her workspace neat and organized. My advice to her was to summon again the powers of the Internet for the perfect furniture or accessory that will complete her work table. FlexiSpot gave us the perfect fit for the workstation.

I thought to myself that we got exactly what we are looking for on my friend's desk, which I might consider buying myself. It was none other than the MonitorStand Workstation S/5 S/6 or what I like to call a space saver and a clutter buster.

MonitorStand WorkStation S/5 S/6

Smart Features of the MonitorStand WorkStation S/5 S/6

Promising to serve as an organizer, this product features a spacious partitioned drawer that provides just the right amount of room area for office supplies, devices, pad paper, and other small things that could be kept inside it. Because these are out of the way, the desk looks tidy and neat which makes working more efficient.

This monitor stand also has a USB charging port to charge your gadgets, electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, Kindle, and others.

Accessories can be hung on the sides of the monitor stand. You could add your personality to it by doing something cute to accessorize the sides, adding color, and breathing life to your workstation. This will hopefully increase your productivity.

Once it arrives at your doorstep, you could already use this workstation. It does not need any installment or assembly. Oh, but you have to attach the four (4) feet to the workstation. After that, you are ready to start the first day of work.

And that’s not everything yet. Another feature of this monitor stand that amazed us is its integrated UV Sterilization system that perfectly disinfects and sanitizes the keyboard of your computer or laptop. It also disinfects the mouse, phone, pens, stationery, and other objects on the table that need to be sanitized, in a matter of 10 minutes. We were in love.

Warranty, shipping, and other details are provided at the FlexiSpot website.

My friend could not ask for anything more after we found this handy workstation product. She believes that it will help her be more efficient and productive while working from home.

We all know that a tidy desk helps clear the mind and guide us to make sound decisions. Stress is reduced, if not eliminated. Life is good.